Present owner of the Bible, Mrs. Myrtle M. Rogers, 410 Clinton Ave., Oak Park, Illinois.  Also a  record of my grandfather’s family, copied from my father’s papers.  Pages submitted (circa 1980) are typed, no title page was submitted.  Handwritten note in left corner of the page illegible.




Jonathan Rogers

born Dec. 12, 1715

died Mar. 6, 1805


Mary Foote

born Apr. 1, 1724

died Mar 16, 1761


Eli (my brother)

born Nov. 14, 1740



Lidy (my sister)

born June 1, 1747


Marr. -----Frisbie

Mary (my sister)

Born Feb. 11, 1753


Marr. Hoadley, of Turin, N.Y.

Jonathan (myself)

born Mar. 11, 1756


Marr. Jemina Danks

Abigail (my sister)

born Nov. 9, 1758


Marr. Samuel Danks

Mercy (my sister)

born Sept. 28, 1759


Marr. Ehud Stephens

Their daughter, Jane was the first child born in Martinsburg, N.Y. (Lewis Co.), Feb. 20, 1802



The first Town Meeting was held at the home of Ehud Stephens in March 1803.


The first frame building in Lowville was the house of Capt. Johnathan Rogers, and the first Inn erected by him about 1803 determined the location of Lowville village.


Jonathan Robers’ deed was dated April 20, 1801, Lot No.  29, 412 ( --?) acres, price, 1258.25.


The second summer of the settlement, Jonathan Rogers went to Salt Springs, now Syracuse, and brought back a load of salt, by water, to Dexter at the mouth of Black River, and thence to Lowville on a dray made by the crotched limb of a tree.







Jonathan Rogers

March 11, 1756

April 16, 1841

Jemima Danks

Sept. 3, 1757

Dec. 23, 1832

Lowville, N.Y.

Bela Rogers

Oct. 15, 1778

Before 1841

Went to Michigan

Isaac Rogers

March 19, 1782

Sept. 1, 1841

Brownville, N.Y.

Robert Rogers

Oct. 15, 1783

In Kingston, Canada

John Rogers

May 19, 1785

July 28, 1858

Deer River, Lewis Co., N.Y.

Sarah Rogers

Jan. 25, 1787

Jan. 29, 1854

Brownville, N.Y.


Gracia Rogers

(handwritten underneath “m. Eli Kellogg abt 1806”)

June 19, 1789

May 3, 1867

Tylerville, Jeff. Co., N.Y.

Jemima Rogers

Aug. 26, 1791

July 25, 1872

 at Phoenix, Oswego Co., N.Y.

Jonathan Rogers

Dec. 6, 1795

Aug. 26, 1883

 Lowville, N.Y.

(all of above were born at Westfield, Mass.)

Samuel Rogers

June 21, 1800

Jan. 18, 1834

Lowville, N.Y.



From another Bible of Jonathan Rogers, Published in New York, 1845.

Present owner, Herbert Duett Rohr, Deer River, Lewis Co., N.Y.


First entry:  children of Capt. Jonathan Rogers,


born Oct. 15, 1778


born Aug. 19, 1779


born Mar. 19, 1782


born Oct. 15, 1783


born May 19, 1785


born Jan. 25, 1787


born July 19, 1789


born Aug. 26, 1791


born Dec. 6, 1795


born June 21, 1800


The family of John Rogers, born May 19, 1785.

John Rogers married to Charity Bayard, Feb. 12, 1807.



born Jan. 12, 1808


born mar. 21, 1810

Jonathan C.

born May 10, 1812

William B.

born May 24, 1814


born Mar. 21, 1816


born Mar. 11, 1817


born July 20, 1819 twins


born July 20, 1819


The family of John & Charity Bayard Rogers (continued)



Harriet Rogers

May 1, 1831

to Wyly G. Nickols

Minerva Rogers

Sept. 5, 1831

to Samuel Stevens

Jonathan C.

Mar. 1, 1839

to Lovina Farnam

William P.

