1870 St. Johns Census

St. Johns Co., Florida

1870 Census Surname Index - M593, Roll 133
Primarily the names of the Household

Submitted by Leonard J. McCown - Irving, Texas - mccown@gte.net

Readers of this census need to be cautioned to watch "L" and "S" as they look very similar. "A" and "H" are very close also. Some of the entries are "off line" meaning that the head of the household is listed in the family above. These are marked with an * after the page number.

Abbott, Margratte S., 617A
Adams, August, 624B
Adams, Elizabeth, 623A
Adams, Emma, 607B
Adams, George, 613B
Adams, Julia, 624A
Adams, Linor, 625B
Adams, Mary, 626B
Adams, Richard, 601B, 602B
Adams, Rose, 607B
Adams, Venus, 626A
Adams, William, 601B
Aerby, Jack, 597A
Allen, Daniel, 617A
Allen, Darius, 617A
Allen, James W., 613B
Allen, John, 594B
Alonza, Mary, 619B
Alvarez, Betsy, 620B
Alvarez, H., 621A
Anderson, Clarissa C., 606A
Anderson, Mary, 620B
Anderson, Will, 620B
Andreu, Agatha, 614B, 616B
Andreu, Antonia, 612B
Andreu, Betsey, 626B
Andreu, Claudio, 616A
Andreu, Elladia, 614B
Andreu, Emanuel, 615B
Andreu, Eusabia, 624B
Andreu, Everina, 612A
Andreu, Frank, 614B
Andreu, John, 616A, 616B, 616B
Andreu, Joseph, 624B
Andreu, Maria, 623A
Andreu, Matthew R., 610B *
Andreu, William, 615A
Archer, Eliza, 625B, 626A
Armstrong, Mary, 625B
Arnau, Francis C., 610A
Arnau, Paul, 611B
Arnau, Romulda, 612A
Ashton, James, 601B
Ashton, John L., 602B
Ashton, Kate, 618A
Ashton, William, 598B
Atwood, Geo. W., 609A
Auttie, Rachel, 599B
Avice, Mary, 610B
Aviole, Talamest, 608B
Bailey, Martin, 620A
Baily, Joe, 619B
Baker, Caroline, 606A
Bambo, Ida, 626A
Barber, Alfred A., 609B
Baumgard, Lizzie, 606A
Baya, Eloturia, 597B
Baya, Florence, 612B
Baya, Primus, 599B
Bearden, Simon, 604A
Bell, Samuel, 600A
Bell, Samuel R., 599A
Benedict, Nathan, 610A *
Benet, Agatha, 611A
Benet, Isabella, 611B
Benet, James, 615B
Benet, Joseph, 611B *, 615A
Benet, Stephen B., 611B
Benjamin, Phillip, 606A
Benjamin, States, 610B *
Benjamin, Stephen, 624B
Beretrand, Anna M., 608A
Berkhum, John, 601A
Bernard, Anna, 626B
Bernard, Julia, 626B
Bernard, Mary, 617A
Biddlecomb, Martha S., 621A
Bissel, Sija, 606A
Black, Maria, 604A
Blackwelder, Wm. M., 594A
Blanchard, 607B
Bogardy, Mary J., 617A
Bohn, Charles H., 607A
Booth, John, 599A
Booth, William, 594A
Booza, Lucy, 617B
Bourgeois, Emma, 608B
Braddock, Spicer, 603B
Brainard, David, 607A
Brals, Amanda, 612A
Brals, John C., 612A
Bravo, Anna C., 621B
Bravo, Christobal, 618A
Bravo, Donato, 612A
Bridier, Buliden, 606A
Bridier, Edmond, 606B
Bridier, James, 604A
Bridier, Theodore, 598B
Britt, John, 624B
Bronson, Lydia, 627A
Bronson, Oliver, Jr., 606B
Bronson, Oliver, Sr., 606B
