Deen Cemetery, Appling Co, GA

Deen Cemetery, Appling Co, GA

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Abbott, H B
Ahl, Alfred Henry
Ahl, America J
Ahl, George W, Jr
Ahl, William H
Ahl, William Elick
Baxter, Mildred L
Bennett, Cora Miles
Blair, Erma K
Boatright, Lillie Mae C
Boatright, D Millard
Boatright, Ira
Boggs, Aaron D
Bowen, Eddy
Bowen, Evone
Bowen, Fulton
Bowen, H Thurman
Bowen, Infant
Bowen, Infant daughter
Bowen, Infant daughter
Bowen, Infant boy of J W Mozzell Bowen
Bowen, Ira O
Bowen, J W Mozzell
Bowen, James W
Bowen, L Ellis
Bowen, Leroy
Bowen, Lizzie Ahl
Bowen, Mozzelle
Bowen, Ollie Mae
Bowen, Shiela Evone
Bowen, Truman
Bowen, Vivian A
Bullard, Annie E Miles
Carter, F M, Mrs
Carter, Francis M, Jr
Carter, M
Cauley, Ernest S
Cauley, Harriet F
Cauley, James A
Cauley, James F
Cauley, Maniesy
Cauley, W F
Chancey, Lula Mobley
Clark, Chuck
Clark, Jeremy
Clark, Roger, Sr
Clark, Roger Dale
Clark, Susan
Crews, Berry
Crews, Berry
Crews, Charles Henry
Crews, Leola S
Crews, Lillian
Crews, Lucius C
Crews, Lucius C
Crews, Rillie
Deen, Alice E
Deen, Allison
Deen, Claud
Deen, Clyde Downie
Deen, D D
Deen, D H
Deen, David Harold
Deen, Don Miles
Deen, Downie D (Took)
Deen, E H
Deen, Ebenezer H
Deen, Eddianne infant of Mr & Mrs E H Deen
Deen, Effie
Deen, Emmett
Deen, Emmett Joseph
Deen, Fannie
Deen, Henry
Deen, Henry
Deen, Hulda
Deen, Infant daughter of Emmett and Leonora Deen
Deen, James
Deen, John H
Deen, Lawton H
Deen, Leonora
Deen, Leonora Waters
Deen, Levi
Deen, Levi
Deen, Lillie N
Deen, M R
Deen, Martin M
Deen, Miram H
Deen, Missouri
Deen, Nancy
Deen, Sally
Deen, Sallie B
Deen, Sara Elizabeth
Deen, Talmadge
Devereaux, Janelle Vaughn
Everett, Percy D
Faircloth, Audry Vaughn
Faircloth, William Ernest
Fox, Georgia Deen
Gannon, Loler J
Glosson, Doyle V
Glosson, Elvira D
Glosson, John J
Glosson, Ruby Mullis
Gray, Daniel H
Gray, Dora D
Gray, Harold
Gray, Mary J
Gray, R H
Grayson, Ruth P
Gruber, John Franklin
Gruber, Addie Deen
Hall, Young
Hamilton, Infant Daughter
Hampton, Dorothy Miles
Hargraves, --
Hayes, Grover G
Hayes, J D
Hayes, Lech V
Hayes, Ruth, Infant daughter
Hendrix, Janet S Morris
Hilton, Hattie E
Hayes, Lech V
Jenkins, Jack
Jenkins, Janie B
Jenkins, Rube J
Jenkins, Russell J
Jenkins, Verma Lou R
Johnson, Infant
Johnson, J A
Johnson, Meriam Victoria
Johnson, Walter Jarmen
Johnson, William Henry
Kimberly, Alyne G
Kimberly, Baby
Kimberly, Harvie D
Kimberly, Ira W
Kimberly, Irwin C, Sr
Kimberly, Luna R
Kimberly, Omer Miles
Long, James E (Toby)
Maddox, E D
Maddox, Lorena B
Martin, Joe Bynom
Martin, Okella Mae
McDonald, Julia A wife of Martin M Deen
Medders, Jenny D
Mercer, John C
