Center Cemetery, Lyman, Grafton Co, NH

Center Cemetery, Lyman, Grafton Co, NH

Center Cemetery is located across from the Lyman Town Hall (building in picture above) on Parker Hill Road.
USGS Lower Waterford Quadrangle, E26545, N490553

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As can be seen above, Center Cemetery is fairly large with 100's of tombstones. These shown here are only a small portion of the total.

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Warning: Dates are taken from tombstone photos.

Aldrich, Watson(Abt 1853-1892)
Amy, David (1825-1881)
Amy, Julia A, wife of David Amy (1825-1901)
Amy, Marcus P, son of David and Julia Amy (1854-1856)
Amy, Sarah, wife of S D Manson (1852/1876)
Ash, Harriet B Carter (1846-1914)
Barber, John (1761-1843)
Barber, John (1810-1862)
Barber, Betsey C, wife of John Barber (1812-1877)
Barber, Miriam, wife of John Barber (1767-1854)
Barber, William (1786-1858)
Carleton, Sophia Maria, wife of Milo G Little
Carter, Chester H (1841-1863)
Carter, Harriet B, wife of Chester H Carter (1846-1914)
Dike, Theodore (Abt 1790-1862)
Dyke, Ellen E Richards, wife of Ira Dyke (1879-1939)
Dyke, Ira A (1885-1948)
Gibson, Adam (c1773-1854)
Little, Catherine, wife of John Little
Little, Ella
Little, Ellen P, wife of Watson Aldrich
Little, Eva F, daughter of Milo G and S Maria Little
Little, George A
Little, Harry D, son of Sabin & Lodisa Little
Little, Jennie E, daughter of Thomas & Mary J Little
Little, Jennie R, daughter of Sabin & Lodisa Little
Little, John
Little, Joseph
Little, Lucia A, daughter of Thomas & Mary J Little
Little, Mary E, wife of Joseph Little
Little, Mary J
Little, Milo G
Little, Orren W, son of Thomas & Mary Little
Little, Rosette
Little, Thomas
Lock, Horace
Lock, Horace D, son of Horace Lock and Ella Little
Lock, Nellie May
Manson, S D
Miner, Matilda (c1790-1864) wife of Solomon P Miner
Miner, Solomon P (c1786-1869)
Moore, Octavia, wife of Thomas Moore (c1793-1876)
Moore, Thomas (c1793-1864)
Noyes, Henry K
Noyes, Mary H
Noyes, Sybil L, daughter of Henry K & Mary H Noyes (c1842-1888)
Richards, Ellen E, wife of Ira A Dyke (1879-1939)
Smith, Lodisa Howe, wife of Sabin Little
Stephens, Elizabeth (c Apr 1867-30 Jan 1900)
Stephens, Fred (c23 Jul 1873-4 Nov 1915)
Stephens, Myrtle M (1869-1916)
Stephens, William (c 1833-12 Sep 1911)
Stephens, William H (1867-1963)
Stevens, Allen Barber
Stevens, Anson P
Stevens, George W, son of A P & M L Stevens
Stevens, Harvey E
Stevens, Isis, daughter of A P & M L Stevens
Stevens, Lydia Ann, wife of William D Stevens (c26 Feb 1826-10 Oct 1884)
Stevens, Miriam, daughter of William D & Lydia Stevens
Stevens, Mary L wife of Anson P Stevens
Stevens, William D

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