This Bible was turned into the Pinellas Park, Florida Public Library

 and is now in the possession of one of the staff, Miss Jerry Jerusha.


The Holy Bible, containing Old and New Testaments: translated out of the original tongues; and with the former translations diligently compared and revised, by his Majesty’s special command.   Appointed to be read in churches.  Oxford:  Printed at the University Press, instituted in London in the Year 1804.  Sold to Subscribers at the Society’s House, Earl Street, Blackfriars, London.  MDCCCLXIX (1869)





·         John Cook, Esq. Was born Nobember 28th, 1791

·         Catherine Cook, wife of John Cook, was born 18th January 1795 formerly Hess

Were married December 26th 1811


·         John Cook, Esq., died November 8th 1877

·         Catherine Cook died October 1st, 1878

·         George Harvey Cook died September 11th, 1877

·         John Hamilton Cook died June 4th, 1826

·         Caroline Matilda Cook died January 3rd, 1834


Second Page:

·         George H. Cook was born November 22nd, 1812

·         William A Cook was born March 30th, 1816

·         Abraham L. Cook was born February 5th, 1818

·         John H. Cook was born July 12th, 1820

·         Jacob F. Cook was born October 23rd, 1822

·         Maria J. Cook was born August 15th, 1825

·         Catherine E. Cook was born April 18th, 1828

·         Caroline M. Cook was born April 17th, 1831

·         Sarah A. Cook was born June 7th, 1833

·         Christy A. Cook was born December 3rd, 1840


Third Page:

·         James E. Styles

Christy Ann Styles formerly Cook was born December 3rd 1840

Were married October 12th, 1869


Fourth Page:

James E. Styles died April 9th, 1873