Brown, Berry, 603B
Brown, Daniel, 625B
Brown, Isakiah, 603A
Brown, John H., 596B
Brown, Nancy L., 603B
Brown, William, 598A
Brown, William R., 623A
Bruce, Elisha A., 610A *
Buckman, Julia, 608A
Burns, Christopher, 613A
Burns, Teresa, 625B
Burroughs, Clara, 616B
Burroughs, Rosa, 616B
Bush, George, 614A
Byrd, William, 599A
Canova, Andreu, 607B
Canova, Ignacio, 622B
Canova, John C., 622A
Canova, John O., 621B
Canova, Margaret, 608B
Canova, Martina, 613B
Canova, Ramon, 604B
Canova, Raphile, 598B
Canova, Theodore, 608A
Cantus, Henry, 601A
Capella, Catherine, 614B
Capo, Antonio, 616A
Capo, Eduardo, 615B
Capo, John, 616A
Capo, Louis, 610A *
Capo, Phillip, 611A *
Capo, Vencincio, 615B
Capo, William, 616B
Cappelia, Sabreno, 623B
Carr, Assa, 617A
Carr, Sophia, 617A
Carreras, James, 604A
Carreras, Margaret, 609A, 612B
Carraras, Richard, 594A
Carter, Allie, 595A
Carter, David J., 594B
Carter, Riley, 595A
Cecoply, Clara, 615B
Center, Florida, 607A
Chaudin, Annette, 614A
Clark, Sarah, 606A
Clarke, Martha, 611B *
Clavereul, H., 608B
Cleaver, Fanny, 607A
Cleveland, Seofy, 618A
Cole, Martha, 622B
Colee, George, 604B
Colee, James L., 598B
Collins, Mary, 621B
Colt, Leousia, 621B
Comb, Silva, 607B
Cook, Amelia, 620A
Cook, Emma, 607A
Cook, Julia, 606B
Cook, Magrette, 614B
Coole, George, 599B
Coopland, John, 599B
Corbett, Amos W., 611B *
Craft, James, 598A
Crosby, Louis, 624A
Crosby, Samuel, 606B
Cruse, Isobella, 619A
Cruse, James, 608B
Crousio, John, 601A
Cullau, Charles, 598A
Cutler, Harriet, 626A
Cutler, Novenia, 626B
Dallam, Fannie, 607B
Darling, John, 609A
Darling, Lucinda, 626A
Davenport, Elizabeth, 626A
Davenport, Peter, 626B
Davis, Richard, 617A
Dean, Charles, 622B
Dean, Maria, 625A
Dean, Thomas, 601B
Delespin, William, 626A
Deloit, A.H., 621B
Deloit, August, 621B
DeMedicis, Emanuel J., 607B
Dickerson, William, 603B
Doras, Nancy, 619B
Dove, Manuela, 603B
Downs, Martha, 620A
Doyle, Jerry, 624A
Drysdale, Erwin, 612B
Drysdale, John, 598A
Duggers, Mary L., 598A
Dukes, William, 602A
Dumas, Rosa, 625B
Duncan, Edward, 606A
Dunham, Fatio, 607A
Dunham, Mary M., 609A
Dunmitt, Annie, 608A
Dupont, Cornelius, 621B
Dupont, Virgil R., 595A
Eason, Edward, 601A
Eatinson, Charles L., 594A
Edge, James, 613A
Edwards, Bromis C., 620B
Edwards, George, 618B
Epler, John F., 601B
Eugine, Fortune, 599B
Falanny, Peter, 602A *
Falonny, Ramon, 602B
Fatio, Louisa, 621B
Feelings, Aron, 627A
Felix, Catherina, 609B
Ferguson, Washington, 599B
Ferreiria, Francis P., 612B
Ferreiria, Joseph C., 622A
Ferris, Stephen, 602B
Fish, Anna, 607A
Fleming, Huey, 602B
Flino, William J., 603B
Floyd, Antonio, 597A
Floyd, Henry, 597B *
Floyd, Kino, 620A
Floyd, Stephen, 610B *
Fontaine, Antonia, 617B
