The Members of Martin County Genealogical Society (MCGS)
are Researching the following Surnames.  (Updated 3 November 2017)
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Surname Location Time Period Researcher
Addison FL 1829-1898 D2
Alexander Bourbon, KY 180-1880 B3
Anderson IN, IL 1830s M1
Allen Norfolk Co., MA 1700s E2
Allen Franklin Co., MA 1800s E2
Allen Lynn, MA 1679 B1
Allen prob. NJ 1706-1776 D2
Andersen Denmark/NY 1739- G2
Andros Germany 1800s B1
Arms MA 1600s-1700s E2
Atherton England, MA 1600s B1
Auten x 1840 D2
Ayotte Quebec, Canada 1600-1900 B5
Averill Cape Porpoise, York, ME x K1
Babin Port Royal, Nova Scotia, Quebec 1600-1800 B5
Baker England, Barnstable County, MA 1600s-1700s E2
Baker GA 1801-1868 D2
Baldwin Middlesex Co., MA 1600-1800s P1
Barnard Worcester Co., MA 1700s-1800s E2
Barnes Barnstable County, MA 1800s E2
Barton York, ME, Essex Co., MA 1600s-1700s E2
Bateman Germany/NY 1697-1726 G2
Beesley England, IA 1800s B2
Belding/Belden Hampshire Co., MA 1700s-1800s E2
Benedict VT 1800s W1
Brown Bath, Sagadahoc, ME 1915-1964 K1
Brown Arundel, York, ME 1785-1815 K1
Bills CT, Monroe Co., NY 1700s-1800s E2
Bird Dorchester, MA 1675 B1
Bischoff Mt. Joy, Lancaster, PA 1737-1783 B4
Bishop CT, VT, IN 1700s-1800s B2
Bixby VT 1800s W1
Black Hancock Co., ME 1700s P1
Black Danville, Vermilion, IL 1860-1916 P2
Blawkwood Marion, Washington, ME x K1
Blaufuss Alsace-Lorraine/Germany 1890 K2
Bloom Chicago, Cook, IL 1900s B2
Boleyn England/Ireland 1559/1670 G2
Bolt Greene, Chenango, NY 1800-1900 B3
Bois France, Nova Scotia, Canada 1600-1700 B5
Bourg France, Nova Scotia, Canada 1600s B5
Boyce Ireland, NY 1800s G2
Boynton Essex Co., MA 1600-1700s P1
Bradley Dorchester, MA 1600s-present B1
Bradley Norfolk Co., MA 1600s-1700s B1
Bradley Berkshire Co., MA 1800s-1900s B1
Brasseau Nova Scotia, Canada 1700s B5
Brett/Bratt/Brault Albany, NY 1696-1778 G2
Briggs Plymouth County, MA 1700s E2
Briggs MA 1600s B1
Brooks MA, N.E., 1800's M2
Brooks ME, MA 1790s-present B1
Brown Clay Co., IN, IL 1800s+ M1
Brown Clay Co., IN, IL 1890s - present M1
Brunner Switzerland 1780s=1800s G2
Burnside Scotland/Ireland/NY 1679-1863 G2
Burt England, MA 1600s-1700s E2
Burt Bristol County, MA 1600s-1700s E2
Cain Ireland, NY 1800s G2
Campbell VT 1800s W1
Carison Chicago, Cook, IL 1870-1990 P2
Carlton Kennebec Co., MA 1700s-1800s E2
Carpenter MA 1800s B1
Carr Androscoggin Co., ME 1800s E2
Chandler NH 1800s E2
Chase England, Barnstable County, MA 1600s-1700s E2
Christian AL/FL 1826-1972 D2
Church CT 1700s-1800s B1
Clarke MA 1600s E2
Cockson England 1525-1555 D2
Collins Cork, Ireland, MA 1830-present B1
Coote England/Ireland 1550-1720 G2
Coste Port Royal, Nova Scotia, Quebec 1600-1700 B5
