Orchard Street Cemetery, Ormond Beach, Volusia Co, FL

Orchard Street Cemetery, Ormond Beach, Volusia Co, FL

In early records this cemetery was called "Ormond (Colored)"

Orchard Street Cemetery is located on west side of Orchard Street a few blocks south of Granada Blvd (SR40) in Ormond Beach, FL

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Most of the tombstones are shown here. This cemetery is not well maintained and some stones may be buried. There appear to be numerous unmarked graves.

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Incomplete - This cemetery is in the process of being photographed

---, Isaiah
Arina, Maggie
Bingham, George H
Bowen, Harriet H
Bratcher, Jesse W
Brown, J W, Rev
Buggs, Josephine
Carphen, Will
Cobb, William
Davis, Luella
Deloech, Eliza
Douglas, Lulu W
Douglas, Mattie
Ferguson, Rosa, wife of Rev T J Smith
Finley, Laura
Ford, Pricilla
Ford, Sidney E
Fulford, Rosa
Fulford, Rosa Lee
Fulton, Ida
George, Frank
George, Joseph
George, Mary
Goodrich, Almira, wife of L R Summers
Hayes, Rev
Hill, Leroy
Hudson, Spencer
Jenkins, Allen L
Jenkins, Ella E
Jones, Queen, Sister
Kennedy, Samuel
Lamar, Samuel
McRae, Tom
Murdock, Elander
Nichols, Major, Deacon
Peterson, Julia
Roberts, B W
Robinson, Ella S
Roland, Judge
Romes, Laura, Mrs, wife of Samuel Romes
Romes, Samuel
Simmons, Rivanna Richardson
Smith, T J, Rev
Summers, L R
Taylor, Ben
VanZandt, Rebecca
Washington, Dorcas
Washington, Louis
Welcome, B J
West, Bertha F
Williams, Alice
Williams, Annie
Williams, Joseph McKinley
Wynn, William

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