Hernando County

Garnett Funeral Home Records

The Garnett Funeral Home operated from the 1920's to the 1960's at the corner of Broad Street and Lemon Avenue in downtown Brooksville, just a couple of blocks from the County Courthouse. Today Merritt Funeral Home is at that location.

A photo copy of the records were given to me (Laverne Tornow) by Virginia Jackson of the Train Depot Genealogy Library and Train Museum for the purpose of indexing, extracting and placing on the FLGenWeb in 2004. A copy of these records were given to the Hernando Historical Museum Association by David and Lynn Merrit, owners of Merritt Funeral Home, which operates from the same location as Garnett Funeral Home. Among these records was a typewritten list of names that included birth, death and burial dates for persons which there is no other record. At this time we have no idea why or what this list represents, but the information it contains has been included in this index.

This is a work in progress and includes the death certificate applications and/or the funeral record for their clients. I have extracted pertinent information from these records. For more information on a specific person, please contact Laverne Tornow. I will provide the contents of a record, but NOT the record itself.

All names that have actual funeral records are linked to the extraction of that record. Names that are not linked, that is all the information that is available.

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