Cox Middlesex Co., MA 1700s-1800s E2
Cox Franklin Co., MA 1800s E2
Craig Ireland/NJ 1702-1800 D2
Crocker Barnstable County, MA 1600s-1700s E2
Crocker Plymouth County, MA 1780s-present E2
Crocker Franklin Co., MA 1800s E2
Crowningshield Leipzig, Germany, MA, NH 1600s-1700s B1
Crowningshield Suffolk Co., MA 1700s B1
Crowningshield Cheshire Co., NH 1700-1900s B1
Cuffe Cork, Ireland 1585-1720 G2
Cunningham Pittsburg, PA 1770-1820 S1
Cunningham Louisville, KY 1840-1930 S1
Cunningham Jeffersonville, IN 1880 S1
D'Aussy France 1500s B5
Davis Marion, MO 1770-1890 B3
Day MA 1670-1700s B1
Dick Quebec, Canada 1700-1900 B5
Dillingham Barnstable County, MA 1600s-1700s E2
Doerr Alsace-Lorraine/Germany 1890 K2
Dorsey Ireland 1800s B2
Downing IL 1849-1872 S6
Downing Nova Scotia, Canada x K1
Dube New Brunswick, Canada 1600-1900 B5
Dugas (Mi'kmaq?) Acadia, Canada 1700s B5
Dumont France, Nova Scotia, Canada 1500+ B5
Durkee VT 1800s W1
Edson CT 1700s B1
Eldridge Barnstable County, MA 1600s to present E2
Eldridge Plymouth County, MA 1800s E2
Evans x 1640 B1
Evered Devon, England 1594-1698 D2
Fales ME, MN, LA, SD, IL 1800s-1900s B2
Falkenborough IN to NC 1709-1800 D2
Farmer Middlesex Co., MA 1600s P1
Farmer Mt. Vistory, Pulaski, KY 1800-present B4
Farrand Eng., MA 1770s-present B1
Faulk IN 1710- D2
Flanagan VT 1800s W1
Flanders VT 1800s W1
Fletcher Troy, NY 1800s-1900s B1
Follett MA 1600s B1
Foster VT, RI 1700s B2
Fuller MA 1690-1700s B1
Fulmer ME, WI 1700s E2
Gamache Quebec, Canada x K1
Gardner NJ x M1
Garrett Chester Co., PA 1650-present S2
Gaudet France, Nova Scotia, Canada 150-1600 B5
Gauterot France, Nova Scotia, Canada 1600s B5
Gauthier Quebec, Canada 1600-1800 B5
Geary England 1717-1739 G2
Girouard Quebec, Canada, US 1800-1900 B5
Goldthorpe Eng., MA 1790-1877 B1
Gooch ME, MA 1670-1700s B1
Gould MA 1700s E2
Gray Pittsburg, PA 1800s-1960s G1
Haas Naperville, DuPage, IL 1859-1943 P2
Hafner Peoria, IL 1700-present S3
Hall CT 1700s B2
Hanchett MA 1600s B1
Handing Arundel, York, ME x K1
Hansen Denmark/NY 1765-1816 G2
Harding MA 1684 B1
Harmon Cumberland County, ME 1780s-present E2
Harper Hancock Co., ME 1700-1800s P1
Harrington Plymouth County, MA 1800s E2
Harrington RI, VT, NY 1700s-1800s B2
Hatch Barnstable County, MA 1700s B1
Hathaway Cannonsville, Delaware, NY 1750-1990 B3
Hathaway Bristol County, MA 1600s-1700s E2
Hawes England, MA 1635-1700s B1
Hayden MA 1770-1800s B1
Hebert Nova Scotia, Quebec, Canada 1600-1700 B5
Henry Bourbon, KY 1750-1835 B3
Hibbard Windham Co., CT 1770s E2
Hicks Newport Co., RI 1600s-1700s E2
Hinckley Barnstable County, MA 1700s E2
Holden VT 1800s W1
Holm Denmark 1769-1829 G2
Holman England, Essex Co., MA 1600s-1700s E2
