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Rev. L. M. Anderson 1st Baptist Church of St. Augustine


WPA Negro Studies Project Florida Contemporary Culture Lifestyle Martin Richardson Field Worker May 14, 1936 John A Simms Editor


The unusual sight of a church whose walls are filled with oil paintings done in spare time by its own pastor is to be found in the First Baptist Church on Francis, corner of Dumas Street, in St. Augustine.


The minister of the church, Rev L. M. Anderson, has done amateur painting as a hobby for several years. Some time ago, however, he felt the need of a large-scale map to illustrate the text of many of his sermons, and after about a year of work, he completed a detailed map of the Holy land, with the travels of the Israelites clearly traced thereon.


At the beginning of 1936, Rev Anderson decided to paint a life-sized picture of an angel writing the record of the members of the church for the year; within a few hours an excellent crayon-on paper drawing filled about one-third of the wall space behind his pulpit.