Found in a junk shop by Preston M. Smith, Box #2, Omena, Mich. 49674.

Bible record copied but when returned to purchase book it was gone.

Contributed by Mrs. Dorothy Boyer of Pinellas Park, Fla.


Hitchcockís New and Complete Analysis of the Holy Bible,

New York, 1871, Published by A. J. Johnson



         Lizzie Dix born, Jan. 16th ,1842 at Scio, Mich.

         Cynthia Maria Dix, born May 7th, 1844 at Dentes, Mich.

         Jane Elizabeth Dix, born April 6th, 1846

         Alice Jane Dix, born July 29th ,1848

         Dallas Dix, born July 29th, 1848 at Scio, Mich.

         Herbert Addis Dix, born Jan. 14th, 1859 town of Scio

         Charlie Hooker Crane, born Dec. 28, 1863 Dentes, Mich.

         George Crane, born Dec. 28th, 1865

         Stephen Crane, born Dec. 28th, 1865 Dentes, Mich.

         Lottie Altana Sage, born March 10th, 1875 Ann Arbor

         James Royal Sage, born June 22nd, 1876 Ann Arbor

         Baby boy, born August 26th, 1878 Ann Arbor

         Karl Tim Sage, born August 30, 1882 Ann Arbor



         Horatio N. Dix & Lola H. Palmer married Dec. 31st., 1840 at Scio, Mich. By the Rev. G. Walker.

         Isreal Dutcher & Cynthia M. Dix married Aug. 20th, 1862 at Howell, Mich. By Rev. Mr. Dean.

         A. D. Crane & Mrs. L. H. Dix, Feb. 8th, 1863 at Dexter Mich. By the Rev. D. C. Jacokes

         Martin L. VanBuren & Mrs. C. M. Dutcher, March 4th, 1864 at Dexter, Mich. By Rev. N. Eastwood

         Henry Harmon and Alice J. Dix, Jan. 1st, 1868 at Lansing, Mich. By Rev. J. C. Ferris

         James R. Sage & Lizzie Dix, Sept. 2nd , 1873 at Dexter, Mich. By Rev. H. L. Bower

         James Royal Sage, Jr. & Maude M. Stebbins, Sept. 24th, 1901 at Ann Arbor, Mich. By Rev. Henry Totlock.



         Jane Elizabeth Dix died September 3rd, 1847 aged 2 years 5 months,Scio

         Dallas Dix died May 3rd 1849 aged 9 months & 23 daysScio, Mich.

         Isreal Dutcher died Dec. 28th, 1969 aged ___

         Alexander Dallas Crane died August 14th, 1893 at Dexter, Mich.

         Lola Harris Crane died March 19th, 1895 at Ann Arbor, Mich.

         Infant son died Sept. 17th, 1878 Ann Arbor, Mich.

         Lottie Altana Sage died May 21st, 1888 Ann Arbor, Mich.

         James Royal Sage died Jan 9th, 1913 at Ann Arbor, Mich aged 91 yrs

         James Royal Sage, Jr. June 12, 1936 at Ann Arbor, Mich. Aged 59 years 11 mo. 21 days