Holman Worcester Co., MA 1700s E2
Holman Oxford Co., ME 1800s E2
Holman Kennebec Co., MA 1800s E2
Holmes England/MA/NY/NC 1525-1865 D2
Holton England, CT, MA 1600s-1700s E2
Hoolhurst Holland, NV, IL 1800s-1900s B2
Howard Chesterfield, Hinsdale, NH 1800s B1
Hubbard Chesterfield, NH 1800s B1
Huben Germany, NY, MA 1820-present B1
Huber Lancaster, PA 1890s K2
Hucker Norfolk Co., MA 1600s E2
Hudson England/NY/Canada 1690-1796 G2
Huff Arundel, York, ME x K1
Humphrey Plymouth County, MA 1770s E2
Humphrey x 1676 B1
Hurt Richmond, VA 1750-1900 F1
Idzikowski Poland, 1800s-1900s B2
Idzikowski/Bloom Chicago, Cook, IL 1800s-1900s B2
Jacobson Denmark 1716- G2
Jensen Denmark/NY 1841-1936 G2
Jinkens Dearborn Co., Franklin Co., IN 1800s M1
Johnson Johnson County, NJ 1800-present M1
Johnson Wayne County, IL 1860-1940 M1
Johnson Indianapolis, IN 1900s M1
Johnson Neosho County, MO 1900s M1
Joncas Quebec, Canada 1860-1900s P1
Kaeffer Hilsenheim, Alsace, France 1820-1890 P2
Kegel Philadelphia, PA & /Atlantic City, NJ 1900s K2
Kalley Middlesex Co., ME 1700s P1
Kelley Hancock Co., ME 1800s P1
Kelley Barnstable County, MA 1700s E2
Kennedy Wilkes-Barre, PA & England 1890s K2
Kent Warrensville, Cuyahoga, OH 1800-1865 B3
Kerivan MA, Canada, Ireland <1820 M2
Kerivan Ireland, MA 1800-present B1
Kerns NC 1799-present D2
Kessler Pittsburg, PA x G1
Keziah Ireland/NC 1776-1880 D2
King RI 1700s B2
Kinney MA 1850s-present B1
Klever Exira, Audubon, IO USA/Germany B3
Kline Germany 1800s-1900s B1
Koefold Denmark 1778-1911 G2
Knapp Oxford Co., ME 1700s E2
Knittle IA, IL 1800s-1900s B2
Labret dit St. Arnaud Kamouraska, Quebec 1800s B5
Lamb VT 1800s W1
Lambert (Mi'kmaq) Canada 1600s B5
Lamoureaux Quebec, Canada 1700-1800s P1
Landry Nova Scotia, Canada, MD 1700s B5
Lane MA 1640s-1800s B1
Lansing Albany, NYC, NY 1800s B1
Lazarides Long Branch, NJ; Thessalia, Greece 1890s - present M1
Lebel New Brunswick, Canada 1800s B5
Lebel Quebec, Canada 1600s-1700s P1
Leblanc Canada 1700s B5
LeBreton Quebec, Canada 1700-1800s P1
Ledwell NC 1831-1938 D2
Leinhardt Germany, IL 1800s-1900s B2
Lejeune France, Canada 1500-1600 B5
Leuba Lexington, KY; France 1800-1870 S1
Levesque Quebec, Canada 1600-1800 P1
Levesque Lewiston, Androscoggin Co., ME 1800-1900s P1
Levy E. Posen, Germany 1850-1880 P2
Lewin Willow Springs, Cook, IL 1876-1880 P2
Lindsey Scotland/Ireland 1694-1777 G2
Little Grafton Co., NH 1800s E2
Little Coos Co., NH 1800s E2
Locher Switzerland 1800s G2
Lockwood Monroe Co., NY 1700s-1800s E2
Longshore Chester Co., PA 1650-present S2
Love VT 1800s W1
Luckey AL, GA, FL 1823-1933 D2
Lurvey Hancock Co., ME 1850s P1
Lurvey Essex Co., MA 1700s P1
Lyons Ireland, CT, NJ, NY 1784-1920 G2
MacGreal Brazoria, Brazoria, TX 1842-1910 P2
