West Side Cemetery, Geneva, Kane Co, IL

West Side Cemetery, Geneva, Kane Co, IL

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Only a few of the tombstones in this cemetery are shown here. While this cemetery is well maintained there are numerous unmarked graves and vandalized tombstones.

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Clark, Abram
Clark, Scotto
Davenport, Rachel, wife of Seth Rice
Freeman, Sally, wife of Scotto Clark
Hallett, Temperance wife of Abram Clark
Hawley, Frank Keyes
Hawley, John Carolan
Hawley, Katherine McBreen
Herrington, A E
Herrington, A M
Herrington, Alfred
Herrington, Augustus M
Herrington, Benton
Herrington, Caroline B
Herrington, Charity
Herrington, Charles
Herrington, Clayton
Herrington, Eddie
Herrington, Eddie T
Herrington, Elizabeth
Herrington, Fannie
Herrington, Fannie
Herrington, Harry
Herrington, Harry W
Herrington, Jacob
Herrington, James
Herrington, James
Herrington, James Clayton
Herrington, Jas O
Herrington, Jane
Herrington, Mary A
Herrington, Mary Ann Blodgett
Herrington, Nathan P
Herrington, Nathan P
Herrington, T
Herrington, T W
Herrington, William
Pierce, M E, wife of Wm G Webster
Rice, Almira, wife of Nathan P Herrington
Rice, John D
Rice, Hiram S
Rice, Sarah
Rice, Seth
Rice, Seth
Ross, Elizabeth, wife of Angus Ross
Scott, Eliza Herrington
Scott, James Herrington
Scott, Joseph Blossom
Webster, E H, wife of T W Herrington
Webster, Mary E
Webster, William G

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