Apr. 19, 1842

to Emma S. Brunson

*Duett Rogers

July 14, 1847

to Julia P. Myers

Charlotte T. Rogers

Sept 23, 1840

to Chauncey P. Myers


                 *(They were the parents of Jennie Rogers who married Christian Rohr.

                    Their son was Herbert Duett Rohr.)



John Rogers

May 19, 1785

Charity Bayard

Jun. 25, 1785

Julia P. Myers

Aug. 16, 1817

Harriet S. Snell

June 20, 1826

Sophia S. Odell

July 13, 1883



John Rogers

July 28, 1858

Charity Bayard Rogers

Oct. 14, 1865

Harriet Nichols

June 28, 1842

Clinton Rogers

Apr. 3, 1816

Charlotte T. Myers

Oct. 9, 1846

Minerva I. Stevens

Oct. 22, 1851

Duett Rogers

Nov. 21, 1878

Julia, wife of Duett

Apr. 31, 1855

Harriet wife of Duett

Nov. 10, 1861

Sophia wife of Duett




Family of Jonathan Rogers, born Dec. 6, 1795, Westfield, Mass.; married at Lowville, N.Y., May 30, 1816 to Elizabeth Herring.  She was born Jan. 8, 1799, at Johnstown, N.Y.



Betsey A. Rogers

June 30, 1816

George L. Rogers

Oct. 19, 1820

Henry C. Rogers

Jan. 2, 1823

Mary E. Rogers

Sept. 11, 1825

John H. Rogers

Jan. 12, 1828

Jane Rogers

Apr. 18, 1832

Nelson Rogers

Apr. 30, 1834

Charles Rogers

Feb. 16, 1841


Family of Jonathan & Elizabeth Herring Rogers (continued)



Betsy A. Rogers

Oct. 18, 1836

to Hiran [sic] Mills

George L. Rogers

Oct.17, 1843

to Sally Salmon


Feb. 10, 1859

to Electa Sharp


Jan. 28, 1865

to Sarah Hitchcock

Henry C. Rogers

Feb. 6, 1844

to May Sterling

Mary E. Rogers

Oct. 17, 1845

to Merrit Harger


Sept. 25, 1851

to Russel Eaton

Nelson Rogers

Jan. 5, 1858

to Sarah Prudon

Charles Rogers






Mary E. Harger

Sept. 2, 1895

Betsey A.

Jan. 3, 1903

Knoxville, Tenn.

George L.

May 15, 1891

Lowville, N.Y.

Henry C.

Apr. 2, 1878

Elgin, Illinois

John H.

Dec. 25, 1900


Margaret Minne

Mar. 18, 1852

Lowville, N.Y.

Jane Eaton (Easton)

Feb. 4, 1894

Lowville, N.Y.

Russell Easton

Nov. 17, 1897

Lowville, N.Y.


Apr. 21, 1910

Oak Park, Illinois


Feb. 16, 1841

Lowville, N.Y.

Jonathan (father)

Aug. 26, 1883

Lowville, N.Y.; buried at Elgin, Ill.

Elizabeth (mother)

Oct. 16, 1875

At Elgin, Ill.


John H., above married (2) Nov. 22, 1853, Jane F. Tracy, died March - , 1915, at Cary, Ill.  Buried at Undine, Ill.


May Sterling, wife of Henry C. , died, but no dates given.




Nelson Rogers, born at Lowville, N.Y., Apr. 30, 1834, died in Elgin, Ill., April 21, 1910.  Married Jan. 5, 1858, Sarah Prudon, born ---------; died June 14, 1902, in Elgin, Ill.


Eugene Rogers

b. Dec. ----, 1859

Marr. Josephine Mulrony

Sherman P. Rogers

b. Sept. ---- 1855

Marr. Bessie Baldwin,

Oct. 1888

Fred N. Rogers

b. May 25, 1867

Marr. Myrtle Mead, Oct. 2, 1889 (Owner of Bible)

Harold Allen Rogers

b. May 18, 1892




(Typewritten letter to Mrs. Lansing dated Monday, March 29, 1954)


Dear Mrs. Lansing:

            I was so glad to get your letter of March 24th for I was really worried when you didn’t write for such a long time.  Thought maybe you had fallen and were confined to your bed and I knew how you’d dislike that.  There have been many bad falls and broken hip bones around our neighborhood this winter and it takes a long period in bed to recover.  So do please be careful.

