Submitted by Tavia Pottenger #82 in photocopy form of Bible.

Notarized by Anne S. Young, Notary, Glenn County, Georgia,

Commission expiring April 13, 1930.



Containing the Old and New Testaments.

The World Syndicate Publishing Co., Cleveland….New York.

Made in USA (No publication date)



Taliaferro Alexander Livingston, born August 29, 1824, died April 10, 1895.

Martha Cobb Livingston, born February 12, 1834, died December 11, 1905




·         Mary Fraser Livingston, born Nov. 5, 1854

·         Margaret Fraser Livingston , born Aug. 24, 1856

·         Felix Glenn Livingston, born Feb. 16, 1858

·         Thomas Alfred Livingston, born July 20, 1859

·         Taliaferro Alexander Livingston, born April 25, 1861 (Fraser’s father – added in another hand)

·         John Lee Livingston, born Feb. 21, 1863 (father of Julia Lee Longley – added in her hand writing)

·         George Washington Livingston, born April 1, 1856

·         Martha Elizabeth Livingston, born Oct. 23, 1868

·         Donald Wardlow Livingston, born July 30, 1872

·         Florida Livingston, born Jan. 8, 1876

·         Donald Madison Livingston, born Oct. 17, 1877



On a single page is the following: 

[2]Happy Birthday June 23, 1930

    To Fraser

     From Mother

[1] Editor Note:  the entries look as though they were all made at the same time except the death dates of the parents.  So for an “educated guess” we would estimate entries made between Oct. 17, 1877 and April 10, 1895.  The notations of relationship to “Fraser” and Julia Lee Longley are in a different hand.


[2] This also might be a clue to the age of the Bible – however, the handwriting is not that of the same person who made the birth entries.  Also the bible itself bears the notary seal dated to be expiring April 13th, 1930.