Contributed by Gary Morris, the Bible Records of her ancestor Colonel Abel C. Pepper.

Photo copies of the Bible pages are on file with the Society.  DMB (Dorothy M. Boyer)


Col. Abel C. Pepper was the son of William and Jane Pepper.  He was born in Shenandoah, Co., Va., and died in Rising Sun, Indiana.  He was a Pvt. In 1812, Volunteer State Dragos, Bourbon Co., Ky.  In 1815 went to Rising Sun Ind., Militia Capt., Colonel, Brigadier-General, a County Commissioner of Dearborn Co., a Sheriff and a State Legislator.  From 1835 to 1837 he was employed as a superintendent of emigration at Logansport, Ind. at $2000 per annum.  In 1829 was appointed sub-Indian agent at Fort Wayne by Gen. A. Jackson, later Indian Agent, and then Supt. For removal of Indians in Indiana, Michigan, Illinois and Wisconsin.

                Resigned in 1839; elected a sinking fund commissioner.  In 1845, appointed by President Polk, U.S. Marshall for Indiana till 1849.

                Not only a farmer, but also studied medicine, read law and admitted to the bar at Rising Sun.  He was a merchant when not in public office, a newspaper editor as well as a useful and patriotic citizen.

                On his enlistment papers in 1812, he is listed as age 19, 6-ft. tall, light complexion, brown hair, and blue eyes.  Otherwise he was been described as “slightly above medium height, spare and sinewy, of easy pleasing address.  He was urbane and dignified in his intercourse with his fellow men, and was particularly polite to ladies.”




·         Abel C. Pepper was married to Margeret Sanius, August 4, 1814

·         Abel C. Pepper was married to Jane Hoff James, September 17, 1820

·         Joseph B. Pepper was married to Kate Bradbury, Dec. 4th, 1866


·         Able C. Pepper was born April 20, 1793

·         Margaret Sanius was born July 11, 1797

·         Jane Pepper was born August 16, 1815

·         Sophia Pepper was born April 4, 1817

·         Jane H. James was born August 10, 1800

·         James Henry Pepper was born July 20, 1821

·         William Tassco Pepper was born June 27, 1823

·         Martha Ann Pepper was born December 23, 1824

·         John Pinckney Pepper was born May 10th, 1826

·         Margaret Harriett Pepper was born February 5, 1829

·         Jeptha Pepper was born December 29, 1831

·         ----No Name was born Sept. 21, 1834

·         Benjamin Franklin Pepper was born January 19, 1836

·         Mary Jane Pepper was born November 2, 1837

·         Joseph Basil Pepper was born Nov. 6, 1839

·         Kate Bradbury, wife of Joseph B. Pepper was born April 21st, 1848

·         Natalie Pepper, daughter of Joseph B. & Kate Pepper was born April 27, 1868

·         Claude Sullivan Pepper was born June 6, 1870

·         Harry F. Pepper was born April 1, 1874

·         Mary Jane Pepper was born April 14, 1879

·         Glenn David Pepper was born July 27, 1881

·         Mabel Grace Hill, dau. Of Mary Jane Pepper was born July 7, 1897

·         Georgie Williams Hill, dau. Of Mary Jane Pepper was born Sept. 7, 1900

·         Cecil Eugene Morris, son of Will & Mabel Hill Morris was born Jan. 25, 1916

“Bring up your children in the admonition of the Lord.”



“Blessed are the Dead who die in the Lord.”

·         Jane Pepper died August 17, 1817

·         Jane Pepper wife of William Pepper, and mother of A. C. Pepper, died July 3d, 1805, in the 46th year of her age.

·         Margaret Pepper died April l, 1819 in her 22nd year of age.

·         Martha Ann Pepper died August 10, 1823

·         William Pepper died May 10th, 1828 in th 74th year of age.

·         Martha James wife of John James and mother of Jane H. Pepper, died July 21st, 1821

·         Jeptha Pepper died January 6, 1832

·         ---No Name was bvuried Sept. 22, 1832

·         John James died March 28, 1838 in the 77th year of his age.

·         Abel C. Pepper died March 19, 1860

·         Benjamin F. Pepper died Feb. 25, 1872

·         Jane H. Pepper died Nov. 19, 1881

·         James H. Pepper died 1881

·         Tom C. Hedges died Oct. 6, 1882[1]

·         Natalie Pepper died Jan. 24, 1869

·         J. B. Pepper died March 29, 1895



[1] Note: Tom C. Hedges was second husband of Margaret Harriet Pepper.