Clifton Cemetery, Volusia Co, FL

Clifton Cemetery, Volusia Co, FL

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These are all of the tombstones in Clifton Cemetery that can be deciphered enough to provide an index

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Abbott, P W
Abbott, Pegie (1859-1926) Wife of P W Abbott
Allison, Jerry Kevin "Duduck" (1953-1995)
Allsion, Penny Elaine Paulk
Brown, David G (1832-1900)
Clifron, Maxwell R (1917-1998)
Clifton Clyde N
Clifton, Annie C (1875-1961)
Clifton, Banard (1893-1977)
Clifton, Banard (1893-1977)
Clifton, Beatrice D (1906-1992)
Clifton, Cecil R (1940-1992)
Clifton, Dean S (1948-2001)
Clifton, Dixie (1888-1965)
Clifton, Dosha H (1910-1997)
Clifton, Eddie Leo (1944-1992)
Clifton, Ezekiel (1816-1891)
Clifton, Ezekiel (1816-1891)
Clifton, Gary H (1950-1968)
Clifton, Gertrude
Clifton, H
Clifton, H E Z (1863-1941)
Clifton, Henry (1822- )
Clifton, Henry J (1846-1928)
Clifton, Henry J (1911-1976)
Clifton, Hilburn H (1906-1964)
Clifton, Josephine (1913-1997)
Clifton, Kathryn G (1927-1975)
Clifton, Larry Gene (1951-1989)
Clifton, Martha (1857-1935) Wife of Henry J Clifton
Clifton, Melvin W (1904-1950)
Clifton, Mildred (1909-1987)
Clifton, Phoebe (1825-1902)
Clifton, Rhoda (1872-1959)
Clifton, Rosa T
Clifton, Ruth (1891-1994)
Clifton, Sarah (1823-1891)
Clifton, Serah (1823-1891)
Clifton, Sherman D (1912-1998)
Clifton, Tom S (1920-1986)
Clifton, Tom Stewart (1920-1986)
Clifton, Virginia Clawson (1920-1981)
Clifton, William H
Clifton, William H (1893-1962)
Clifton, William Henry (1822-1873)
Clifton, William M (1875-1935)
Davis, Floy Ruth
Doyle, Johnny Mahan
Fender, G Serina
Fender, R Auriley
George, Sarah Ann (1857-1895)
Griffis, Claudia L
Griffis, James N (1935-2000)
Haskins, Mabel Clifton
Knight, Casmir
McCaw, Hugh
McCollum, Hattie (1881-1916)
Paulk, Jonnie L (1936-1993)
Paulk, Rosell C
Phillips, Buster G (1920-1985)
Phillips, Christine (1928-1989)
Schollenberger, Elainy D
Sutton, Evelyn
Yelvington, Laurie H (1895-1985)
Yelvinton, Richard J (1899-1953)

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