PGS 2003 Picnic
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The 2003 PGS Picnic!

A great time was had by all at the Largo Central Park.

Bob Tanner, Kristin Jones, Mercedes Bleattler and Sally & Harris Brown (forground). Kristin took the prize remembering all everyone's names - she is obviously blessed with total recall!



  Jan Tanner watches the action.

Everyone identifies childhood photos while Emil Isaacson identifies the food!


Ed Deming watching Amanda Boylson (PGS's youngest member) attempting to get Harris Brown's cloths pin by catching him say the word "library."
Amanda won the prize for this event.

After a couple hours of studying 13 childhood photos - it was Pat Strait who took the prize in this contest.  

Damon Hostetler fires up the grill.

Chef's for the day were Harris Brown and Damon Hostetler.

Chow time!
Everyone brought their favorite dish to share.  

Dig In!

Mercedes Bleattler shares lunch with Bette Adkins and Paul & Carol Chesler. (Carol is one of our newest members and already an expert cemetery


The food was great. Everyone said they'd look forward to another picnic next year.
Bob & Jan Tanner chat over lunch with Bette Hostetler, Pauline Batista and Emil Isaacson.  
  Pauline Batista and Dave Dellinger pose with their hats. There aren't many places in the world David hasn't visited by the looks of his pin collection!
  Bob and Jan Tanner stop for photo as they say goodbye to PGS friends.