2011 BEGINS:

January 9, 2011
Installation Brunch
Installation Brunch & Gala,
Pine Island Ridge Country Club (Members and guests only)
9400 Pine Ridge Drive, Davie
Celebrated the beginning of another year of Our Society

February 6, 2011
Tim Myette – Speaking on Henry Flagler and family
He will be speaking on Henry Flagler with a sprinkling in of Governor Napoleon Bonaparte Broward who served as governor from 1905 – 1909 (he was also VERY interesting!). Did you know they never met?  Gov. Broward supported the "Flagler Law" but not Mr. Flagler and business people! We hope to have peaked your interest?

6 March 2011

Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are!
Hide and Seek on the Internet

Donna M. Moughty
The Internet is one of the largest finding aids available to genealogists, but it's important to understand how it is organized in order to make the best use of it. Search engines can return thousands or even millions of "hits" and not all engines search the same sites. Also, information indexed in a database will not be shown in a general search. By focusing on information you already know about your ancestors and using advanced search features you can increase the likelihood of success.  

•     Searching the Internet vs. Searching Databases
•     Internet Engines - How they Work
•     AND - NOT - OR - Basics of Boolean Logic
•     Database Searching
•     Searching non-English sites and using translation features
•     Key Sites for Genealogical Information
•     Evaluating What You've Found and Citing Sources
Brochure Summary
Is your ancestor hiding? How will you find the mischievous ancestor who hides regardless how hard you seek? Learning how the Internet is organized and the best tools to use may make it harder for him to hide.
Donna Moughty, a Professional Genealogist and former Regional Manager for a national technology company, has been conducting family research for over 20 years. She teaches classes for beginners and lectures on a variety of subjects including Internet, Irish research and computer topics. In addition, she provides consultations, research assistance and training. Donna attended the National Institute for Genealogical Research at the National Archives, and the Third and Fourth Irish Genealogical Congress in Ireland, the Salt Lake Institute - Irish Research and the National Institute for Genealogical and Historical Research at Samford University. She is a member of Association of Professional Genealogists and served as chair of the Professional Management Conference from 2005 - 2008, Treasurer of the Genealogical Speakers Guild from 2004-2009 and a Delegate to the Federation of Genealogical Societies. She writes a genealogical blog that can be found at

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Special Program:  “Ft. Lauderdale in Maps: From Past to Future”

An introductory overview to the benefits of using maps as tools for learning more about Ft. Lauderdale’s history as well as that of other parts of the United States.  Participants will learn how to navigate the Alvin Sherman Library’s Digital Sanborn Maps collection from ProQuest and Google Maps.
Sanborn fire insurance maps are the most frequently consulted maps in both public and academic libraries.  Sanborn maps are valuable historical tools for urban specialists, social historians, architects, geographers, genealogists, local historians, planners, environmentalists and anyone who wants to learn about the history, growth, and development of American cities, towns, and neighborhoods.  Google Maps is an online map service that allows users to view basic or custom maps and get driving directions.
Learn more about Ft. Lauderdale’s history and how the city has reshaped itself over the past one hundred years.  Identify family properties back to the nineteenth century using the Sanborn Digital Maps Collection and find out what is there today with Google Maps.


Sunday, May 1, 2011  -   Family History Library Program.  

Richard Goodstein

Come join us in learning about the Family History Centers from speaker Richard Goodstein.  The original library was “founded in 1894 to gather genealogical records and assist members of the Church of Latter Day Saints with their family history and genealogical research”.    Family History Centers – what do they have to offer?  Where are they and what are their hours?  Can I do this research from home or another computer?  What programs are available?  What sites are available?  What help is available?  Now, have we gained your interest in learning the answers?  Mark your calendars and join us for an exciting and informational presentation.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Stories To Be Told – Ancestral Research
Presented by GSBC members and guests.   We have put together a special program in which the following was presented:

Jon Andersen presented his company Record A Grave and explained how the information that local assistants are gathering is collected, categorized and then supplied to Find A Grave.  Presently he has over 600 volunteers listed who have supplied information for his project.
Harriett Brooke illustrated how persistent searches do pay off.  Using Maryland State Archives she was able to find land purchases, court documents, and family information of Robert Brooke, third governor of Maryland, and other family members. Researching some more she found that Robert was credited with introducing Fox Hunting, his favorite sport in England, to the colonies, even bringing his own English Red Foxes over to populate the area.
Patti Eng enlisted the help of an investigator to get her search started for unknown family members with very surprising results that actually overcame the English/Chinese written and spoken language barriers! New York City’s China Town newspaper, in the Chinese New Year edition, gave Patti’s search one half of the front page, displaying her family pictures and explaining that she was looking for family members! She was successful in her search!  Patti had the Chinese New Year edition for us to see, and of course, it was all written in Chinese!
Nancy Wyman was surprised to learn about the talents of her ancestor who was a gunsmith and widely known for his craftsmanship, so much so that when George Washington had an opportunity to examine a gun crafted by Mr. Earle, he requisitioned a similar gun to be made.  Mr. Earle actually hand delivered George Washington’s gun to him.  When Nancy learned that an article about this event was in a gun collector society magazine she expected to find one, maybe 2 pages devoted to it and found the article to be 14 pages in length!
So, if you thought for a minute that the meeting would be lacking without an invited speaker, it’s obvious that our members have a lot to share!  It was one of our best meetings yet.


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