PGS 2004 Picnic
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The 2004 PGS Picnic!

Twenty eight people attended the PGS Annual Picnic held May 1st at Largo Central Park's Shelter #1 - this years picnic got outstanding reviews.
Special thanks to PGS Member Carol Chesler for providing the Scavenger Hunt and Who Am I games, they made our day!

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Beautiful day for a picnic! Here are first arrivals Jerry Butts, Pat Johnston, Rosanne Bronick, Bette & Damon Hostetler (signs on the backs of Jerry and Pat - see description photo #3)



  Shown chatting her are Mercedes Bleattler, Emil Isaacson, Bette Hostetler, newcomer -Kathy Klein and Beth Shields (Theresa DeRolf and newcomer-Nancy Burgerella in background)  Although not  PGS members as yet, Nancy and Kathy have volunteered to do data entry on Memorial Park Cemetery - Thanks Kathy & Nancy!

"Who Am I" - In this game everyone had the name of a famous person which had been tacked to their back. By asking questions of each other they would learn their identity. Congrats to winner, Rosanne Bronick, first to unmask her identity as Ann Landers.


The "Scavenger Hunt" was a lot of fun. Intense competition among the men was noted!. Hunters were given a list of about 15 items that could be located in pocket, purse or person. (i.e. pearl, nail clipper, hologram, bird, bobby pin, 1975 penny, $50 bill).

Hunters found a gold mine in Nancy Burgerella's handbag! Tied for winner were Emil Isaacson & Jerry Butts, since there was only one prize, a drawing determined the award would go to Emil. Good work boys!  

The "Photo ID" game returned again this year, childhood photos of 18 picnic attendees were presented for identification. Identifying half of them, Bette Hostetler was our winner!

Special Guests to our picnic were Pati Royal and Linda Ferguson. Pati and Linda perform Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness for people researching in Pinellas County.

IT'S - "Chow Time"  

Chefs this year were Damon Hostetler and Jerry Butts - thanks guys, it was great!

Everyone brought a dish to share - none were the same, all were delicious. Thanks ladies for the great food!


Comments were - a great time was had by all!
Here we see Charlie & Pat Grandmaison, David Dellinger (this year David brought his wife Carolyn and mother-in-law Wanda - thanks David!), Theresa DeRolf, Wanda Laub, Margie Kent, Carol Chesler, Beth Shields and Pati Royal  
  Enjoying great dogs and burgers are Pat Johnston, Nancy Burgerella, John Manning, Betsy Filz, Alice Charest, Emil Isaacson and newcomers Kathy Klein and family.

Gladys Evan and Karen Keegan eye the treats while they eat!

Most of us went back for seconds, too! (Shown here Charlie Grandmaison & John Klein.)
Here's a group photo taken just before we broke up. Watch for the Clearwater Gazette for photo of PGS Picnic and Family TreeMaker group in a couple of weeks!

Front Row (L-R): Nancy Burgerella, Mercedes Bleattler, Pati Royal, Betsy Filz, Carol Chesler, Theresa DeRolf, Rosanne Bronick, Bette Hostetler, Margie Kent, Gladys Evan. Row 2: John Manning, David and Carolyn Dellinger, Emil Isaacson, Pat Johnston, Pat Strait, Karen Keegan, Alice Charest, Damon Hostetler
Back Row: Kathy Klein & husband, Peter Summers, Charlie & Pat Grandmaison, Carl Charest  Not shown: Lesleigh Butts, Linda Ferguson, Matthew Klein (riding the train)

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