Tips on submitting Family Bible Records
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Tips on Collecting and Submitting Bible Records

Bible records are accepted as reliable by practically every patriotic or hereditary society….that is if other evidence is not available.

You should use them with care and therefore it is very important when copying them that you copy exactly as they are written. Your best approach is to use photocopying facilities. Copy both the family records and the TITLE PAGE with publication date.

When you copy a Bible Record do not add places of birth if they are not listed. Do not make name changes. Copy the dates exactly as written. Then, if you know of additional material or that one of the entries is wrong….after the copying has been done….in your own words add annotation that you are making some additions or corrections. Point out your reasons for doing so. But do not make the changes in the text of the family record.

If an entry looks altered….make a note of it. If the handwriting is hard to read…say so and type the date with a (?) if you are not sure.

Forms are available for copying Bible records. There is a very good one for sale at the LDS Stake center.

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