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St. Petersburg, Pinellas County, FL

Photos and Transcription provided by Leslie Laite Butts.

Location: Lincoln Cemetery (8.82 acres) is located at 600 - 58th Street South in St. Petersburg, FL. The easiest route to Lincoln Cemetery would be to travel South on US 19 into St. Petersburg and turn West onto Central Avenue proceeding to 58th Street and turn left. The cemetery is situated between Royal Palm Cemetery and Boca Ciega High School. At Lincoln's northern boundary is Royal Palm Cemetery and Boca Ciega High School at the southerly boundary. The property appraiser's parcel number for this property is 21/31/16/00000/330/0200.

Lincoln Cemetery was established in 1926 by Reginald H. Sumner, owner of Sumner Marble and Granite works and Royal Palm Cemetery. Ownership of the cemetery transferred back and forth between McRae Funeral Home (Monroe McRae) and Sumner Marble & Granite several times over the years; Sumner Marble & Granite has been the owner of record since 1992.

A large portion of those buried in Lincoln did not receive headstones. Record keeping over the years was not ideal. Although burial dates were generally provided, many times death dates were not, ages were occasionally recorded.

The volunteer canvassers Lee Bevan, Lesleigh Butts (Cemetery Chair), David Dellinger, Charlie and Pat Grandmaison, Pat Johnston and Bill Wallace canvassed Lincoln Cemetery for the Pinellas Genealogy Society in November and December of 2001. Photographs of the cemetery and many of the headstones were taken. Burial journals were researched. The Florida Death Index and SSDI at Ancestry.com was utilized to research birth and death dates. The project resulted in 6,503 burials recorded.

As with any database or online information this database is presented as a guide to researchers, it is incumbent upon the researcher to follow standard practice to assure accuracy of all information. The Pinellas Genealogy Society expressed gratitude to Susan and Richard Alford of Sumner Marble and Granite. Without their cooperation and encouragement, the volume of entries would have been only a few hundred.

This index is provided by the Pinellas Genealogy Society. For availability of complete headstone transcription, visit the Pinellas Genealogy Society at https://sites.rootsweb.com/~flpgs

Lincoln Cemetery Index

Abram - Amos
Anderson - Ayres
Bacon - Barnes
Barnett - Bennett
Benning - Bozeman
Blair - Boykins
Bracey - Broughton
Brown - Brown
Browning - Burgess
Burllen - Byrd
Cab - Cato
Ceaser - Clinton
Coates - Cooks
Cooper - Cromarllo
Cromartie - Cutton
Dailey - Davis, C.
Davis, D. - Days
Dean - Dixon
Dobson - Dykes
Eady - Ewing
Facyson - Flournoy
Flower - Fuse
Gainer - Giles
Gilliard - Gozier
Grace - Green, G.
Green, H. - Gwyn
Hadfield - Harold
Harper - Hart
Harvey - Hicks, F.
Hicks, I. - Holly
Holman - Howell
Hubbard - Hutchinson
Idey - Ivory
Jackson - Jackson
Jacobs- Johnson, A.
Johnson, Arch - Johnson, M.
Johnson, Mary - Jones, F.
Jones, G. - Junyard
Kahan - Kimble
Kimbrough - Kraut
Laabs - Leaks
Lee - Lewis
Lightfoot - Lynch
Maano - Martin
Mason - McCray
McCrory - McLeod
McMichael - Miller
Milligan - Moore, L.
Moore, M. - Murphy
Nabell - Nunnally
Odom - Oxindine
Pace - Perkins
Perry - Pinkney
Pinquoch - Pyous
Quarles - Quinn
Rackett - Revels
Reynolds - Roberts
Robertson - Roundtree
Rouse - Ryan
Safford - Scott, L.
Scott, M. - Sills
Simer - Smiley
Smith - Smith, M.
Smith, N. - Starks
Starling - Sypher
Ta - Thomas, D.
Thomas, E. - Thompson
Thondara - Tyles
Umbaugh - Utley
Valentine - VonRichthofen
Wace - Walker
Walkes - Washington
Waters - Wheeler
Whipple - Williams, A.
Williams, B. - Williams, I.
Williams, J. - Williams, P.
Williams, R. - Wilson
Wimberly - Wright, J.
Wright, L. - Wynn
Yarbrough - Zinn