The Bible of Capt. Reuben Gaines started by Edwin Ruthern Gaines,

“Locust Hill,” Culpepper County, Virginia.

In the possession of Mrs. Lucie Gaines Nicholas of Jacksonville, Florida.


The Old Testament translated out of the Original Hebrew, and translations

 diligently compared and revised together with the Apocrypha, done by the special

command of King James I of England.

Philadelphia; Printed and Published by M. Carey, No. 151 Chestnut Street.  1816






·         Reuben Gaines & Lucy Barbour Moore were married 5th day of Augt 1786

·         James A. Gorden & Ann George Gaines were married the 3rd day of March 1814

·         Thom B. Lewis & Catherine Price Gaines were marr the 20th day of December 1815

·         Reuben Barbour Gaines & Ann Lewis were married the 15th day of June 1818

·         James G. Broaddus & Elizabeth S. Gaines were married the 12 day of February 1824

·         Henry Pendleton Gaines & Lucy Randell were married 25 of Sept. 1823

·         John Price Gaines and Frances S. Mason were married the 20 day of September 1821

(Editor’s note:  added in another hand and later date the following:  Henry Pendleton Gaines and Lucy Randle Gaines were the parents of John Pendleton Gaines born 17th July 1824.)

·         James M. Broadus and Ellen Barbour Gaines were married the 24 of November 1831

·         Edwin R. (Ruthern added by another hand) Gaines and Mary Slaughter Jury, daughter of  Reese Jury, were married 20th of November 1834

·         Ambrose Jeffries and Mary James Gaines were married the 7th of December 1837

·         James Burdette and Marinda Gaines were married the 19th October 1843

E. R. Gaines Children

·         Azalon (?) F. Gaines and Mary T. Freeman, daughter of William A. Freeman, were married the 10 of December 1860

·         John M. Gaines son of Edwin R. Gaines married Sue Rench 1871

·         Edwin Lewis Gaines, son of Dr. John M. Gaines, married Ellen Payne Strother Sept. 8, 1899



·         Bernard Moore Gaines was born 5th Day of February 1790

·         Catherine Price Gaines was born 13th Day of August 1792

·         Ann George Gaines was born the 10th day of January 1794

·         Reuben Barbour Gaines was born the 11th Day of September 1795

·         Henry Pendleton Gaines the 8th Day of October 1798

·         John Price Gaines was born the 18th Day of September 1800

·         Thomas Jefferson Gaines was born the 3rd Day of  April 1802

·         Elizabeth Susan Gaines was born the 25th Day of January 1804

(Editor’s note:  added in another hand at a later date: (Henry Pendleton Gaines was the grandfather of Henry Travis Gaines born Gaines Mile, Winston Co., Miss.)  L.N.

·         Marinda Gaines was born the 21 Day of October 1807

·         Mary Janes (?) Gaines was born the 11th Day of October 1809

·         Edwin Ruthern Gaines was born the 27th Day of November 1811

·         Ellen Gaines was born the 25th of April 1814

·         Clarence Linden, son of James M. & Ellen Broadus, was borne Jan. the 24th 1833

·         Mary Martha, daughter of James M. and E. Broadus was born August 17th, 1839

·         Edmund Pendleton, son of James M. and E. Broadus born September 30th ,1836

·         Azalon (?) Frances, son of Edwin R. and Mary T. Gaines, was born October 19th, 1835

·         Mary Edwina, the daughter of E. R. and Mary S. Gaines, was born the 9th day of June 1844

·         James Henry Gaines was born October 5th, 1848

·         Bettie George Gaines was born January 27th, 1851

·         Lucy B. Gaines was born February 18th, 1853

·         Susan M. Gaines, daughter Mary Slaughter & Edwin R. Gaines was born May 20th, 1859

·         Mildred B. Gaines, daughter of Arjalon Frances & Mary F. Gaines, was born October 10th, 1858

·         Mary Slaughter Gaines, wife of Edwin R. Gaines, was born Sept. 8th, 1813

·         George Lee, son of W. & Lucy Crawford was born Aug. 19th, 1878

Lucy B. Gaines

·         John Mutius Gaines, son of Edwin Rutherns & Mary Slaughter Gaines was born in Culpepper Co., Virginia (Locust Hill) September 1st, 1837

·         Edwin Lewis Gaines, son of John Mutius Gaines and Susan Rench was born in Hagerstown, Md., September 30, 1874



·         Mrs. Lucy Barber Gaines departed this life on Sunday Morning October 8th, 1839, Aged 66 the 26th Day on June last.

·         Edmund Pendleton Broaddus (son of James M. & E. B. ) died the 10th day of Nov 1838, Age 2 yrs 1 mo & 9 days

·         Ellen Barbour Broadus (wife of James M. Broadus) departed this life on Saturday night July 13, 1839.

·         Arjalon F. Gaines, the son of Mary S. & Edwin R. Gaines, departed this life on Sunday August 18th, 1861 having contacted the disease while in the service of his country.

·         L. C. Gaines died the 8th of July 1864 in Chimmbango (?) Hospital Richmond of wounds received in a Calvary fight near Ashland the 1st of June the same year.

·         Reuben Gaines, the father of this family the head of our house, departed this life on Friday the 5th of May 1847, Aged 81 years 7 mos. And 14 days….

·         Edwin Ruthern Gaines departed this life 1st January 1876, Aged 60

·         Susan Merinda Gaines, daughter of Edwin Ruthern & Mary Slaughter Gaines, departed this life 1876

·         Mary Slaughter Gaines, wife of Er. R. Gaines, died June 18th, 1887

·         Ellen Ann Holt, daughter of Edwin Ruthern and Mary Slaughter Gaines, departed this life at Montgomery, Alabama.



·         Henry M. Gaines, son of John Price Gaines and Frances his wife, born the 5th Day of  December 1822.

·         Lucy Ann was born the 18 of January 1824

·         John Pendleton Gaines, son of Henry P. Gaines was born 17 of July 1824.

·         Thomas Blusit Gaines was born the 7th of November 1825

·         Jefferson Gaines, son of  John and Frances Gaines, 16 of November 1825; married Catherine Gaines, daughter of Reuben Gaines and Ann Gaines his wife was born 23 of June 1828.

·         Helen M. Gaines was born 1824

·         William -----Gaines was born 21 February 1831

·         Arjalon B. Baines was born 23 of July 1832



·         Bernard M. Gaines died 27 Day of September 1806

·         Ann George Gorden died the 2 Day of August 1818

·         Lucy Ann Lewis died the 6th of June 1821

·         Lucy Randell Gaines, the wife of Henry P. Gaines, died 26 of June 1828

·         Thomas Blusit Gaines, son, died the 8th of July 1826

·         Jefferson Price Gaines died in West Tennessee 26th Day of March 1837, age eleven years four months & ten days.

(Editor’s note:  added in a different hand and later John Pendleton Gaines was the father of Henry Travis Gaines born Jan. 16, 1856)

·         John Matius Gaines, son of Edwin Ruthern & Mary Slaughter Gaines, departed this life at his home North Potomac Hagerstown, Maryland, Saturday March 27th 1915 9:45PM

·         Edwin Lewis Gaines, son of John M. Gaines & Susan Rench Gaines departed this life Jan. 13, 1917

·         Jane Price Wertz, daughter of Jon N. & Susan Rench Gaines, departed this life 10th Aug. 1916

·         Mary Slaughter Gaines, daughter of Jno. M. & Susan Rench Gaines September this life departed.

·         Susan M. Rench Gaines, wife of Mr. Jno. M. Gaines departed this life 1924.