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Jackson County Courthouse, Marianna, Florida

Jackson County Courthouse - Eternal Flame & oak tree
View of Jackson County Courthouse
from northeast corner..including Eternal Flame
monument (foreground) and old oak tree.
Front entrance of Jackson County Courthouse
View of Jackson County Courthouse
Main entrance from Lafayette Street
Battle of Marianna monument (foreground)

The Volunteers and I try our best to get the information correct on all files.  We succeed most of the time. As with all projects this size there will be mistakes.  Please forgive us as we are only human and we will make mistakes.  Mistakes that I hope will be taken with a smile and a nod by our visitors.  As with all research, a researcher should always go to original records for conformation of data.

Do send constructive advice and corrections !!

Jackson County, Florida
Internet Historical Society Reunion

Pictures Aug 12, 2000 Meeting
Glen Nobles' Driving Tour of Eastern Jackson County, Florida
Pictures from Stephanie McCullough
Rhonda Watson Pictures
Mary Robbins Pictures  

Ely-Criglar Home

Marriage Information

Cemetery Information

Graveyard census-takers document the forgotten
(A story about James Williams and Lon Everett and the surveying of Cemeteries in Holmes, Washington and Jackson Counties Florida.)

Moving the Miles Family Cemetery

Florida Gravestones Database
Part of the FLGenWeb Project
This is a place, for every county in Florida, to input a cemetery Listing from you computer to the internet.
Contribute your records to the database today!

Secrets are buried in the Greenhead Cemetery
Marlene Womack

Wayne N Carpenter of Quincy, FL

Wayne has surveyed many cemeteries in Calhoun Co., Jackson Co., and Gadsden Co FL.  If you have information on a "lost" cemetery in any of these counties please e-mail Wayne and he will check out these "lost" cemeteries.

  Cemetery Search, Jackson Co FL
If you have a problem finding a ancestor in Jackson Co FL check with Denise.
Denise (Kirkland) Smiley
Denise has the database with lots of information not on the internet.

Census Information

You can purchase census records from allcensus.com.
I have purchased CD's from them and they are reasonable and not bad for the money.
James Edenfield

1885 Jackson Co FL Census  

The Census takers were not very careful with the census and many people are not listed as they should be..Use of Ditto Marks were used for Color and they put a W or a B at the top of page and went down. So be careful researchers.  I know there will be many corrections.  I have a web page where I will post all corrections sent to me. census.html  Corrections for any Census for Jackson Co FL willl be posted here.  Sent Dist # and Page # with your corrections.  I post to the corrections page as I get them.  
I made a mistake with the 1880 census districts, all the names are there but the districts 6 to 11 are all together. I was looking at the names and not the top of the pages, I learn as I go.      Thanks everyone....  Betty

Family History and Genealogies

General Information Links
Accommodations in Jackson County, Florida  - Hotels, Inns, Motels, and Camping
Marianna, Jackson Co FL Things to Do and See in Jackson County  
Chamber of Commerce, Marianna   Marianna/Chipley Lake Seminole and Jim Woodruff Lock and Dam
Graceville, Jackson Co FL Hinson House  
Graceville, Chamber of Commerce Go to Genealogy Fun Page      
Marianna, Radio Station Panhandle of Florida
Jackson County Sheriff Office Tri-State Chapter of SAR, Dothan, Houston Co AL
Marianna Now Village Jackson County Floridan Online
Chipley Newspaper Online Jackson County Floridan Obits

Memories of Jackson County, Florida
Memories of Dianne Johnson  by Dianne Killebrew Johnson
SLOAN Family Memories  by Frank Sloan
Why I love Jackson Co FL  by Betty James Smith
A little history of me.  LOL Betty
Your Memories could be here! Send them in.

A unique cookbook/history has been produced by the Chipola Chapter, NSDAR, in order to fund programs for local youth. Recipes from Historic Jackson County features recipes, history and pictures from the 17 counties which were part of Jackson County in 1822. The price is $15. Copies of the book can be obtained from Beverly Williams at McDaniels & Associates, P.C. in Marianna or from Mike Adkins at the Golden Lariat Western Shop at the Grand Ridge exit of I 10. For additional information or to have a copy mailed to you, email Mary Robbins

Sandy Creek Baptist Association

Heritage Book - Jackson County, Florida  
(Click here for more information)

We have extended the deadline for story submission to January 31, 2002!!!!

Meeeting schedule for the remainder of 2001:
August 23, 2001
September 20, 20001
October 18, 2001
November 15, 2001

Note - There will not be a meeting in December; due to the holidays.

