The following Bible Records were found by Dorothy M. Boyer #3 at the Forty-Niner Flea Market in Pinellas Park, Fla.  Thanks to Frank Sage and his wife for letting these family records be copied.  The Bibles were for sale.


R. B. & MARY A NEVIN 1875

Vents Illustrated Polyglot Family Bible

 C. F. Vent, N.Y. 7 Cincinnati, 1872




·         Robert Boyd Nevin and Mary ann Mobberly were married May 4th, 1854.

·         James Boyd Nevin and Elizabeth L. McNicol were married April 10th, 1910.

·         Louis G. Nevin and Lucy M. Nevin were married Oct. 7th, 1891



·         Robert Boyd Nevin was born Jan. 8th, 1831.

·         Mary Ann Nevin was born Oct. 10th, 1831.

·         Margaret Ellenor Nevin was born on Sunday at 3 o’clock PM Sept. 16th, 1855

·         Olive Chaney Nevin was born on Saturday at seven o’clock PM January 3rd, 1857.

·         Jennie Belle Nevin was born on Thursday at seven o’clock AM Dec. 2nd, 1858.

·         George Edwin Kirby Nevin was born on Sunday at four o’clock AM Oct. 20th, 1860.

·         Annie Patton Nevin was born on Friday at one o’clock AM Dec. 26th, 1862.

·         Louis Gutridge Nevin was born on Wednesday at 5 o’clock PM Sept. 20th, 1865.

·         James Boyd Nevin was born at five o’clock on June 23rd, 1868.

·         Benjamin Jay Nevin was born on Sunday at five o’clock AM Feb. 5th, 1871.

·         Luanna Roberta Nevin, daughter of Lucy M. and Louis G. Nevin born Sept. 28, 1891.

·         Ethel Mozelle Nevin, 2nd daughter of Lucy M. & Louis G. Nevin born July 21st, 1895

·         George Paul Burgett Nevin, son of Lucy N. and Louis G. Nevin born Sept. 19th, 1899.



·         Margaret E. Nevin died Nov. 12th, 1858.

·         Olive C. Nevin died Jan. 6th, 1859.

·         Annie P. Nevin died Feb. 16th, 1864.

·         Jennie B. Nevin died June 9th, 1879.

·         George K. Nevin died July 21st, 1894.

·         Benjamin J. Nevin died Sept. 8th, 1902.

·         Robert Boyd Nevin died Sept. 29th, 1913.

·         James Boyd Nevin died Dec. 16th, 1914.

·         Mary Ann Nevin died Nov. 3rd, 1924.

·         Louis Gutridge Nevin died Jan. 31st,1943.


Handwritten in Bible is St. Petersburg.  It is bound in leather with metal hasps.  No other indication as to location of  family.