            We have had a mild winter also, much like yours I imagine, but since 7 A.M. this morning we have had loads of snow, 6 inches perhaps, and the radio broadcast is for 10 inches by this evening.  I think we will have more than that – the temperature has gone down from 35 to 25 – so you see your old Farmer’s Almanac forecasts correctly unfortunately.   I phoned my husband and suggested that if he wanted to get home tonight he had better start early – and he said he’d take the 1 P.M. train.  I believe I told you that Cliff commutes to Chicago every day – except Saturday and Sundays of course.  We live on a country road and are the last to get the snow plow when ther[e] are heavy snow storms, the main highways and county trunk roads come first.  However, we do not get stuck very often because we have snow tires and always carry shovels.

            And now to my good news.  Last weekend my husband went to New York and Washington and I went to our old Apartment hotel in Chicago which is about 3 blocks from the Newberry library.  I have worked there for my research off and on for the past 9 years whenever I could spend a day or 2 which isn’t as often as I’d like.  But last weekend I was able to work all day Friday and Saturday from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M.  Sunday I went to Northbrook to see my son and daughter-in-law and my two darling grandchildren, aged 3 and 20 months, then I drove back to my hotel and parked and spent all day Monday at the Library too.  Wasn’t that lucky?  Well it was profitable too.  You know how I have been looking for proof that Cynthia Newhall was the daughter of John Newhall and Beulah Stearns.  Family notes had “Beulah was afterward Beulah Wing of Phelps, New York.  Well, I had looked at the Wing Family Genealogy when I had been at the Library before, but I called for it again and this time I got a bigger book by the same author, published in 1888 instead of 1881 as the one I had seen before.  It was my own fault for not being more observant – however this book with the same title, “John Wing of Sandwich and his Descendants 1632-1888” by Conway Phelps Wing, D.D. published New York, The DeVinne Press 1888, really had what I was looking for.  The gist of it follows:

            Enoch Wing married first Mary Oliver of Conway, Mass., she died in 1812 and Enoch Wing married 2nd in Phelps, New York, the widow of John Newhall whom he had at an early day known as Beulah Stearns, in Conway, Mass.  (Then there is lots more which I will skip and then) – “John Newhall died in Phelps, Oct. 4, 1810.  He was among the earliest settlers in that town, arriving from Mass. In 1796, and taking up 350 acres of land which he purchased for a mere pittance and which he only half cleared of the forests.  He left a widow and five children; (1) Cynthia, who married Francis Root and died soon, leaving a daughter” (my Great Grandmother).  Then he names their 4 other children and to whom they were married.  Isn’t that a wonderful lot of information for me?  This Conway Phelps Wing was one of the 12 children of Enoch Wing and his first wife, Mary Oliver, so he really knew the family facts.  I love his name, Conway, from the town they originally came from and Phelps, the town they finally migrated to.  So you see, I don’t need your help on this Newhall Stearns item any more.  But there is much work to be done on other lines.

            The note to you from the Syracuse Public Library give no birth or marriage records for Cynthia Newhall in Conway Vital records so I am assuming that she was born in Phelps, N.Y. as her parents moved there in 1796 (insertion hand written note in margin “one authority says that John and Beulah Newhall went to Phelps in 1792”).  The Phelps records were destroyed by fire (except the Church Records) I was told when I enquired at the courthouse several years ago.  So I imagine for the time being I will have to leave Cynthia’s birth and marriage dates and places blank.

