Submitted by Dorothy M. Boyer.

  These were given to her by Mrs. Ernest (Norma Taylor) McGuire of Lake Wales.



Masonic bible originally owned by William Otto Franklin Cummings and his wife Mary Eugenia Coe Heyward (Cummings).  Now in the possession of Eleanor Eugenia Cummings Woodard of St. Petersburg.  Both original owners dropped the first of their given names and are recorded in this Bible by the names they used during their adult life.


The Holy Bible Alphabetical Indexed Bible containing the Old and New Testaments (Authorized or King James Version) translated out of the original tongues and with all former translations diligently compared and revised to which are added Many Unique Features of the Bible……...Red Letter Edition….Published by The John A. Hertel Co., Chicago.






Grandfather (father’s side)  Christian Isaiah Cummings May 19, 1859June 28, 1917

Grandmother (father’s side)  Lillie Leaphart Cummings May 15, 1865Mar. 27, 1952

Grandfather (mother’s side)  Thomas Rhett Heyward  Jul 1, 1854Nov. 18, 1932

Grandmother (mother’s side)  Eugenia Coe Heyward Jan. 19, 1856Nov. 5, 1925



Married June 9, 1910, Beaufort, S.C.

Husband: Otto Franklyn Cummings born Aug. 13, 1890, Greenwood, S.C., died Feb. 19, 1951, Gainesville, Fla.

Wife: Eugenia Coe Heyward born March 4, 1890, Bluffton, S.C.


Children’s Register:

·         Otto Franklyn Cummings, Jr., born Jan. 31, 1912, Beaufort, S.C., died Jul 5, 1975, Camden, Ark.  Married 10/27/46, Hawthorne, Fla. Alyce Sherouse

·         Theodore Hay Cummings, born Jul, 30, 1913, Beaufort, S.C., married 1/14/34, McClenny, Fla.  Eleanor Bryant

·         Eugene Heyward Cummings, born Feb. 26, 1919, Beaufort, S.C., married 6/4/54, Archer, Fla.  Etta Bowen of Morrell, Maine


Grand-Children’s Register:

·         Sharon Francis Cummings, daughter of Otto Cummings & Alice Sherouse, born (living?), Camden, Ark.

·         Elizabeth Kay Cummings, daughter of Otto F. Cummings and Alice Sherouse, born (living?),  Camden, Ark.

·         Eleanor Eugenia Cummings, daughter of Theodore Hay Cummings & Eleanor Bryant, born (living?), Georgetown, S.C., married 7 Aug. 1964, Gainesville, Fla.  Joseph Lamar Woodard

·         Barbara Carolyn Cummings, daughter of Theodore Hay Cummings & Eleanor Bryant, born (living?), Georgetown, S.C., married 17 July 1965, Gainesville, Fla. to Craig Sims Kitchens.