Oswald Cemetery, Houston Co AL

Oswald Cemetery, Houston Co AL

Subj: Oswald Cemetery
Date: 06/26/2000
From: JohnArden@aol.com
To: BettyMaeS@aol.com

While looking through some Houston County, AL tax records, came across "Oswald Cemetery." Went down to look for it and it is about 1.5 miles west of State Park and about 1.5 miles north of state line. It is on a road that comes into Alabama from Jackson County named Oscar Helms Road, and is on left, just past Truitt Road, which is on right. It is at edge of field where cucumbers are being grown by Mr Danford. There are no tombstones evident, but didn't go into the tall grass for fear of snakes. There are some small pines growing up in the area and lots of wild flowers.

This is vic of where my gr gr gr grandfather , Samuel Oswald lived in 1830, before he moved into Jackson County. It is also within a mile or so or where some of his children are buried -- Friendship Meth Church, formerly known as Gunns.

Is anyone aware of this cemetery? I plan to go to old county seat of Henry as this area was formerly part of Henry County, and all the old records are in Abbeville courthouse. Maybe there will be some record of this cemetery.

My gr gr grandmother, Bethany Oswald Simmons, died in 1904 and is buried in Friendship Cemetery, as well as Hiram Oswald family . My gr gr grandmother is buried in same area as some of the families that my grandmother said were her kin, such as Yarbroughs and Irwins.

By the way, there are many old newspapers of the area in Abbeville courthouse, in hardback binders, that go back to the 1830's. One of the most interesting things that I ran across in an old deedbook there, was the doctrine of the Free Will Baptist Church.

Subj: Re: Oswald Cemetery
Date: 07/07/2000
From: JohnArden
To: BettyMaeS

Thanks much. Talked to Jack Oswald in Greenwood, who remembered his mother telling of such a cemetery, and that someone plowed it over years ago. At that time, he had an uncle who had been judge in Jackson County for 33 years. Even though it was across the line in Alabama, judge Oswald made the people gather up the tombstones and put most of them in the Gunn's Cemetery, now known as Friendship

Methodist. Now we are at the quandry of trying to find out who is buried where?

I plan to check out the old Henry County, AL records, which are in courthouse in Abbeville. I have read of many instances of such an incident but this is the first in our family.

Subj: [FLJACKSO] Oswald Cemetery
Date: 07/07/2000
From: Vabo@aol.com

John, thanks for your interesting info about this cemetery.

We did not know about this cemetery but the Judge Oswald you mentioned was my husband's father, a Jackson Co. Judge for about 30 years ending in the 50" or 60's. Samuel was his g-g-grandfather and Hiram was his g- grandfather.

Do you know about the Florida Pioneer's certificate which is given by the FL Genealogy Soc. in recognition of descendants of voters in the 1st FL State election? You descendants of Samuel are eligible!

We are not in that area so will very much will appreciate any info that you find concerning this Oswald line. We will be happy to share any expense you incur in getting any new info. Thanks for sharing!