Forester, Andrew, 601B
Forward, Michael, 620B
Foster, Ezekiah E., 626A
Foster, Godfrey, 606A
Franklin, Susan, 627A
Franowski, Alexander, 621A
Frazer, Julia, 615A
Frazer, Mary P., 627A
Frazer, Simon, 608B
Futch, Joshua, 594A
Gallaway, Sary, 604A
Gallaway, Tricia, 624B
Ganthier, Maria, 621B
Gardener, Elizabeth, 610B
Gardener, Rachael, 610B
Gardener, Willa, 610B
Gattis, August, 613A
Gaufie, Raphilea, 598A
Gauno, Geo. S., 618B
Geary, Elizabeth, 613B
Geary, Mary F., 613B
Genevar, Frank, 618B
Genople, George, 609A
Genovar, Bartolo, 614B
Genovar, Jane, 614B
Genovar, William, 614A
Gibbs, M.L., 616B
Gibbs, Mary, 616B
Gibbs, Pricitta, 620A
Gibbs, Simms, 627A
Gilbert, Abijah, 606A
Glen, Antonio, 605A
Glen, Lucy, 620A
Glenn, Thomas, 617B
Gomez, Agatha, 620B
Gomez, George, 619B
Gomez, John, 617A
Gomez, Philip, 616B
Gordon, Richard, 607A
Gors, Andreu J., 607A
Granger, Chas. H., 619A
Granger, Coleto, 618B
Granger, Maria, 620B
Granger, Rebecca, 618B
Graper, John, 616A
Graves, Albert, 595B
Greathouse, Frank, 619B
Green, Henry, 601B
Green, James E., 595A
Green, Jane, 596B
Green, Phillip, 599B
Grey, David, 604A
Grey, Pablo, 613B
Grey, Sampson, 605A
Grey, Sidra, 624B
Grimbinger, Jacob, 599B
Grover, Andrew J., 594B
Grover, Enoch, 594A
Growly, Andy, 615A
Guismann, Armand, 626A
Guthers, Jane, 625A
Hall, Aunsley, 604A
Hammond, Minda, 627A
Hancock, Miles, 626B
Hankan, Sarah, 600A
Hanley, Mary Jane, 608A
Hansen, John M., 614B
Haristurn, James, 600A
Harris, Susan E., 597B
Hart, Allen, 609A
Hart, Ann, 610A
Hart, Lydia, 609A
Hart, William, 627A
Harvey, Henriette, 606B
Hatch, Jane H., 621B
Hawkins, William G.?, 601A
Henderson, Martha, 618A
Henry, Bailaine, 624A
Henry, James, 623B
Henry, John M,. 621B
Hernandez, Diego, 623A
Hernandez, Domingo, 624B
Hernandez, Jos. V., 610A *
Hernandez, Mary, 625A
Hernandez, Ramon, 611B *
Hernandez, William, 618B
Hertz, Albert, 614A
Hicks, Rosa, 613B
Hicks, William, 613A
Hilby?, William, 603A
Hill, Hester, 622B
Hirsy, Jackson, 600A
Hirsy, Thomas, 600B
Hogan, Sarah, 619B
Hogarth, James L., 602B
Holmes, Letta, 606A
Holmes, Rosa, 627A
Hopkins, Chas. F., 608B
Hopkins, Rosa, 627A
House, Thomas F., 621A
Howard, Edwin A., 608B
Howard, William, 624B
Hudnell, Samuel, 598B
Huertas, Florenta M., 622A
Huertas, Mary, 626B
Hughes, John P., 594B
Humphries, Mary, 608B
Hunter, Edward H., 608A
Hursay, Margarita, 598B
Iles, George, 614B
Irvin, John, 599A, 599B
Irvin, Ramon, 608B
Jack, Robert M., 608A
Jackson, Annie, 620A
Jackson, David, 620B
Jackson, Mary, 608B
Jackson, William, 609B
Jinks, Mary S., 617A
Johnson, Albert, 598A
Johnson, Alexander, 621B
Johnson, Harriett, 618A
Johnson, Harriette, 614A
Johnson, Joanna, 606B
Johnson, Joseph, 604B
Johnson, Julius, 607B
