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Pinellas County Florida Pioneers Database

The Pinellas County Florida Pioneers database was collected and assembled over fifteen years by members of the Pinellas Genealogy Society.  Members who contributed to these efforts are: Dorothy Boyer, Madeline Daniels, Charlie Grandmaison, Leonard Smith, Chuck Tyrie, Lois Whitehead, Marjorie Hazel and Linda Carpenter.  Data was collected from various sources including census records, Pinellas Heritage Archives, Family Bible records and submissions from personal family archives, etc.  Once cataloged, the material was transferred to microfilm and subsequently housed within the Largo Library Genealogy Collection.  The society has published this index, in a GEDCOM format to and  Additional information, in the microfilm, may be available by contacting the Research Committee (120 Central Park Drive, Largo, FL 33771-2110). Please include the PGSPage number included on the web page in your request and refer to the Pinellas County Florida Pioneers Database.  A special fee for copying pioneer project microfilm data (or additional submitted data below) of 25 cents per page plus, $10 research fee will be charged.  If more than five pages are copied a mailing charge of $3 will also be added.

Many people have volunteered additional and/or corrected information about these, and other, Pinellas County pioneers.  The Society regrets that it does not have the resources to maintain and update this database.  You may use the post-em note facility of or to post your corrected or additional information.  To add a post-em note to an entry, just click on the "Add Post-em" from the page that has the person you want to add or correct information for.  The post-em entry form will appear.  Additional information about completing that form may be found here.

In response to the published index, some people have mailed additional family information to the Society.  We are keeping these documents on file, available to researchers on request.  Information has been supplied for the following individuals and families.  You may request copies of this data or from the microfilm by contacting the Research Committee at 120 Central Park Drive, Largo, FL 33771-2110.

Pinellas Pioneer Surname


Arnold, Sheffield, Wright and O'neill Bill Arnold Box 6004 West Palm Beach, FL 33405 
Thomas, Hernandez, Roalfs, Willing and Yerke Jeanette Thomas Hatton PO Box 456 Wheatland WY 82201

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