The Thomas Stafford Family Bible is in the possession of

Pauline Stafford Williams, 1521 Massachusetts Ave. NE, St. Petesburg, Florida 33703



         Thomas Stafford, born Jan. 19, 1755[1]

         Lydia Corey, born Dec. 10, 1754

         Stephen Stafford, son of Thomas and Lydia Stafford, born Dec. 25, 1780

         Richard Stafford, born March 28, 1782

         John Stafford, born Jan. 12, 1785

         Thomas Stafford, born April 22, 1794

         William Stafford, born Dec. 20, 1797

         Sarah Stafford, wife of Richard Stafford was born July 31, 1791

         Kezie Knox, wife of Thomas Stafford born Nov. 12, 1804

         James Stafford, born Aug. 7, 1811

         Cecilia Stafford, wife of James Stafford was born Nov. 9, 1817

         Esther Staford, born June 12, 1813

         Diana Stafford, born June 5, 1815

         Joab Stafford, born Nov. 3, 1821

         Charles Stafford, born Sept. 5, 1830

         Parmela M. Stafford, wife of Charles Stafford, born March 14, 1839

         Carloss A. Stafford, son of James & Cecilia, was born Jan. 22, 1839

         Richard Stafford, son of Charles and Parmela, born July 29, 1863

         Ruth Stafford, born Arpil 29, 1865

         Jonathan Stafford, born May 11, 1869

         Mary Stafford, born June 17, 1871

         Lillian Lydia Stafford, born Aug. 20, 1877




         Thomas Stafford and Lydia Corey, married Sept. 10, 1779

         Richard Stafford & Sarah Ring, married Sept. 30, 1810

         James Stafford & Cecilia Aikin were married Feby. 5, 1838 by the Rev. Mr. Woodruff

         Mr. Thomas Delano and Esther Stafford were married April 2, 1840

         Joab Stafford & Polly Ann Brasted were married July 7, 1844 or 47

         Isaac Satterley & Dianna Stafford married Aug. 22, 1859

         Charles Stafford & Parmela M. Stafford married Sept. 18, 1862

         Jonathan Mather Stafford and Ethel Elinor Sumner married Aug. 23, 1894

         Julius Arthur Douglas and Mary Stafford married by Samuel Bigge Dec. 6, 1906



         Thomas Stafford, died July 20, 1805

         Lydia Stafford, wife of Thomas, died Dec. 9th, 1833 in the 79th year of her age.

         John Stafford, died March 31, 1813 in the 28th year of his age.

         Dorcas, wife of John Stafford, died May 5th, 1813 in the 22nd year of her age.

         Stephen Stafford, died Oct. 28th, 1853 in the 73 year of his age.

         Richard Stafford, died Oct 21st, 1858 in the 77th year of his age.

         Richard Stafford, son of Charles & Permela M. Stafford, died May 12th, 1866 in the 3d year of his age.

         Thomas Stafford, died June 15, 1871 in the 78th year of his age.

         Sarah Stafford, wife of Richard Stafford, died September 21, 1868 in her 78th year of age.


A newspaper clipping obituary for:

Stafford at his residence in the town of Essex, N.Y. May 8, 1885 of enronic pneumonia, James Stafford in the 74th year of his age.



[1] Thomas Stafford (1755-1805) historical background published in The Florida Genealogical Research Quarterly

Volume 2 Whole No. 6, Pg. 22 October 1974.