Johnson, Mary, 618B
Johnson, Mead, 622A
Johnson, Pragys (?), 619B
Jones, Aron, 601B
Jones, Irvin, 600B
Jones, John, 601A, 601B
Jones, Sally, 625B, 626A
Jorden, Nelson, 625B
Joseph, Malana, 614B
Jubes?, George, 599B
Kelmier, John, 601A
Kight, Solano, 626A
King, Louisa, 607B
King, Lucy, 618A
Klepstein, Alston, 599B
Knuis, William, 625B
Lagrie, Jacob, 599A
Lake, Charles, 607A
Landen, Mary, 626B
Lang, Hertense, 608A
Lang, Lucrecia, 622A
Lang, Mary, 615A
Lang, Mary E., 619A
Lang, William, 622A
Lawler, Michael, 604B
Lawrence, Mary, 620A
Leatherman, Henry, 599B
Lee, Jacob J., 599A
Lee, Levy C., 599A
Lee, Lizzie, 601A
Lee, Nancy, 599A
Lee, Robert, 600B
Leonardy, George, 617B
Leonardy, Mathias, 618A, 619A
Leonardy, Rosa, 617B
LeSimple, Alfred, 594A
LeSimple, John, 594B
Lethe, Lizzie, 608A
Livingston, Ely, 595B
Livingston, Henry C., 596A
Llambins, A.M., 607A
Llambins, Antonia, 621B
Llambins, Catalina, 621B
Llambins, Joseph F., 621A
Long, John G., 606B
Lopez, Andreu, 613A, 623B
Lopez, Antonio, 624B
Lopez, Domingo, 612B
Lopez, Emand, 596A
Lopez, Gonzales, 611B
Lopez, Ignacio, 611A *
Lopez, James, 625A
Lopez, John, 613A, 623B
Lopez, Justo, 606B
Lopez, Leonora, 611B
Lopez, Mary, 613BA
Lorenza, Antonia, 610B
Loring, Willie, 613B
Lortal, Maria, 608A
Louis, Harriet, 626B
Lowell, Oliver E., 599B
Loyd, John, 596A
Loyd, Mary A., 596A
Ludwig, John C., 601A
Lyon, Henrietta, 607A
Lyon, Walker, 606B
Macon, Caroline, 620B
Madison, Kate S., 608A
Maguire, Edward, 621A
Mahr, Ernest, 601A
Mancy, John, 627B
Manucy, Charles, 625A
Manucy, Marthey, 612B
Marion, Josh, 605A
Martin, Alick, 602A
Martin, Benjamin, 614A
Martin, Bridget, 608B
Martin, Louis, 619A
Masters, Augustine, 612B
Masters, Bartolo, 602A, 615B
Masters, Bartora, 602A *
Masters, Bernard, 625A
Masters, Cassemeiro, 623B
Masters, Cinta, 612B
Masters, Delores, 597A
Masters, Gasper, 611A *
Masters, Isadora, 597B
Masters, John P., 602A *
Masters, John S., 625A
Masters, Joseph E., 597A
Masters, Laurence, 597B
Masters, Mary, 613A
Masters, Matilda, 623B
Masters, Ordelia, 615A
Masters, Peter, 612B
Masters, Peter A., 596A
Mather, Sarah S., 606B
Matkins, William J., 624A
Mauovia, William, 622A
McDonald, Lizzie, 606A
McGirt, Grace, 619B
McGuire, John, 608B
McKay, John, 611B *
McKinney, Alexander, 616B
McKinney, Israel, 626B
McKinney, Richard, 626B
McOugue, William, 600A
Medicis, Ohseta, 616A
Michlki, Bertha, 614A
Michlki, Charles, 614A
Mickler, Daniel J., 615A
Mickler, Emma, 609B
Mickler, James, 603A
Mickler, Marriana, 615A
Mickler, Robert, 603A
Mickler, Suler, 603B
Mickler, William, 620B
Mickler, William A., 603A
Middleton, David A., 596B
Mier, Antonio, 601B
Mier, Venaucio, 603A
Mill, Jackson, 596B
Mill, Redden, 596B
