French Cemetery, Ormond Beach, FL

French Cemetery, Ormond Beach, FL

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French Cemetery; Ormond Beach From Granada go south on Riverside Drive to Marvin Road. Turn east on Marvin just over .1 mile to cemetery which is on the south side of Marvin Road on building lot west of the intersection of Marvin and Palmetto. Cemetery is at top of small hill and may not be visible from street.

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Fagen, John Anderson (1925-1995)
Fagen, Lillian F, Sister (1887-1969)
Fagen, William Hope, Capt (1891-1968)
Smith, Elihu. Father (1816-1892)
French, Albert H (23 Sep 1888-23 Jan 1889)
French, Grace (28 Apr 1890-8 Jun 1891)
French, Martha F (15 Feb 1869-16 May 1892)
French, T Dwight (11 Jan 1818-21 Apr 1894)
French, Walter Ellsworth

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