Page 2 – Monday March 29, 1954

            I am sorry I could not write this letter to you before you write to Mrs. Lodder for the census.  But maybe it will turn up something interesting anyway.  This digging back for information is just fascinating to me and I only wish I knew enough to be a good genealogist.  Of course I am hampered, too, by living so far away from a good library like the Newberry or any library for that matter.  The one in Valparaiso is small but they have a little genealogical room which thy [sic] are just starting.  They have the DAR Lineage books and the Compendium.

            The Mass. Soldiers and sailors of the Rev. War Vol. Eleven page 362 has a John Newhall of Conway and I think he might be my John because they give his age as 16 in July, 1780.  my John was 17 then, and could be on a pension report (handwritten “of course he was not married until 1788”).

            Now since the Gillet’s are so elusive I wonder if you could find anything on my Rogers line.  Here is what I have:

Caroline Harriet Rogers, born Oct. 30, 1815 in Martinsburg, Lewis Co., N.Y. married Paul W. Gillet June 28, 1838 in Pamelia (remember you sent for an 1850 census on this family?)  Caroline lived at one time in LaFargeville, Jefferson County before her marriage.  She was the daughter of Jeremy Rogers, born Nov. 18, 1776 New Haven, Conn.  Died Oct. 12, 1858 buried Pamelia cemetery No. Watertown, N.Y. and Caroline Porter, born in Southampton, N.Y. 1781, died March 16, 1841 (insertion handwritten “aged 60 yrs.”) buried Pamelia cemetery.

Children of Jeremy Rogers and Caroline Porter:



b. ------

d.  -------

Married -----


b. May 7, 1806 

d. May 6, 1846

Married Levi Chapman


b.  ?

d.  ?

Married Lyman Scoville


b.  ?

d.  Sept. 1875

Married 1st Rebecca mother of his children

2nd Susan Avery

Safira Ann

b.  ?

d.  aged 12



b. Feb. 12, 1810

d. Nov. 13, 1883

Married Justin Warren Weeks

March 31, 1831

Jehiol (Johiel)

b. Feb. 1812

d. Oct. 2, 1841



b. Apr. 21, 1814

d.  ?

Married Jane (handwritten)

Caroline Harriet

b. Oct. 30, 1815

June 8, 1877

Married Paul W. Gillet


b.  (blank)

d. 1817



b.  July 8, 1819

d.  ?



b.  ?

d. June 27 1885

Married John A. Richardson (had a son named Seth)

                The above was copied from the Bible of Justin Warren Weeks, husband of Rosalinda, by my mother.  They had a daughter, Mary Persis Weeks, born April 29, 1832, married March 5, 1851 to James Bailey, he died Oct. 23, 1862 and she married Jan. 22, 1868, Elisha L. Hemenway.  The children of Mary P. Weeks and James Bailey were Charles Henry, born Feb. 20, 1852 at Watertown and Cornelia Jewell born Nov. 15, 1857, died Nov. 19, 1873.  Rosalinda Rogers and Justin Warren Weeks also had Addison born Watertown, March 10, 1837, married May 29, 1859 Eva Louisa Smith and they had a child Anna Rosalinda born Sept. 11, 1860.

Charles Warren Weeks, brother of Addison and 3rd child of Rosalinda and Justin Weeks, was born in Watertown June 11, 1839, married Nov. 19, 1863 Christine Beach Campbell, died July 9, 1876.  This paragraph above and information to follow are from family notes.


             I quote from a letter my grandmother sent my mother in Sept. of 1901 –

“I left Savannah Sept. 9th for Watertown and met Mary Hemenway at the train.  Tuesday I helped Mary clean her pantry.  It rained Wed. and Thurs. Friday Sept. 13 we went to Dexter and Brownville.  Saturday we went to Seth Richardson’s (above) at Black River and we stayed until Monday morning.  Tuesday Sept. 17 Albert Rogers came after us and we went out to his house.  Wed. he took Mary and me and Alice his wife out to Charlie Rogers house ten miles away in the country.  Thursday Sept. 19, the day of President McKinley’s funeral we came back to Watertown.  Mary stayed at home and I went back with Albert and Alice and we went out to Fremont Rogers’ to see Uncle Jeremy (number 8 above.).”