Miller, James G., 608A
Miller, John, 610B *
Miranda, Wm. B., 613B
Mitchel, Felicia, 620B
Mitchell, John, 622B
Mollison, Sarah, 609A
Moody, Benjamin, 603A
Moraud, Anna, 622A
Moraud, Emma, 622A
Moraud, Susan, 622A
Moraud, William, 618A
Morrel, Emma, 619A
Mungen, John, 609B
Mungen, Sally, 621B
Munson, Louisiola, 609A
Munson, Richard, 612A
Murphy, Patrick, 607A
Murphy, Peter, 615B
Murray, Sally, 609B
Murry, Isham, 595B
Murry, John, 595B
Myers, Jeremiah, 606A
Nateel, Jane, 620B
Nateel, Richard, 627A
Nateel, William, 621A
Neligan, Henry, 617B
Neligan, Henry H., 607B
Nelson, Josephine, 614A
Nesby, Jane, 607B
Nessler, John, 600A
Newman, John, 626A
Nicholson, Eliza, 608B
Nicholson, Oswald, 605A
Niper, Elvenia, 600B
Niper, James, 600A
Noda, Antonio, 625A
O'Brien, Agatha, 607B
O'Steen, Mary, 595A
O'Steen, William, 595A
Olivario, Bartolo, 625A
Oliveros, Bartolo F., 606A
Oliveros, Carolina M., 610B
Ortagus, Ignacio, 602B
Osborn, Emanuel, 621A
Osteen, James, 604A
Overstreet, Amos, 602A
Pacetti, Thomas A., 607A
Pacetty, Adolphus, 609A
Pacetty, Andrew B., 623A
Pacetty, Bartolo, 610A *, 623A, 625A
Pacetty, Cercencio, 614B
Pacetty, Domingo, 600B
Pacetty, Felix, 614B
Pacetty, Leandre, 623A
Pacetty, Mary, 613A, 614B
Pacetty, Peter, 600B
Pacetty, Selma, 625B
Paine, Edward, 598A
Pallicer, Bravo, 594A
Pallicer, March, 605A
Palmer, Joseph, 627A
Papeno, Ceresia, 614B
Papeno, George, 619A
Papeno, Jane, 619A
Pappy, Bell, 625B
Pappy, Harriet, 620A
Pappy, Jane, 625B
Pappy, Joseph, 596B
Pappy, Johnson, 597A
Papy, Josephine, 609A
Paris, Robert, 607A
Parson, Maggie, 608B
Paton, Maria, 626B
Pellicer, Frank, 624A
Pellicer, James, 594B
Pellicer, John, 595B
Pellicer, John A., 595A
Pellicer, Peter, 595A
Pellicer, Tony, 613A
Pellicier, Andrew, 622B, 623A
Pellicier, Salladon, 621A
Pendleton, Wm. S., 620B
Perit, Rebecca, 606B
Perpall, Chas. T., 610B *
Perpall, Francis E., 611A
Perpnia, Antonio, 599B
Perry, Henry, 599B
Perry, Roscoe, 626A
Petterson, Chas. H., 602B
Phillip, Ansel, 600A
Phillip, La-?--, 625B
Phillip, Robert F., 622B
Phillips, Henry, 617A
Phillips, Jane, 619A
Phillips, John S., 608A
Phillips, Robert, 613B
Phillis, Lucy, 626A
Pick, John E.P., 608A
Pierron, George, 608A
Pig, Jumper, 595B
Pinckney, Elizabeth, 607B
Pinkham, Catherine, 609B
Pinkham, Nancy, 613B
Pinkham, William, 606B
Plummer, Andreu, 623B
Polite, Samuel, 622A
Pomar, Antonia, 623A
Pomar, Christopher, 612A
Pomar, Gabriel, 623B
Pomar, Margrette, 622B
Pomar, Peter, 622B
Pomar, William, 616A
Ponce, Alonzo, 600A
Ponce, Bartolo, 612A
Ponce, Florida, 611A
Ponce, James, 616A
Ponce, Mary, 615A
Ponce, Tolemy, 611A *
Ponce, Wm. G., 611A *
Poole, Francis J., 599A
Pope, Nancy, 603B
Pope, George R., 604A
Pope, John, 602A
