GSOC Publications
The GSOC publications listed below are all out of print, but are available as searchable PDF files on the GSOC Publications Disk (see below).
Volume I,
Cemeteries of Okaloosa County, Florida

24 cemeteries east of the Yellow River & north of the Shoal River
Volume II,
Cemeteries of Okaloosa County, Florida

26 cemeteries north and west of the Yellow River
Volume III,
Cemeteries of Okaloosa County, Florida

11 cemeteries south of the Shoal River
Funeral Records of Okaloosa County
Records from McLaughlin Funeral Home, Crestview, FL, from 1927 - 1984. Over 11,000 entries. Includes the names of the deceased and, when given, the names of parents. Deceased are listed alphabetically. Parents' names are indexed.
Santa Rosa County Marriages, 1869-1906
Over 7,000 names with every-name index, 123 pages
Walton County Marriages, 1885-1915
Over 10,000 names with every-name index, 165 pages

The GSOC Publications Disk
$17.00 (shipping included)

This compact disk (CD) contains:
     Cemeteries of Okaloosa County, Volumes I, II, and III
     Funeral Records of Okaloosa County
     Santa Rosa County Marriages 1869-1906, and
     Walton County Marriages, 1885-1915

     These PDF documents are all searchable

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