Manson Scotland, VT, NY 1800s-1900 W1
Manwell VT 1800s W1
Marchand France, Canada 1500-1600 B5
Marquis New Brunswick, Canada 1800s B5
Marselis Albany, NY 1670-1734 G2
Masterson AR, OK 1830s to present S6
Mather England, CT, NH, MA, NJ 1500s-1900s B1
McDuff Quebec, Canada 1930-1900 P1
McDuff Lewiston, Androscoggin Co., ME 1880-1900 P1
McKnight Mecklenberg Co., NC 1790-1850 D2
Mercier France, Nova Scotia, Canada 1500-1700 B5
Messier Quebec, Canada 1840-1880 P1
Messier Brunswick, Cumberland, ME 1900s P1
Mills NY 1668-1710 D2
Miskell Ireland, CT, NJ, NY 1795-1937 G2
Molyneux Ireland `670 G2
Monroe Middlesex Co., MA 1700s P1
Munson CT, VT, IN 1700s-1800s B2
Murphy Ireland, CT, NJ, NY 1801-1934 G2
Myers Peoria, IL 1700-present S3
Nash Hampshire Co., MA 1600s E2
Newcomen Ireland 1560-1610 G2
Nickerson Barnstable County, MA 1600s-1700s E2
Novak Poland, IL 1800s-1900s B2
Nye Barnstable County, MA 1600s E2
Nye Bristol County, MA 1700s-1800s E2
Ober Hancock Co., ME 1700-1800s P1
Ober Essex Co., MA 1600-1700s P1
O'Killia/O'Killey Ireland, Barnstable Co., MA 1600s E2
O'Leary Ireland, MA 1860-1900 B1
Ostrom Sand Lake, Rensalear, NY 1830-1875 P2
Ouellet Quebec, Canada 1600-1700s P1
Overly AR, OK 1840-1920 S6
Paradis Quebec, Canada 1800-1900 B5
Payne England 1558-1649 D2
Pederson Norway 1890s - present K2
Pelling Lisle, DuPage, IL 1840-1950 P2
Pepin Quebec, Canada 1800s B5
Perry England, Barnstable County, MA 1600s E2
Peterson Chicago, Cook, IL 1870-1990 P2
Peterson IL, AR, OK 1840-present S6
Pettigrew VT 1700s-1800s W1
Pettigrew Norfolk Co., MA 1600s-1700s B1
Phillips Berkshire Co., MA 1800s B1
Phillips Center Co., PA, Lexington, KY 1800-1870 S1
Pierce Campbell, Clairborne Co., KY 1800-present B4
Poitou France 1500-1600 B5
Potter MA 1800s B1
Potter Washington Co., RI 1700s E2
Potter New London Co., CT 1700s E2
Potter MA, MO, IL, MN 1800s-1900s B2
Preney/Prenier Bath, Sagadahoc, ME x K1
Prescott Germany, IL 1800s-1900s B2
Pressley NC 1842-1903 D2
Quinn Ireland 1790 G2
Rahn Hampshire Co., MA 1800s E2
Ramsdell Gray, Cumberland, MA x K1
Ranger MA 1600s-1700s E2
Rasmusdatter Denmark 1776 G2
Read Germany, Boston 1644-present B1
Rechenmacher Naperville, DuPage, IL 1830-1921 P2
Restfk Serbia/Slovakia 1800-1990 F1
Redding Lynn, Essex, MA x K1
Robbins Granville, Nova Scotia, Canada 1800s P1
Robichaud Canada 1800-1900 B5
Robinson Hancock Co., ME 1800s P1
Robinson Worcester Co., MA 1700s E2
Rood Maryland 1815 S1
Rosse Plymouth, England 1590 D2
Rowe GA/FL 1816-1863 D2
Rutledge Richmond, VA 1750-1900 F1
Samarceja Serbia/Slovakia 1800-1990 F1
Samuels Peoria, IL 1700-present S3
Sandlin VT, MN 1800s B2
Sargent Plymouth County, MA 1800s E2
Savary CT, OH, IN, NY 1700s-1800s B2
