This Bible was bought in an Atlanta, Ga. Bookstore by Mrs. Wm. Henry Langhorne of Pensacola, Florida.  Mrs. Langhorne donated this Bible to the Pensacola Historic Preservation Society, and it is now in that society’s possession.


The People’s Standard Edition

Of the


Containing the

Old and New Testaments, and the Apocryphal Writings

Published by Ziegler & McCurdy, Philadelphia, Pa.;

 Cincinnati, Ohio; St. Louis, Mo.; Springfield, Mass.


This Certifies that the Marriage Contract between

John Walton of Fleming County, Kentucky and

Ollie L. Havens of Fleming County, Kentucky

was duly solemnized by me at the Residence of

the Havens  on this the tenth day of January, 1847

        One Thousand Eight Hundred and Forty-Seven.

Witnesses Present:

D. H. Barksdale, Minister

William Hurst   Ellen Crain



·         Emmarine Walton married to James H. Shepherd in year of Our Lord Mar. 7th, 1865.

·         Amanda Ellen Walton was married to William Todd December 21st , 1871.

·         Thomas Havens Walton and Mary Virginia Oliver was married May 1st , 1873.

·         Leah Martha Walton and James B. Day was married June 21st , 1877.

·         Cordelia Wiles Walton was married to Bluford St. Rice March 10th , 1878.

·         John R. Walton was married to Mary J. Selby, May 4th, 1893.



·         James H. Shepherd was born March 12th, 1846.

·         William Todd was born April 30th, 1844.

·         Mary V. Walton was born July 7th, 1852.

·         Mary J. Walton was born March 1st, 1876.

·         John R. Walton was born July 4th, 1871.

·         Earl H. Walton was born Aug. 7th, 1894.

·         Alma Corrine Walton was born Oct. 5th, 1896.

·         Irela May Walton was born Aug. 4th, 1899.

·         Lorme Walton was born Apr. 25th, 1903.




·         Alma Walton Rankin, died Oct. 23, 191910:00PM, age 23 years 18 days.

·         John R. Walton died Oct. 4, 1942 at 1:45PM, 71 yrs. & 3 mo.

·         Mary J. Walton died June 16, 1944 Friday

·         Lorena Walton Stratton died July 12, 1961

·         Earl H. Walton died Aug. 5, 1974, Mon. at 5PM – 79 yrs & would have been 80 on the 7th of Aug 74.



·         John Walton was born in the year of our Lord Nov. 6th, 1824.

·         Ollie Leah Havens, his wife, was born February 3rd, 1829.

·         Emmarine Walton was born Oct. 9th, 1847.

·         Thomas Havens Walton was born Mar. 2nd, 1851.

·         Amanda Ellen Walton was born Aug. 28th, 1853.

·         Leah Martha Walton was born June 28, 1858.

·         Cordelia Wiles Walton was born Feb. 22nd, 1861

·         John B. Walton was born July 4, 1871.