All meetings will be at 7:00 P.M. in the Jackson County Commission Meeting Room in Marianna.

The officers are:
Chairman: Gil Roberts
Treasurer: James Maloy
Topical Subject Co-coordinator: Patrick Lawrence
Family Co-coordinators: Janie Ammons, Doris Spurlock
Publicity Co-coordinator: Ann Roberts

Search for Online Documents
Gary Durden of Grand Ridge, FL e-mail garry.durden@dep.state.fl.us
To search click here:

I recently began work with DEP/ State Lands as their DBA. I provide support for their online Internet document retrievel system, that was made available to the public today.

I think it could be a valuable tool for geneolgists. See the description & link below.

Pass this link along, because if this site gets enough hits, more pages will be developed.

You will see my DEP e-mail address at the bottom of the Contact Us page. Feel free to contact me at that address if you have suggestions or comments. garry.durden@dep.state.fl.us

The Introduction

This is the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), Division of State Lands, Board of Trustees Land Document System. Here, we have collected data and electronic images for millions of active and historical documents maintained by the Division of State Lands.

This site has a simple search engine, allowing you to specify basic information about the document for which you are looking. Then, all documents matching the information you provide will be listed. From the list, you may "drill down" to get detailed data about a document, and even view the document in GIF format. You may also download TIFF and PDF version of the document images.

Books and Research Locations
(For these and other books about Middle Florida Counties click here --
includes Libraries locations)

The Tables and Links below are in the process of being changed and merged. One can only take so much of this good stuff at one time...

General Information

1850 Jackson County Mortality Schedule 1860 Jackson County Mortality Schedule 1870 Jackson County Mortality Schedule
His participation in The Battle of Marianna, 27 September, 1864 and Imprisonment at Elmira Prison, NY
Dellwood School Picture
year unknown
For lots of tidbits go to this Holmes Co web page. Calhoun and Washington Co's information
Dekle/Smith obit and a great story about Merritt's Mill Pond and the 1st Ice House in Marianna.
Emerald Brigahm
Florida News Papers Links
Marianna 1950's
Hickory Hill School
Sidney A Lewis Syfrett and Thomas Abram Syfrett
From SC to Jackson Co FL
The why of it!
Hinson Crossroads
for Jackson Co FL
Snodgrass Hill, Chickamauga, Walker County, Georgia
Lieut. John E Wilson of Quincy, Gadsden County, Florida and the Florida 6th Infantry Co. G
1905 Louisville U C V Reunion Ribbon found in Jackson Co FL
FISHER-POU FUNERAL HOME RECORDS  Fisher-Pou Funeral Home, 27 East Wright Street, Pensacola, Florida -- 36 Volumes of original Account Records that span the period between December 1926 and August 1979.    Birthplace of Jason Junior Miles Grand Ridge, Jackson Co FL

Bellamy/Nichols/Mooring House working on it...need information
Ghost of Bellamy Bridge
Elizabeth Jane (Croom) Bellamy
Calhoun Co FL Old Tax Records Unknown Photos

More unknown Photos

Articles and Material by Dale Cox

Picture Collection

Parramore 1976

Parramore 1977

A New Look at the 1864 Raid on Marianna
by: Dale A. Cox 
Copyright by Dale A. Cox 1989 and 1999

Russ House History   
Home of Marianna Chamber of Commerce - with a ghost! Read the story of-------
"The Magic Nursery"

Russ house

Central School
Name and Profile Pictures of Old Courthouse blank
Bits and Pieces Old Land Records Index The Toole Surname DNA project
Famous People 1869 Jury List Courthouse Basement Inventory

Glen Nobles'  The Pioneer   FL GenWeb Archives Table of Contents Jackson County Surname Index  
Early Newspapers of Florida, State Library of Florida, Florida Collection    Masons Membership List 1866-1870 Jackson Co FL   Facts and History
Jackson Co FL Demographics
Jackson Co FL History
Butterflies of Jackson Co FL
Churches of Jackson County in 1942 Voters in First FL Election - Jackson Co FL   Family Reunions of Jackson County (and School Reunions)
John Quincy Dickinson blank Jackson County, Florida,  Biographies
Charlie James and his matched mules.....   Pilgrims Rest Church, A History   Misc. Papers of John Pinkney King, of Jackson Co. Fla.
Researching Confederate Service and Pension Records Some Davis Family Documents Roguetown  
Parramore     Aycock
3d Brigade-Florida Division Sons of Confederate Veterans Map of Jackson Co FL

All of Florida

1895 Jackson Co., FL Map
How to order Vital Records Slave Holders In Jackson County Florida 1860 Willoughby and Anne (Beaman) Miles  - picture