             There must be many many Rogers in and around Watertown so I am giving you all that I know of so you won’t be running up blind alleys.  Also, it is possible that a few of these Rogers families have family Bibles.


Jeremy Rogers (Number 8) (handwritten above that M. Jane) had George Rogers who married Philena and they had:

Ida, Fuller, Mattie, Floyd, Sherry, and De-

Jeremy Rogers (Number 8) also had Albert Rogers who married Alice and had:  Emma Salisbury, Anna Foley, and Leon Jeremy.

Jeremy Rogers (Number 8) also had Orlando Rogers who married Cepha and had:  Wallace, Byson, Lavilla Roof and Herbert.

Jeremy Rogers (Number 8) also had Nettie Rogers Bertrand who married James Bertrand and had:

Caroline Baar,  Clarissa Baar, Addison, Rosalinda and Jeremy.  All middle names of this family are Rogers.

Jeremy Rogers (Number 8) also had Charles Rogers who married Mina – no children recorded.

Jeremy Rogers (Number 8) also had Fremont who married Martha and had an adopted daughter named Hattie.

Most of these people lived at or near Adams but Fremont lived at Byrons Corner (handwritten above that is “Barnes!”).  The Jeremy Rogers family information above is as of 1901.  Jeremy’s wife was Jane.


Now to go back to the Jeremy Rogers, born, Nov. 18, 1776 at New Haven, Conn.; Family notes say his father was in the Revolutionary War, his name was Eli Rogers but he went by the name of Hub (his nickname) and he enlisted by the name of Hub.  He was wounded in the left leg but he could not get a pension because he has enlisted as Hub Rogers, his wife’s name is not mentioned.


In the History of Lewis Co. in the State of New York by Franklin B. Hough – note No. 1 at the bottom of the page 141 has information on the Rogers family – also page 139, 143 and 176 and 177.  Wish I knew the name of Eli Rogers’ wife.  I haven’t done much work on this family.  Would a pension report on Hub Rogers bring forth anything about his family?  All I have about Eli (Hub) Rogers is from the History of Lewis Co. as above.  They give Eli, born Nov. 14, 1740, settled in Martinsburg in 1802 where he died.


            Well see what you make of this puzzle and if I can find anything more I’ll be sure to send it on to you.

            I hope your doctor’s check up is satisfactory.  Yes, I certainly do know how much time it takes to get these things in order, just writing this letter has taken hours and hours, do hope I haven’t forgotten anything.                    

                                                                        Most sincerely,

                                                                        Helen Slaten Gregg


(handwritten) P.S.

Once you told me you had the Newhall family in your line, too.  Since mine is now pretty near complete I am sending you a copy and if you ever need any authorities for any of these families in your work I’d be glad to send you the information.  The allied families are all good, too.


Typewritten sheet entitled


Re:  ELI  ROGERS  (1805 – 1875)







Eli Rogers

Edward Johnson




Eli & Abigail Rogers

Edward Johnson




Eli & Abigail Rogers

Edward Johnson, Jr.




Eli & Adigal Rogers

Barachiah Bassett




Eli Rogers

Edward Johnson, Jr.




Elisha & Elizabeth Rogers

John B. Rogers




Eli Rogers

Eli Rogers, Jr.




Eli & Abigal Rogers

Lorenzo Allen




Eli & Abigail Rogers

Ransom Salmon




Eli & Abigail Rogers

James M. Henry




Eli & Abigal Rogers

Edwin S. Cadwell




William Constable and Nathaniel Shaler

Eli Rogers




James Calguhann and William Kerr

Elisha Rogers




Eli Rogers

Eli Rogers, Junior




George & Clarissa Rogers

Eli Rogers




William Constable

James, Henry, Albert, Elizabeth, Franklin, Sarah and Charles Rogers heirs of Eli Rogers, Jr. Dec’d




Hezikiah B. Pierrepont

Eli Rogers




Charles Searl

Eli Rogers




Walter Martin, Dec’d

Eli Rogers