Powers, Alexander, 602A
Powers, Benjamin, 601B
Powers, George C., 601B
Powers, Hester, 602A
Powler, Mary M., 599A
Prince, Betsey, 608A
Proctor, Laurence, 602B
Quagley, Mary L., 594A
Railey, William F., 603B
Raitte, Feliz, 625A
Ramas, Bolo, 613B
Raulerson, Carter Henry, 594B
Raulerson, George, 594B
Raulerson, James, 595B
Raulerson, Mathew, 594B
Raulerson, Robert, 595B
Raulerson, William, 596A
Reader, August, 601B
Reddick, Maria, 608B
Reddick, Phillis, 626A
Reddix, Peter, 619A
Reilly, Benjamin, 606A
Relf, John M. 609B
Reyes, John, 615A
Reyes, Mary, 620B
Reyes, Mary R., 621A
Reyes, William J., 611A *
Reynolds, Chas. V., 611B *
Reys, Mary, 600B
Richards, Danl., 609A
Right, Salons, 626A
Rivelor, Laurence, 602B
Rivers, Edward, 620B
Rivers, Lydia, 613B
Roberts, John F., 604B
Roberts, Marion, 601B
Roberts, Nathan, 618A
Roberts, Robert W., 611B *
Roberts, Thomas, 604A
Roberts, William, 618A
Robinson, John, 621B
Robinson, Milly, 622A
Robinson, William H., 625B
Roddy, Mary, 619B
Rogero, Albert C., 597B *
Rogero, Albert D., 608B
Rogero, Ann, 623A
Rogero, Annie, 613A
Rogero, Delores, 609A
Rogero, Francis, 624B
Rogero, John C., 598A
Rogero, Nicholas, 610A *
Rogero, Vincent, 610B
Rones, Susanah, 613B
Ronselle, Antoinette, 608A
Rose, Mary, 613A
Rousse, E., 608B
Rubio, Sidney, 622B
Russell, Edward A., 597B
Ryall, Charles, 626B
Ryall, Philip J., 606A
Sabate, Antonio, 625A
Sabate, Paul, 602B
Sallus, Gomez, 623B
Sanches, Henry, 596A
Sanchez, Annette, 619B
Sanchez, Antonia, 621B
Sanchez, Cornelia, 612A
Sanchez, Frank, 617A
Sanchez, James R., 609B
Sanchez, Julia, 619B
Sanchez, Rachel, 606B
Sanchez, Ramon, 618A
Sanchez, Verancio, 613B
Sanders, Antonia, 611A
Sanders, Henry, 601B
Sanders, Mary, 626B
Sanders, Syke, 608A
Sanks, Adam, 626B
Sapp, William, 604B
Sarnis, Mary, 620A
Sauks, Peter, 599A
Sauks, Tip H., 599A
Savage, Wilson, 596A
Savelly, Lucy, 626B
Schwarzenbach, William, 614A
Scobio, Duncan, 617B
Segui, Bartolo, 615B
Segui, Blanca, 607B
Segui, Celestina, 622B
Segui, John, 613A
Segui, Mary, 612B
Segui, Michelina, 618B
Segui, Mosley, 613A
Self, Benjamin J., 601B
Sereven, Maria H., 609B
Sessions, Daniel, 610B
Shimau, Hermano, 615B
Shirmoske, John, 601A
Simmons, John House, 622B
Simmons, S.V., 607A
Simmons, Sulphira, 607A
Simms, Frances, 595B
Simms, Henry, 596B
Simms, James, 596B
Simms, Joseph, 595B
Simons, Sipio, 602B
Simons, Thomas, 602B
Sims, John, 604B
Sinclair, William, 625A
Sirey, John, 604B
Smedes, John E.C., 606B
Smith, Christina, 613B
Smith, Henry, 618B
Smith, India, 624B
Smith, John, 603A, 624B
Smith, Lizzie, 614A
Smith, Oleander, 624B
Snow, Henry M., 618B
Snowden, Edward, 613A
Solana, Bartolo, 596B
Solana, Cayetano, 600B
Solana, Emanuel, 597A
Solano, Lucy, 620B
