Old Cemetery, Bedford, Hillsborough Co, Hillsboro Co, NH

Old Cemetery, Bedford, Hillsborough Co, New Hampshire

I don't have directions to this cemetery. When these pictures were taken in 1988 I had to "prove" to the local library genealogist that I had ancestors buried in this cemetery before they would tell me how to get to it.

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Old Cemetery is very old and small and there are only a few stones that are legible. Note that the index lists every occurance of a name. VCGG would appreciate additional pictures for Old Cemetery if you have some to donate.

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Caldwell, James
Caldwell, Lettice, Mrs (c1772-1776)
Bailey, Jane, Mrs
Bailey, James (c 1790-c 1801)
Bailey, Jane, Mrs
Bailey, Jane, Mrs
Bailey, Job
Bailey, Job (prob c1777-c1850)
Bailey, Job
Bailey, Joseph (died c1810
Bailey, Nancy (1791-1818)
Bailey, Polly (1796-1810)
Little, Mathew (c1703-1775)

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