Hernando County Census Records

1867 Florida State Census

Series 1375 Box 1 FF1

1867, 3rd STATE CENSUS


Census of the state of Florida

Date 1867

State censuses were first compiled in 1845 and every 10 years after until 1945. The state census supplemented the federal census carried out at the end of each decade and was used for the determination of legislative electoral districts. The third census was authorized in 1866 (Chap.1538, Laws) and the Secretary of State was responsible for its coordination. The state census was abolished in 1949 (Senate Joint Resolution #46, 1949). The Federal Census has therefore served as Florida's census record since 1950.

This series contains returns from the third state census conducted in 1867. Although incomplete, the records include books of enumeration from Hernando, Madison, Orange and Santa Rosa Counties, total tabulation for the State and miscellaneous fragments, such as a page listing the enumeration for Franklin County.

The books of enumeration have separate listings for "colored" and white inhabitants. Both include the name of the head of the family, the number of males over and under 21, the number of females over and under 18, the total number of inhabitants, and the number of males between 18-45. The tabulations list population totals by county for "colored" and white inhabitants.

** The census has been transcribed using the following method of page numbering, both the white and colored are listed on separate pages labeled 1a and 1b. White folks are on the "a" pages and "colored" folks are on the "b" pages. Any mistakes in the transcription are my own and I apologize in advance for them. I tried to be as accurate as possible, but owing to the quality of the film and handwriting there are mistakes. The only deviation from the original document is that I have listed Last Name first for ease of searching and indexing. It is my opinion that the reason for column number males between 18-45 is to document the number of men eligible for military service, then again I may be wrong**.

This is a very important document historically as it is the FIRST Census to enumerate former slaves by a first and last name. Sadly, only roll of microfilm exits and its quality is not the best and it only contains Hernando, Madison, Orange and Santa Rosa Counties. I donated the copy I purchased to the Citrus County Clerk's Office, Historical Division, as they allowed me unfettered use of their microfilm reader to facilitate this transcription. For a nominal fee, they will make a copy of a page or pages for you. In the next few weeks I hope to finish the other counties on the roll of microfilm.

Transcriptionist: Laverne Tornow (lhtornow@gmail.com) Wednesday, March 21, 2007

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