Mercer, John C
Mercer, John C
Mercer, Nancy E
Mercer, Nancy S
Miles, E C
Miles, Elizabeth B
Miles, Gladys Smith
Miles, J Dewitt
Miles, J Ellis
Miles, J J
Miles, J J
Miles, J J
Miles, John J
Miles, Leonard
Miles, Leonard, Mrs
Miles, Mildred
Miles, Murel
Miles, Zettie
Miles, Zettie
Miles, Zettie
Miles, Zettie Smith
Miles, Mary, Aunt
Moody, Bonnie
Moody, Infant son of Mr & Mrs George Moody
Moody, George
Moody, Georgia
Morris, Carolyn Vaughn
Morris, Chaudowin Smith
Morris, Louise Smith
Morris, William Henry
Nelson, Pauline M
Norris, Ira Vaughn
Osgood, Arthur W, Rev
Parker, Hattie Grace
Parker, W C
Parker, William C
Patterson, Laura P
Patterson, James B
Pierce, Henry Daniel
Pierce, John Auther
Pierce, Ruth P Grayson
Pierce, John Jefferson
Pierce, John R
Pierce, Sara Ola
Pierce, William J (Shack)
Poole, Minnie B
Pope, Ira L
Pope, Sara F Deen
Richardson, Martha Wallace
Richardson, Noah Bazzel
Richardson, W Z
Ricks, Arsia
Sapp, Bartley W
Sapp, Floey Ann B
Sapp, John A
Sapp, William Clifford
Sapp, William E
Sellers, Max (Little)
Sessions, Ewing
Sessions, H H
Sessions, H H
Sessions, H H
Sessions, Joseph T
Sessions, Kermit
Sessions, Minnie
Sessions, Minnie Cauley, wife of H H Sessions
Sims, Barry
Sims, Cynthia J
Smith, Ada, wife of D D Deen
Smith, Betty Jean (Baby)
Smith, Clifford L, Sr
Smith, Floria M, Wife of J J Smith
Smith, Floyd
Smith, Georgia
Smith, Georgia
Smith, Georgia Cauley
Smith, Gerald D
Smith, H J
Smith, Infant daughter of J F and Georgia Smith
Smith, Infant son of J F and Georgia Smith
Smith, Infant son of J F and Georgia Smith
Smith, J F
Smith, J F
Smith, J J
Smith, J Burton
Smith, James J
Smith, J F
Smith, John Franklin
Smith, Johnie J
Smith, Johnny P
Smith, M R
Smith, Manning M
Smith, Minnie
Smith, Mollie Hutto
Smith, Patrick L
Smith, Thadys M
Stephens, Lydia A E married to Henry Deen
Swint, Jo Ann
Swint, Robert L
Taylor, Edith Miles Deen
Taylor, Francis W
Taylor, Jewel Edna
Thigpen, Jerry
Thompson, F J
Thompson, Harriett
Turner, Dollie Mae
Turner, Edith Clovis
Turner, Infant daughter of Mr & Mrs J B Turner
Turner, J B
Turner, J B (Judge)
Turner, Katie Ahl
Turner, Quip
Turner, Unity
Upchurch, Addie Moody Deen
Vaughn, Carrie Deen
Vaughn, Carrie Deen
Vaughn, Ernest Mobley
Vaughn, Ernest Mobley
Vaughn, E H
Vaughn, E Herschell
Vaughn, Emma L Dyal
Vaughn, Geoffrey Dale
Vaughn, George D
Vaughn, Lilla Kimberly
Vaughn, Mary Lizzie
Waters, Bertie V
Waters, Robert F
Watson, Adeline L
Watson, Robert J
Williams, Infant of Mr & Mrs J R Williams
Williams, J R
Williams, John Alfred
Williams, Merle K
Williams, Tasha M
Wright, Robert M
Wright, Willie D

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