of Virginia and Tennessee

(In possession of Audrey Halinski, 4141 56th Way N., #700, St. Petersburg, Florida 33709.)


Front Page of Family Section photocopied, a blank Certificate, for a marriage record but not filled in. Copyright date 1873, Hubbard Bros. & ---oag, Pr., Phila.




Name G. M. Reeves, Place of Birth Virginia, Date Birth 182.8 June 29, Marriage 1880 Dec 5th, and Date of Death 1890 Sept 19th.

Name C. P. Sellers, Place of Birth Tennessee, Date Birth 1833 March 29th, Marriage 1880 Dec 5th, and Date of death (Blank).


The following entries were on tattered loose sheets in the Bible and two newspaper clippings.

Elizabeth Reeves was Born December the 25th 1857.

Martha Jane Reeves and Mary Eliza Reeves was Born February the 25th 1865.

Emma Anqeline Reeves was Born June the 26th 1862.

Nathan Albert Reeves Was Born March the 20,1850.

George William Robey Was Borne August 3,1885, son of John W. and M. E. Roby.


Willie Robey Children Names:

         Inez Robey was Born June 22,1890.

         The baby was born Sept the 26th, 1903.

         Mary Gertiude was born July the 12,1905.

         Dee Nora was born January the 5, 1908.

         Mary Gertiude die February 24,1909.

         Robert Cornelius Robey was Born July the 9,1910.

         Sarah May Robey was born March 17,1913.

         Mary Louise Robey was born Aug. 7, 1915.

         (torn) Print Robey was born Sept 8,1918.

         Eddie Robey died November 16,1921 with the fever.


         J. K. Passmore Born July 10,1852. Died Jan 16,1931.

         J. V. Kirkland Passmore was Born Sep 7,1895. Died Aug 11,1907.

         Anna Rean Passmore was Born Dec the 13,1898.

         Estell Passmore was born Oct. 8,1901.

         Fannie Passmore was born July 27,1909.


(note written this is Sams Family)

         Samuel Harris Reeks, born Sept 1,1845.

         Margaret Frazier Reeks Born Sept 8,1855. Married Mch 7,1875.

         George Ada Reeks born Jan. 2,1876.

         Mary (Marnie) Jane Reeks, born Dec. 29,1877.

         Sam Atticus Reeks born Oct. 21,1882.

         Maggie Maud Reeks, born Jan 3,1885.

         Bettie Esther Reeks born Feb 9,1890.

         (torn) Reeks, born Jan 8,1892.


Grandchildren of Samuel Harris Reeks and Marqaret Frazier Reeks:

         Henry Reeks Baggett, Jan 23, 1914.


NEWSPAPER CLIPPING WITH PHOTOGRAPH ---------------------------

(no date and no newspaper heading)


Five generations of the McKinney family are pictured above. They are (right to left): Mrs. J. D. McKinney, 82, great great grandmother. Auther P. McKinney, great grandfather; Omer G. McKinney, grandfather, and Gordon McKinney, father of Wanda Dearlene McKinney, 2 months.

Mrs. McKinny now resides with her son, Auther, in the Chapel Hill community. She has spent her entire life in Obion County. Omer G. McKinney lives at 720 High Street in Union City and Gordon McKinney, formerly of this city, now lives in Mobile, Ala.


Second Newspaper Clipping, dated by hand Sept or Oct 1958, and address written 5770 Stober Dr., Warren, Mich.



Mrs. Dora McCollum, 78, former resident of the Dukedom area, died Saturday at 10 a.m. at the Haws Memorial Nursing Home in Fulton.

Funeral services were held at 2 p.m. today at Knob Creek Church of Christ, of which she was a member, with Brother Henry Harvis of Murray officiating. Burial was in Pinegar Cemetery, under the direction of Jackson Brother of Dukedom.

Mrs. McCollum was the daughter of Hossie and Amanda Valentine Futrell. She is survived by two sons, Jewell McColum, of Cincinnati, Bobby McCollum of Akron, three daughters, Mrs. Dean Stober of Warren, Michigan, Mrs. John Cain, Water Valley, Route 2, Mrs. Clint Walker of Jonesville, Michigan, and a sister, Mrs. Emma Evans of Memphis; 10 grandchildren and several nieces and nephews.