Copied by Dorothy M. Boyer from a bible on sale at the Salvation Army Store located on Park Blvd.  Pinellas Park, Florida (photocopied)


Holman’s Edition THE HOLY BIBLE

Philadelphia: A. J. Holman & Co., No. 930 Arch Street 1877



This certifies that the rite of Holy Matrimony was celebrated between

Emory L. White of Mantua, Ohio and Henrietta E. Work of Shalersville, O.

on February 28th, 1855 at Ravenna, Ohio by P. B. Conant.




Jonas White, Sutton, Mass. 18 Nov. 1795


·        Emily Louise White, Ware, Mass. 26 Jan. 1820

·        Joseph H. White, Ware, Mass. 10 Oct. 1821

·        Calvin B. White, Mantua, Ohio 29th May 1824

·        Mary E. White, Mantua, Ohio, 29th Nov. 1826

·        Emerson E. White, Mantua, Ohio, 10th Jan. 1829

·        Emory L. White, Mantua, Ohio, 19th Sept. 1831

·        Emilieus C. White, Mantua, Ohio 13th Dec. 1834


Sarah McGregory, Long Meadow, 31st Oct. 1794

Our Family:

·        Emory L. White, Mantua, Ohio 19th Sept. 1931

·        Henrietta E. Work, Shalersville, O. 25th Sept 1834


·        Cora E. White, Mantua, Ohio, Sept. 22nd 1858

·        E. Glenn Simpson, Youngstown, Ohio 3 July 1885




Jonas White and Sarah McGregory in Wilbraham, Mass., February 9th, ,1819  Rev. Mosen Warren


·        Arvil Blake of Brimfield and Emily L. White of Mantua, in Mantua, O., September 19th,1850….Sam-1  Lee

·        Joseph H. White of Mantua, O. and Harriet Clark of Troy in Burton O., December 24th ,1852 by A. T. Ford, Esq.

·        Calvin B. White and Maria R. Harmon both of Mantua, November 24th, 1852 by Rev. B. D. Sprague.

·        E. E. White of Cleveland, O. and Mary A. Sabin of Hudson, O. in the latter place July 26th, 1953 by Rev. V. Barrett.

·        Emory L. White of Mantua and Henrietta E. Work of Shalersville on February 28th, 1855 at Ravenna, Ohio by P. B. Conant.

·        Henry A. Simpson, Mantua O. and Cora E. White of Mantua, November 19th, 1884

·        E. Glenn Simpson and Lila Armstrong both of Ravenna, O. December 24th ,1908.




·        Emilieus C. White in Mantua, 4 Mar. 1847  3 yrs. 2 mos. 9 days

·        Mary E. White in Mantua, 4th Sept. 1860  33 yrs. 9 mos. 5 days

·        Jonas White in Mantua, 28th Aug. 1876  80 yrs 9 mos. 11 days

·        Sarah White, in Mantua, 28th Jan. 1878  83 yrs 2 mos. 29 days


A special and separate memorial was inserted in the Bible for the following:

To the memory of CALVIN WHITE who died January 27th, AD, 1848.

Born December 10th AD, 1804.  The strongest ties must be broken.


The memorial – a picture – has a weeping willow tree, with a lady in the widow weeds leaning on a monument with the above inscription placed on it.  On the left of the picture is a gravestone, unmarked, with a bush flowering and on the right side is a path leading to a building, which is mostly hidden behind the willow tree.  The print has been hand colored.