Savoie Nova Scotia, Canada 1700s B5
Schmidt Switzerland 1790-1933 G2
Scoles OH, IL 1800s-present S6
Scranton Bristol County, MA 1700s E2
Sellers RI, MA 1600s-1700s E2
Shafer TN, OK 1877-1955 S6
Sheffield TX 1826-1870 D2
Sherman Ireland, MN 1800s-1900s B2
Sherwin RI, NY, VT 1700s-1800s B2
Skillings Gray, Cumberland, MA x K1
Slater Maine 1700s E2
Slaughter prob. NC 1780 D2
Small England 1830-1901 B1
Smith Barnstable County, MA 1700s E2
Smith Schnectady, Monroe Cos., NY 1900s G2
Snow New London Co., CT 1700s E2
St. George Ireland 1624-1791 G2
St. Jorre dit Sergerie Quebec, Canada, NH 1800-1900 B5
Stanton Eng., MA 1813 to present B1
Stead Middlesex Co., MA 1700s E2
Steiner Switzerland 1780s-1800s G2
Stephens NC 1863-1979 D2
Stewart Scotland/Ireland,Netherlands, US 1550-1759 G2
Stowell Worcester Co., MA 1700s-1800s E2
Stubblefield Kewkee, Lee, VA 1880s B4
Sullivan IL 1800s B2
Summit KY, TN 1800s S6
Sundene Plymouth County, MA 1700s-1800s E2
Surtte Nova Scotia, Canada 1800s B5
Sweeney Amherst, Amherst, VA/Ireland 1700-1850 B3
Swift Barnstable County, MA 1700s E2
Swift Portland, Cumberland, ME 1750-present T1
Tate Whitechapel, Middlesex, England 1500-1750 T1
Tate Rotherhithe, Surrey, England 1500-1750 T1
Tattersall Wilkes-Barre, PA 1890s - present K2
Tate England, MA 1600s-1700s E2
Taylor England/NY/Canada 1679-1863 G2
Thayer Monmouth Co., NJ 1830 - 1900 M1
Theriault Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Can. 1700s B5
Thorne Merrimack Co., NH 1800s E2
Thorsen Denmark 1816-1898 G2
Tifgham PA 1694-1725 D2
Tipsword IL 1800s S6
Tirrell Middlesex Co., MA 1800s E2
Tirrell VT 1800s W1
Todd Essex Co., MA 1600s E2
Tompkins Worcester Co., MA 1700s-1800s E2
Torrey Fayette Co., KY, Franklin IN 1800s M1
Townsend FL 1826-1927 D2
Tracy England, Barnstable County, MA 1600s E2
Trahan Nova Scotia, Massachusetts 1600-1700 B5
Twining MA 1700s B1
VanAlstyne NY 1669-1756 G2
VanHoogherken NY 1663-1709 G2
VanValkrnburgj NY 1708-1745 G2
Van Wie Albany Co., NY 1800s G2
Walcott England 1600s B1
Wales Essex Co., MA 1600s-1700s E2
Waters/Watters Baltimore, Montgomery, MD 1700-1850 B3
Watterson Beaver, Beaver, PA 1800-1965 B3
Webber Litchfield, Kennebec, ME x K1
Weed CT 1700s E2
Wentworth England 1594-1646 D2
Wheeler Monmouth Co., NJ 1830s M1
White IN, IL 1830s M1
Williams FL 1832-1887 D2
Wilson CT 1600s E2
Winche England, Barnstable County, MA 1600s-1700s E2
Wing VT 1778-present W1
Winslow VT 1800s B1
Winslow Guxhagen, Germany, MA, NH 1700s-1900s B1
Wolfram Chesire Co., NH 1775-1800s B1
Wright England 1500s-1600s B1
Wright Hampshire Co., MA 1600s B1
Wright Franklin Co., MA 1700s B1
Wright NC, IN, MN, IL 1800s-1900s B2
Yokley KY, IN 1820s+ M1
Yokum All All M1