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Clearwater Municipal Cemetery Clearwater, Florida
Established 1887
2013 116 8 plus cover

The Cemetery was started near the Midway Baptist Church. It which did not become Clearwater Cemetery until 1892. Their are 8 color pages with obituaries and tombstone pictures. The cemetery had 5362 interments as of Sept 2012 (only 4023 are listed in the book). Famous people:

  • Harry Whittier Frees 1879-1953 - pet photographer - his photographs were used on Post Cards and to illustrate children's books
  • Several Clearwater Mayor are buried in the cemetery
    • J.F. Bennett 1902
    • E.J. Armstrong 1903
    • R.J. Padgett 1904-05
    • J.R. Jeffords 1906, 1914-1915
    • J.R. Thomas 1916-1917
    • R.K. Brandon 1918-1919
    • Frank J. Booth 1920-1926
    • E.B. Casler Jr 1938-1940
    • Harry D Sargeant 1949-1950
    • Joseph Turner 1965
  • Steven Beckwith Ayres 1861-1929 - US Congressman. He was elected to represent New York's 18th District in the United States House of Representatives, serving from 1911 to 1913.
$14.00 $19.99
CycadiaCoverNew.jpg (33608 bytes)
Cycadia Cemetery Tarpon Springs, Florida
Established 1887
1995 122   5,290 Interments (1995 information supplied by the City of Tarpon Springs).  Note: 1999 information also available here.



Largo Cemetery Largo, Florida
Established 1887
1996 307 3 2,780 Interments.  History, one headstone photo for Florence Meigs (1887), copy of deed and plot map.  Canvassed 1991.


Lone Pilgrim Cemetery Seminole, Florida
Established 1896
1999 2 8 93 Interments.  History, two photographs of cemetery, map to location.  Canvassed 1970; currently no admittance.


McMullen Cemetery book cover
McMullen Cemetery Clearwater, Florida
Established 1881
1999 23 4 226 Interments.  History, five pages of photos of people/headstones, map to location.  Canvassed 1998.


Holy Spirit Episcopal Cemetery Safety Harbor, Florida
Established 1913
1999 4 16 36 Interments.  History, seven pages of photos of people/headstones, deeds 1911/1939/1966, map to location.  Canvassed 1999.


Rousseau Cemetery Clearwater, Florida
Established 1870
1999 6 6 102 Interments.  History, two photos of headstones, two obituaries, map to location.  Canvassed 1998.


Sunnyside Cemetery (1st Edition) St. Petersburg, Florida
Established 1880
1999 71 5 1,565 Interments. History, photos of cemetery, photos of twenty-two people, twelve obituaries, cemetery layout map and old plot map, map to location.  Canvassed 1999.


Serenity Gardens Cemetery - Volume I
Largo, Florida
Established 1859
1999 60 10 619 Interments.  (Pioneer section of Serenity Gardens) History, several headstone photographs, twelve obituaries, old plot map, map to location.  Canvassed 1999.


Serenity Gardens Cemetery- Volume II
(Surnames A-K)
Largo, Florida
Established 1964
1999 256 13 8,178 Interments.  History, photographs of twenty-nine people, photos of cemetery and several headstones, eighteen obituaries, cemetery layout map, map to location.  Canvassed 1999.


Serenity Gardens Cemetery- Volume III
(Surnames L-Z)
Largo, Florida
Established 1964
1999 257 12 8,094 Interments.  History, photographs of thirty-nine people, several headstone photos, sixteen obituaries, cemetery layout map, map to location.  Canvass completed 1999.



4 volume Serenity Gardens combination pricing (CEM-08, CEM-09, CEM-10, CEM-18)



Garden Sanctuary Cemetery Seminole, Florida
Established 1924
2000 237 15 5,368 Interments.  History, cemetery photos, photos of twenty-four people, twenty obituaries, three pages of biographical sketches of pioneer section, deeds, cemetery layout map, twenty pages of research documentation, map to location.  Canvassed 1999.



2 volume Garden Sanctuary combination pricing (CEM-11, CEM-17)



Seminole Cemetery St. Petersburg, Florida
Established 1894
2000 42 15 465 Interments.  History, thirty-one obituaries, thirteen pages of headstone/cemetery photos, plot map, map to location.  Canvassed 2000.


BKCSunnyside-Supp1999.gif (118873 bytes)
Sunnyside Cemetery - 1999 Interments St. Petersburg, Florida 2000 20 3 88 Interments.  Cemetery history and photos, nine obituaries, cemetery layout map, plot map of section A and portion of B (the old section of the cemetery).


BKCSunnyside-Supp2000.gif (118501 bytes)
Sunnyside Cemetery - 2000 Interments St. Petersburg, Florida 2001 46 3 109 Interments.  History, photos, ninety-three obituaries, cemetery layout map, plot map of section A and portion of B (the old section of the cemetery).



3 volume Sunnyside Cemetery combination pricing (CEM-07, CEM-13, CEM-14)

$21.25 $29.75
Chapel HillBk.jpg (729467 bytes)
Chapel Hill Cemetery Largo, Florida
Established 1970
2001 165 6 3,671 Interments.  (Initially exclusively Jewish cemetery.)  History, photos of fourteen people, one hundred and fifty-six obituaries, cemetery layout map, aerial view of cemetery, map to location.  Canvassed 2000.


