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Liberty County, Florida

Liberty County was created as the 32nd county on December 15, 1855, from lands contained within the Forbes Grant. Liberty County was originally a part of Escambia County. At that time, Florida was divided into two big areas. Everything east of the Suwannee River was St. Johns County. Everything west of the Suwannee River was Escambia County. Later on, it became a part of Jackson County, then a part of Gadsden County. Now, Gadsden County serves as Liberty County's northern boundary. Franklin County as it's southern boundary, the Ochlockonee River as the eastern boundary, and the Apalachicola River as the western. The county seat has variously been know as Ricoe's Bluff, Riddeysville and Bristol. Indian mounds, arrow heads and pieces of clay pottery are scattered throughout the county reminding us that the first settlers were Indians. A lone orange tree, protected by swampy undergrowth, survives in the River Styx vicinity substantiating tales of orange groves which were tended by homesteaders. Huge buggy wheels, old hand saws, and discarded axes scattered through out the county show existence of our founding fathers. Unmarked graves and old abandoned cemeteries are discovered by hunters and explorers. Liberty County is sparsely populated because so much of its area is devoted to forests and wildlife. It is a woodland lover's paradise! More than half of the county is taken up by the Apalachicola National Forest.


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