Copied by Mrs. John L. Rogers, Pensacola Chapter DAR, Pensacola, Florida 1977.  This Bible is now in the possession of Mrs. Tim Jordan of Pensacola, Florida.  The original owner of the Bible was the Rev. C. U. Dunning.  Handwritten on the flyleaf is the following, “Rev. and Mrs. C. U. Dunning – Gift from parishoners.”




Philadelphia, 1871

William W. Harding




·         Charles Urbane Dunning and Harriet Frances Batchelder at Wentworth, New Hampshire by Rev. Lewis Howard, Nov. 25, 1858.

·         Edward Livingstone Dunning and Emma C. Atwood, at Concord, N.H. June 17, 1890 by Rev. C. U. Dunning.

·         Edward L. Dunning and Mrs. Anna M. E. French, at Gerracook (or Serracook), N. H.  May 16, 1901 by Rev. C. U. Dunning.

·         Ruth Dunning and Arthur M. Haas, at Winchester, Mass. May 19, 1919 by Rev. Willis P. Odell.

·         Alfred A. Haas and Jane E. Smith at Hasbrouch Hgts., N. J. by Rev. Edgerton on Jan. 18, 1945.


The following information was handwritten on a sheet of paper inserted in the Dunning bible.  The handwriting appeared to be very old and appears to have been inserted due to the fact that the “Marriages” page in the bible was filled.


·         Wm. K. Atwood born Oct. 1, 1830 Skowhegan, Maine

·         Ester T. Moulton born May 10, 1840 Skowhegan, Maine


·         Emma C. Atwood born Sept. 6, 1860

·         Etta M. Atwood Born Aug. 9, 1863

·         Everett M. Atwood born Aug. 28, 1882, Concord, N. H.



·         Etta M. Atwood to Harland B. Cheasby, June 27, 1889 Concord, N.H.

·         Emma C. Atwood to Edward S. Dunning, June 17, 1890

·         Joanna E. McCarty to Everett M. Atwood Nov. 26, 1930 Montfrelier (sic), Vt. (prob. Montpelier – Editor note)

·         Ester K. Atwood  died May 9, 1913, Concord, N.H.

·         Wm. K. Atwood died Oct. 22, 1899


·         Dorothy A. Cleasby  born March 27, 1891, Concord, N. H.

·         Ruth Dunning born Dec. 6, 1891 near Boston

·         Laura Annette Dunning, Enfield, N.H. April 19, 1861.

·         Edward Livingstone Dunning, East Canaan, N.H. Nov. 9, 1862.

·         Charles Henry Dunning, Lawrence, Mass., Dec. 15, 1868.

·         Laura Frances Dunning, Great Falls, N.H. Jan. 17, 1870.



·         Charles Urbane Dunning, Ithaca, N.Y. July 31, 1829

·         Harriet Frances Batchelder, Chichester, N.H.  May 18, 1840.



·         Ruth Dunning, Somerville, Mass., Dec. 6, 1891.

·         Alfred Arthur Haas, New York City, May 23, 1920

·         Carol Jane Haas, Oceanside, Calif., (Omitted, possible living)

·         Sue Ellen Haas, Exeter, N.H., (Omitted, possibly living )

·         Dale Eileen Haas, Exeter, N.H., (Omitted, possibly living)

·         Linda Ruth Haas, Greenville, S.C., (Omitted, possibly living).

·         Michael Arthur Warren Haas, Molino, Fla. (Omitted, possible living).



Laura Annette Dunning, Lawrence, Mass., Aug. 2nd, 1868.

Laura Frances Dunning, Franklin Falls, N.H. August 26, 1899.

Emma Atwood Dunning, Somerville, Mass., Dec. 5th, 1893

Ruth Dunning Haas, Pensacola, Fla., July 10, 1965.



The original copy of the following letter is also in the poasession of Mrs. Tim Jordan Pensacola, Florida.


Behtany Commandery, No. 17, K.T.

Lawrence, Mass.

Charles H. Littlefield, Recorder

Room 820, Bay State Recorder’s Office December 17, 1921

Mrs. Charles H. Dunning


Dear Sir,

I have your letter of December 13th in relation to your father’s membership in our Commandery.  He became a member of this Commandery July 28, 1868, and our record says he died July 8, 1905.  He was Prelate of the Commandery from 1873 to 1877 and from 1881 to 1885.  I am told that he belonged to a lodge and chapter, probably at Epping, N.H.  He did not join those bodies here, though he acted as Chaplain here some of the time.  I remember him in the Lodge here, but I did not belong to the Chapter or Commandery until after his death.

                                                                                                                Very truly yours,

                                                                                                                Charles H. Littlefield, Recorder