GreenwoodCover.jpg (31069 bytes)
Greenwood Cemetery St. Petersburg, Florida
Established 1897
2002 246 16 1,315 Interments. History, photos of forty-two people, two hundred and twenty-eight obituaries, fifteen photos of cemetery and family plots, seventy photos of headstones, thirteen news articles related to people and the cemetery, Plot Map, Lot Owner List, Recreation of Interment Ledger 1893-1922. Canvassed 2001.


GardenSanc2000Cover.jpg (26004 bytes)
Garden Sanctuary - Interment Supplement 2000 Seminole, Florida
Established 1924
2002 52   175 Interment. History, one hundred and forty-three obituaries, twenty photos of people, layout map, plot map, road map.



Serenity1998.jpg (16587 bytes)
Serenity Gardens - Interment Supplement April 1998 through December 1998 Largo, Florida 2002 72 5 417 Interment.  History, three hundred and three obituaries, layout map, road map.


Episcopal Church Interments In South Pinellas County, Florida South Pinellas County Florida 2005 208 36 1501 Interments in Episcopal Memorial Gardens and St. Bartholomew's Cemetery (1892). Includes: History and photo of each church, Cemetery & Memorial Gardens photos, many obituaries, people photos.


Lincoln Cemetery St. Petersburg, Florida 2006 596 22 Brief History; Cemetery Photographs; 6,504 interments; 38 obituary images; 414 Obituary Extractions; 103 Headstone photographs; Decades on the Deuces (St. Petersburg black community Historical Timeline); Layout Map of Cemetery; Grave Locator; Property Appraiser Plot & Arial; Directional Map; 4 Articles relative to the cemetery; 6 Biographical sketches from Bus to Destiny (Olive B. McLin Community History Project). $51.75 $69.50
Royal Palm Cemetery South
Royal Palm Cemetery South St. Petersburg, Florida 2010 444 9 Royal Palm Cemetery was started by Reginald H. Summer on 80 acres originally owned by George S. Gandy, Sr. (who is buried at the cemetery with his wife).  The cemetery is located on First Avenue South in St Petersburg, FL and was established in 1921.  The grounds consist of 55 acres interring over 20,000. The names are listed alphabetically as canvassed in March 2001. Any interments after that date are not accounted for in this work. The spiral bound book contains 444 pages providing nine pages of colored pictures of various tombstones, including a colored cover and four pages of obituaries.  Sections for Russian, Jewish and Dutch graves have been translated for convenience.  Included in the book are plot maps showing grave locations, plus aerial and street maps $52.50 $62.50
Calvary Catholic Cemetery Entrance
Calvary Catholic Cemetery Clearwater, Florida 2011 328 6 Calvary Catholic Cemetery is located at 5233 118th Ave. N, Clearwater, FL.  It includes 328 pages with six pages of colored pictures, plus plot, aerial and street maps.  Over 18,000 interred. $42.50 $47.00
BusseyCover.jpg (52414 bytes)
Bussey Funeral Home Records St. Petersburg, Florida 2002 92   Journal covering May 22, 1895 through February 23, 1910.  Includes both extracted database (alphabetized) and the original journal pages.



(Cover image here)
Alexander Funeral Home Records
Clearwater, Florida 2005 207   This 197-page book offers information transcribed from the records of the Alexander Funeral Home located in Clearwater, Florida. The Mortuary was in operation from 1917 to 1947, and the information presented on the patrons of the Mortuary during that time can be of both historical and genealogical interest.

Although not all of the records are uniformly complete, information can be found on the date and cause of death; the place of birth, death, funeral, and interment; the name of spouse; the occupation; and the name and birth places of the parents. To give an historical perspective of Alexander’s Funeral Home, a history of the mortuary business in Pinellas County, Florida precedes the data listing in the book. Here you will also find a complete image of one of the original records and a discussion of the nature of the information provided.



St. Petersburg Town 1900 - A directory and Census Transcription St. Petersburg, Florida 2003 56   Transcription of the St. Petersburg 1900 census sheets and with a compiled directory. Contains three sections:
  • Alpha Directory of individuals listed in the census.
  • Directory by street address
  • Computerized replication of the census pages



Obituary Index
  1995 207   Index of persons born in AK, AL, CA, CO, CT, DC, HI, IA, ID, IL, IN, KS, KY, LA, MA, ME and MI as published in the St. Petersburg Times 1990-1993.



Pinellas Genealogist Surname Index
Vol. 1-19
  1998 100   Complete surname index from volumes 1-19 of the Pinellas Genealogy Society Quarterly "The Pinellas Genealogist".



Replaced by INDX-04
Newspaper Necrology Index 1901-1935 Pinellas County Florida 2002 72   Index of Pinellas county obituaries from the St. Petersburg Times and Independent covering the years 1901 through 1935.



NecrologyIndex.jpg (48225 bytes)
Newspaper Necrology Index 1901-1935

Pinellas County Florida

2002 78   Index of Pinellas county obituaries from the Clearwater Sun 1926-27 and St. Petersburg Times and Independent covering the years 1901 through 1935.



Pinellas Historical Background   1995 115   Historical view of Pinellas County Florida.



Descendants of John Constantine Williams (Creator of St. Petersburg, Florida) St. Petersburg, FL 2003 53   Genealogical compilation of the John Constantine Williams family.  Also includes 29 family photographs and descendancy chart.



  The Pinellas Genealogist         Back issues of The Pinellas Genealogist are available for sale. $5.00 per issue plus S/H

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