Railroad Maps  
Florida Maps
The History Net AniMap
Tiger Map Server Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names US Geological Service
Some Old Names of Vocations & Diseases The Official Land Patent Records Site Genealogy Gateway To The Web

State Hospital and Cemetery, Gadsden County, Florida  
Now with Pictures of Old Cemetery!
Chattahoochee (with Inmates from census)
Florida State Archives
1895 Map of Florida - on-line     Florida Pioneers before 1845 FSGS
Jackson Co FL Map Florida Cracker Country  

Gilmore Academy - Jackson County Training School Alumni Association
Jackson County, Florida
Our past teaches us and guides us toward our future. However, with the passage of time, these historical photographs, documents, and other resources are growing increasingly fragile. One of the goals of the GA-JCTS Alumni Association, Inc., is to capture, for the first time, these artifacts and create a oral and photographic history of African-Americans in Jackson County, Florida.

Add your reunion to our new calendar!
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(All Reunions will be here, Family and Schools and any others)
Just click on view calendar and follow simple directions.

Family Reunion additions Jackson Co and area.
(This Reunion page has not be maintained but may contain some contacts)

With Notations from 1880 to 1902
Bazzell Pond Area, Jackson County, Florida
Annotated, with Family History
By Randy T. Scott
Frank's Great-Grandson

Marianna graveyard was site of fierce Civil War battle
Marlene Womack

Highway runs past site of Gadsden County massacre of 1840
Marlene Womack

McLane, defending family's cabin,shoots son of Indian chief
Marlene Womack

Sgt John Simmons Bird 1861 Letter
Kathy S Johnson

The famous  Jackson County, Florida
 Boiled Peanuts

Old St. Joe, Florida

Two Egg, Jackson Co FL
The Story about the name...and we are still taking stories ..please submit your "corny" story or the real thing.

Two Egg - The Pictures - by Don Sellers

Satsuma Oranges
Jackson Co FL
When the Satsuma trees were killed, they replaced them with tung nut trees.
Charlie James and his matched mules.....  with Satsuma Oranges @ 1918

By OTIS A. ROSBOROUGH JR. e-mail otisarjr@wfeca.net

The Rovings/Ramblings of the Rileys

Two Tales of One Family - E. William Riley and Elizabeth Majors Land
"part two has been added" See book page to order book.


Contributions and accomplishments of Timothy Thomas Fortune.

Forks of the Creek  
Picture  2nd Picture
Jackson Co FL  from Ron Hall
You just got to read the story about the "Forks of the Creek"

Help with African Americans in the 1870 Census  Tysgrl@aol.com  
Jeannine/Pittsburgh  http://www.angelfire.com/fl2/johnsonroots/index.html

First School for Blacks in Jackson County
Slave Records Needed
for more information go to this web page.

Indian Reservations

We now have a discussion list for Washington and Jackson Counties (Florida). Click here to SUBSCRIBE, or send an email to FLJACKSO-L-request@rootsweb.com and enter the word "subscribe" (without the quotes) in the text, or FLJACKSO-D-request@rootsweb.com.

Listowner:  Cindy Sloan
FLJACKSO-L@rootsweb.com and FLJACKSO-D@rootsweb.com
Washington County Florida GenWeb Project Coordinator

Jackson County FL Federal Land Records

Reconstructed Tract Book andMap  
Map of Fayette County, Florida
(which came out of Jackson in 1832 and was put back in 1834) with lots of information.

Jackson Co FL map    
(great new map with Cemeteries

Jackson Co FL "war" with AL border
Jackson Co FL Land Records and all of west Florida

Watson Line    
And the FL - GA Border

by two great volunteers: Gail and Duke Vickrey, Gulf Breeze, FL

S-K PUBLICATIONS ANNOUNCES http://www.skpub.com/genie/  Everyone check this out and let me know your thoughts. This would save a lot of work for us.   Now if we can come up with the money to have the Jackson Co FL 1900, 1910, and the 1920 census done.  Betty

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Other Jackson County Sources and Persons Who Will Do Lookups:    

CarlsonLW@aol.com   Le Roy W Carlson    
"Genealogical Menoir of the Roulhac Family" by Helen M Prescott, Atlanta, GA  1894.  also has information on Daffin, Clarke, Roulhac and Ely families of Jackson County, Florida

Home page with information on FL State Archives

Other Sites of Interest
Washington County, Florida
Liberty County,FL
Calhoun County, Florida
Gadsden County, Florida
Holmes County, Florida
Houston County, Alabama
Geneva County, Alabama
Barbour Co., AL

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