Submitted by Mary Ruth Brookover, #22


Devotional and Practical Polyglot Family Bible:

Containing the Old and New Testaments, together

With the Apocrypha, Concordance, and Psalms in Metre.

A. G. Nettleton & Co., Chicago, Ill and Cincinnati, Ohio 1870




         R. C. Brookover to Ruth E. Fence was married on the 18 day of Apri one thousand Eight hundred and Sixty nine (1869)

         R. C. Brookover Born Apri 3 day A D (1848)

         Ruth E. Pence Born Oct. 28 day A D (1848)



         Charles Brookover Born March 11 day A D 1870

         Edna T. Brookover Born Oct. 18 day A D 1871

         Alfred P. Brookover Born Nov. 19 day A D 1873

         Sallie C. Brookover Born May 20 day A D 1876

         Lattice Brookover Born March 21 day A D 1878

         Joseph C. Brookover Born June 26 day A D 1880

         Robert A. Brookover Born March 27 day A D 1882

         Grover Cleveland Brookover Born Nov. 8 day A D 1884

         Campbell C. Brookover Born Jan. 17 day A D 1889



         Sallie C. Brookover Died Sept. 4 day A D 1877

         Robert C. Brookover Died April 28, 1914

         Ruth Brookover died 19

         Robert A. Brookover Died Jan. 28, 1916

         Charles Brookover Died Mar. 17, 1922

         Joseph B. Brookover Died Mar. 17, 1937

         Grover Cleveland Brookover Died May 1949

         Lattice (changed to) Lottie Brookover Davis Died Oct. 7, 1950