Obituary of John Byrne Jan. 16, 1929 from the Sutton, West Virginia paper.


John Byrne Dies at Ripe Age

John Byrne, one of Braxton County’s most prominent and widely known citizens, died at the home of his son, Robert Byrne in South Sutton, Wednesday morning after a short illness of influenza and complications.  Mr. Byrne was a member of a pioneer family of this section.  His great-grandfather, Peyton Byrne, was one of the early settlers on Salt Lick Creek and served a term as Sheriff of Lewis County of which that territory was then part.  He died in 1824.  His grandfather John B. Byrne whose wife was Ann Haymond, was one of the leading citizens of his day.  One of his sons, Benjamin W. Byrne represented the delegate district of which Braxton was part in the legislature of Virginia, and was one of the early superintendents of free schools of the state of West Virginia.  A daughter of John B. Byrne, Mary A. was the wife of the late Judge homer A. Holt.  His father, John P. Byrne who died in 1860, served as clerk of the county court and held other official positions.  His mother was Sabina C. Sterrett.  He was a brother of the late Mrs. J. M. Boggs, and the late Andrew Byrnes, who died here about 47 years ago.  Two sisters, Amelia and Effie, died in infancy.  He was a half brother of Rebecca, first wife of J. T. Frame; Charles Y. Byrne, deceased, who served many years as clerk of circuit court and Peyton Byrne of Washington, who, in the ‘80’s represented this country in the house of delegates.  Mr. Byrne was born in this country February 9, 1848.  In his young manhood he became extensively engaged in the timber business, dealing for many years almost exclusively in walnut, which he sold in Charleston.  He probably handled more walnut timber than any man in this section of this state, and at present prices it would be worth fabulous sums.  For many years he conducted a general store in Sutton and was one of the prominent merchants of the central part of the state.  In 1876 he was elected sheriff of Braxton County.  Although he was always an ardent and active Democrat and prominent in the councils of the party, the sheriffalty was the only political elective office he ever sought or held.  His wife was Frances Catherine Squires, daughter of Norman B. and Ruhama Squires.  They were the parents of thirteen children, namely: Sabina C., deceased, who was the wife of the late Joel S. Berry; Norman, of Bergoo; Ella wife of Dr. M. T. Morrison, of Sutton; John P., of Sutton; Guy, deceased; Charles M., of Sutton; Russell, deceased; Mamie, who married the late John Newton, of Sutton; Robert, of Sutton; Hugh, deceased; Ethel, wife of N. H. Davidson, of Clarksburg; George Cobie, of Gassaway, and Clarence of Sebring, Ohio.  Mrs. Byrne died in May 1927.  Mr. Byrne was one of the most congenial and companionable of men, and being widely informed and good conversationalists, it was always a real pleasure for his friends to meet and converse with him.  Until a week or two before his death he was going about as usual, his mind was as bright and active as ever, and we know of no aged person who enjoyed life and the fellowship of his friends more thoroughly.  With his passing has gone one of Sutton’s best known landmarks, one of her most familiar and beloved figures.   We’ll all miss him, but we’ll not soon forget him.  Funeral services, in charge of Rev. H. R. Poole, pastor of the Sutton Presbyterian Church, will be held at the Byrne family residence in South Sutton Friday morning at 10 o’clock.  Interment will be made in the Sterrett Cemetery.



Obituary of Mrs. Frances C. Byrne

 dated 26 September 1927


Mrs. Frances Catherine Byrne, who was stricken with paralysis about four weeks ago, died at her home in South Sutton Sunday morning, September 6.  Mrs. Byrne was a member of one of the pioneer families of the county and practically all her days had been spent in Sutton, where she lived a helpful and exemplary life, and was loved and respected by our people.  Her physical afflictions had been few, and the stroke which ended her work on earth came without warning as she was entering her home, after a visit to her garden, on the afternoon of September 2.

Mrs. Byrne was born October 17, 1858.  She was the daughter of Norman B. and Ruhama Mollohan Squires.  Her father was one of the first superintendents of schools in this county and later was clerk of the circuit court for two or three terms.  For many years he was proprietor of the old Squires House, then the leading hostlery in Sutton.  Fifty-three years ago the 19th of this month occurred the marriage of Mrs. Byrnes, then not quite fifteen years of age, but possessed of wisdom and womanly qualities not usually found in one of such tender years.  She became the mother of fourteen children, viz: Mrs. Sabina C. Berry, whose death occurred last year; Norman of Curtin; Mrs. Ella Morrison, of Sutton; John P. of Sutton; Guy, who died in infancy; Russell, who died in infancy; Charles M., of Sutton; Andrew, deceased; Mrs. John Newlon, of Sutton; Robert of Sutton; Hugh, deceased; Mrs. Ethel Davidson of Clarksburg; Coble, of Gassaway, and Clarence, of Sebring, Ohio….

Mrs. Byrne is survived by her aged husband, the well-known John Byrne and nine children, above named, who have the sympathy of the community in their great loss.

Funeral services, conducted by her pastor, Dr. S. K. Arbuthnot, of the First Methodist Episcopal Church, were held at the Byrne residence Tuesday at 11 a.m…..Interment was made in the Sterrett Cemetery.




Data hand written on loose sheets of paper in family book.


·         John P. Byrne was born on the 6th day of July in the year of our Lord 1817

·         Sabina C. Byrne, wife of said John P. Byrne, was born on the 10th day of January 1831; died August 29th 1853

·         Margaret Ann Byrne, daughter of John P. Byrne and Sabina C. Byrne, was born on the 19th day of June, in the year 1846

·         John Byrne, son of same, was born on the 9th day of February, in the year 1848

·         Andrew Byrne, son of same, was born on the 17th day of May, in the year 1849

·         William Hanson Byrn, son of John and Ann Byrn was born January the 10th, 1816

·         Rowena Haymond Byrn, daughter of the same, was born December the 19th, 1818

·         Benjamin W. Byrn was born May the 16th, 1820

·         Marcellus Byrne was born November the 30th, 1821

·         Amelia Byrne, daughter of same was born on the 26th day of December in the year 1850

·         Effie Jay Byrne, daughter of same, was born on the 16th day of May 1852; died August 1852.  Bececca B

·         Rebeca Byrne, daughter of John P. and Jane his wife, was born June 19th, 1855

·         Charles Byrnes, son of same, was born August 16th, 1857

·         Amelia Byrnes, daughter of John P. and Sabina C. Byrne, died the 12th day of June 1851 in the sixth month of her age.

·         Effie J. Byrne, daughter of same, died on the ----day of August 1852, being about three months old.

·         Thomas M. Byrne was born Oct. 17th, 1823

·         Sarah Elizabeth Byrne was born May the 7th, 1830

·         Maria Byrne was born July 5th, 1832

·         Mary Ann Byrne was born April 11, 1835

·         Miranda Byrne, son of John and Ann Byrne, departed this life May 20th 1846, aged 18 years, 5 months and 16 days.

·         Thaddeus Byrne died October 31, 1857

·         Sabina C. Byrne, wife of John P. Byrne died on the 29th day of August 1853 in the 23rd year of her age.

·         John P. Byrne departed this life February 2, 1860 in the 43d year of his life.