The following Bible Record was found by Dorothy M Boyer #3 at the Forty-Niner Flea Market in Pinellas Park, Fla.  Thanks to Patrick Sage and his wife for letting these family records be copied.  The Bibles were for sale.


Wesley Myers, Salem, Ill, March 3, 1889

The End

D.P. Myers came to Clinton County in 1823



Containing the Old & New Testaments

 translated out of the Original Tongue…..





·         David P. Myers and Sarah W. Turner were married January 15th, 1857.

·         George R. Wallace and Ellen Josephine Myers were married October 29, 1879.

·         John T. McLain and Florence Ortense Myers were married April 27th, 1880.

·         McKenzie Newkirk and Fannie Dell Myers were married June 23, 1884.

·         W. H. Myers and ------------were married-----------------

·         H. O. Myers and Katie M. Burns were married.

·         Scott V. Myers and Margaret E. Phelan were married July 5th, 1913 at St. Louis, Mo.

·         Van Trump Turner and Julia A. Black were married Sept. 12, 1839.

·         Roberta B. Myers and Calvin H. Vaughn were married Sept. 30, 1934 by Rev. Morrow, 6600 Washington Ave., St. Louis.

·         Rose M. Myers and LeRoy A. Aerto (?) Sept. 30, 1934  (poor writing)




·         Florence Ortensen Myers was born December the 25th, 1857.

·         Ellen Josephine Myers was born September 14th, 1860.

·         Mead Grant Myers was born November 25th, 1862.

·         Fanny Dell Myers was born April 30, 1865.

·         John Wesley Myers was born February 8th, 1868.

·         William Henry Myers was born July 23rd, 1871.

·         Frankie C. Myers was born March 21, 1873.

·         Scottie Vanderbilt Myers was born January 23, 1875.

·         Sarah Madaline[1]------born Nov. 8, 1840

·         Van Trump Turner [2]born Dec. 12, 1808.  Married Sept 1839 to Julian A Black, was born Nov. 12, 1819.

·         Homer O. Myers was born September 23rd, 1880.

·         Roberta Barris Fanny Myers[3] was born December 9th, 19—at 5:30a.m. at New Banes Hospital 501-------S. Euclid Ave., St. Louis Mo.  First baby born in the new hospital.  The Supt. Gave her a gold band ring.

·         Rose Miriam Myers was born June 11, 1---- at New Barnes Hospital 501 S. Euclid Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 10:30a.m.

·         Sarah Madaline Turner born Nov. 8th, 1840.

·         Van Trump Turner born Dec. 1808.

·         Julia A. Black born Nov. 12, 1819.

·         Perl Newkirk born Apr. 28th, 1885, daughter of McKenzie Newkirk and Fannie Dell (Myers) Newkirk.  Half sister of David M. Corwley and Helen Weil (?)  (Poor writing)



·         Frankie C. Myers died Saturday, March 28th, 1873 at Salem, ILL

·         John Wesley Myers died Feb. 7th, 1913, age 44 yrs 11 m 27 days at 4405 Lucky St., St. Louis, Mo.

·         Fannie Hellwig died Feb. 3rd, 1920 and buried in Vallhalla Cemetery, St. Louis, Mo.

·         David Michael Crowley born May 11, 1906 St. Louis, Mo.

·         Helen Crowley born Jan. 19, 1902 at St. Louis, Mo., married to Milton H. Weil Sept. 18th, 1923.  Dave Crowley’s sister.

·         David P. Myers died Oct. 14th, 1902, age 76 yr. 6 mo. at Salem, Ill.

·         Sarah M. Myers died March 28th, 1925 and buried at Salem, Ill

·         William H. Myers died Thursday, April 24th, 1930, dearly beloved husband of Gussie Myers (nee Stapp).  Buried in S.S. Petter and Paul’s Cemetery. (above newspaper notice.)

·         Mrs. Bridget Phelan died Aug. 8th, 1948 grandparents of Rose and Roberta Myers.

·         Edward Phelan, Sr. died Mar. 4th, 1922 grandparent of Rose and Roberta Myers.

·         Florence O. McLain died Feb. 21, 1939 4:30 a.m., wife of John T. McLain, mother of Mrs. S. Daniel Schierbaum and the late John T. McLain, Jr., grandmother of Gerard D. Schierbaum and great-grandmother of Jean M. Schierbaum.  Interment Calvary Cemetery, St. Louis, Mo.  Arthur J. Donnelly Parlors, 3840 Lendill Blvd., St. Louis, Mo. (above newspaper notice pasted in Bible.)





[1] On a slip of paper pasted in the book.

[2] On a slip of paper pasted in the book.

[3] Editor Note Re: Roberta Myers:   Where the birth year was written – now contains a hole where it was crossed out and tried to erase the date.  The same is true of the next entry – Rose Myers.