Solana, Mathew, 614A
Solana, Philip, 600B
Somers, John, 625B
Somllian, Henry, 609B
Sorens, June, 613A
Southwick, Emily, 605A
Sparhawk, Chas.K., 622B
Spear, Jennie P., 627A
Spearing, Saml., 607A
Spresseygar, Thomas, 601A
Stanbury, J.D., 625B
Stanbury, Joshua D., 625B
Stark, Nora, 606B
Stenson, Julia E.G., 610B
Stephens, Augustus, 596B
Stephens, Domingo, 626A
Stephens, James H., 596A
Stephens, Robert S., 596A
Stine, William S., 616A
Stone, Isaac, 609B
Strickland, Eliza, 606A
Strickland, Mary, 621A
Stroleski, John, 614A
Stryseka, Mary A., 613B
Sunday, William, 605A
Sweeny, Ann D., 621A
Tannehill, James D., 609B
Taylor, Emeline, 598B
Taylor, John, 599A, 600A
Taylor, Matilda, 609A
Taylor, William, 598A, 599A
Telmeton, Alice, 601A
Thomas, Agatha, 607A
Thomas, Delphia, 622B
Thomas, Fanny, 619B
Thomas, Florida, 618A
Thomas, James, 622B
Thomas, Mary, 612A
Thompson, Edward, 606B
Thoms, John, 615B
Thyme, Isabella, 624A
Triay, Becilia, 623A
Triay, Edward, 623B
Triay, Francis, 609A
Triay, Francis A., 597B
Triay, Ignacio, 623A
Triay, Jane W., 616A
Triay, Kate, 621A
Turner, Benjamin 597A
Twine, David, 605A
Twine, William, 604B
Upton, Lizzie, 618A
Usina, Domingo, 608B
Usina, Everisto B., 614B
Usina, Michael, 618B
Usina, Michael S., 618B
Vallie, Mitchell, 627A
Valls, Gudaloupa, 609B
Van Balsom, Henry, 617A
Van Balsom, R., 618A
Van Dyke, William, 626B
Veret, Maria, 608A
Villalonga, Katie, 617B
Waiters, Balamo, 624A
Waiters, Joseph, 624A
Waiters, Lena, 624A
Walker, William, 595B
Walley, John, 617B
Walton, George, 619A
Walton, George W., 617A
Walton, Louisa, 619B
Wanton, Phillip, 604A
Ward, William E., 627A
Warren, Emilina, 618B
Warren, Isaac, 618A
Washington, Julia, 618A
Water, Charles, 626B
Watkins, William J., 624A
Watt, John B., 595B
Weedman, Agnes, 598A
Weedman, Alexander, 600A
Weedman, Bernal, 604A
Weedman, Mary Ann, 607B
Weedman, Paul L., 597B
Weedman, Phillip, 600A
Weedman, Rose, 608A
Weeks, Ceasy, 602B
Weems, John, 605A
Wells, Columbus, 617B
Wilby, William, 603A
Wilkenson, Asa, 596B
William, Francis, 626B
Williams, Charles, 624A
Williams, Dora, 627A
Williams, Emanuel, 620B
Williams, Henry H., 609B
Williams, John E., 594A
Williams, Louis, 621B
Williams, Mary, 606A, 619A
Williams, Robert, 621A
Williams, Saml. H., 613B
Williams, Simon, 617B
Williams, Sully, 618A
Williams, Thomas, 626A, 626A
Williams, Washington, 598B
Willie, Francis, 608A
Willson, Louisa, 606B
Wilson, Emma, 620A
Wilson, Jacob, 623A
Wilson, Josephine, 623A
Winsey, Morris, 620A
Wirsel, Francis, 622B
Worsh, Margarete, 617B
Xemmenis,Andreu, 616B
Xemmenis, Catherine, 616B
Xemmenus, Sophia, 623B
Ximenes, Antonio, 610A *
Yelvington, Gidion, 596A
Young, Harriett, 620B
Young, Sophia, 619A