Bethel Cemetery, DeLand, Volusia Co, FL

Bethel Cemetery, DeLand, Volusia Co, FL

Bethel Cemetery is located at the SE corner of SR15A and Glenwood Road north of Deland; or from US17 north of Deland go west on Glenwood Road 1 mile to SR15A.

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Most of the tombstones are shown here. This cemetery is not well maintained and some stones may be buried. There appear to be numerous unmarked graves.

Allen, Dorothy
Allen, George
Allen, Ruby
Allred, Pearl B
Allred, Hettie
Barfield, Lorell I
Barfield, Rozzie Irene
Barrow, Audrey Collier
Barrow, Johnnie Harvey
Bassett, L A
Bassett, Laura J, wife of L A Bassett
Beach, Christopher C
Beach, L F
Beach, Samuel Bruce
Beach, Vardelle R
Branch, James
Bundy, Douglas
Carter, Alfred Lee, son of Dewey Lee Carter and Lottie Carter
Carter, Dewey Lee
Carter, Lottie
Champion, Louisa
Chandler, Gertrude M, wife of A F Chandler
Chandler, A F
Collier, Mary C
Collier, John W
Collier, William A
Cook, Eddie C
Cook, Samuel C
Cribbs, Mattie Pounds
Cullen, James
DaGamara, Joze B
Davis, H
Davis, Lettie Eunice
Evans, Eva M
Evans, John Milton
Evans, R A
Evans, Raliegh A, Jr
Evans, Seffie Yocom
Finney, Henry C
Finney, Mary C
Hammond, Francis A
Hammond, Louisa
Hammond, Samuel B
Hash, Dorothy A
Hash, Willie M
Hatcher, John Alphonso
Hatcher, Mary Albert
Hatcher, Susie Eva
Jackson, William B
Jeter, Edward B
Jeter, Mary
Jeter, Maude W
Jeter, Thomas E
Johnson, Jessie E
Jones, Bertha J
Jones, Gabriel
Luce, Albert B
Luce, Fannie O
Luce, Martha B
Macy, D W
Macy, S J, his [D W Macy] wife
Marsh, Albert S J
Marsh, Arthur L
Marsh, Carrie N (Mrs Rorers)
Marsh, Eva May
Marsh, Henry O
Marsh, Henry O, Mrs
Marsh, Herbert
Marsh, Inez Prideaux
Marsh, N Broward
Marsh, Stanke S
Marsh, Virginia N
McDonald, Mildred M
McDonald, Robert E
Newmon, Elvie
Newmon, James
Newmon, Willis S
Newmons, Annie
Newmons, Meney
Newmons, William B
O'Quinn, Eva E
O'Quinn, Thomas L
Pounds, Barrett W
Pounds, James Thomas
Pounds, Maria Fossi
Reynolds, Algiarene
Reynolds, Emma G
Richards, O L
Robertson, Barbara Mae
Robertson, Della E
Robertson, Fannie Ethel
Robertson, Frank O
Robertson, Patsy Ann
Rorers, Carrie N
Shoemaker, Mary J
Smith, Alvey M
Sumner, Alan Wayne
Varney, Alfred Nels, Rev
Webb, George Estel
Webb, Robert L
Webb, William K
Wine, Dorothy Evans

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