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I am looking for anyone out there who may be researching these names... have a lot of information to share.
Please email:
Arlene Carney (06/00)


I am researching my family: John Wesley MCQUEEN d.1873, m. Martha Thomas AUGUSTINE, came to Lafayette County (area now Dixie Co.), Florida from Alabama. Children are Fletcher, Thomas, Lucy, Mary, Margaret "Maggie", Martha "Mattie" A. , and John MCQUEEN. John Wesley MCQUEEN had two older brothers: James William MCQUEEN and Fletcher MCQUEEN who came to Lafayette County, FL from Alabama prior to John Wesley (about 1854). Any help greatly appreciated.
Please email:
McQueen Smith (12/99)


Does anyone have any information on the history of the BUTLER family in Dixie county, mainly Horseshoe area. My father's name is David Russell BUTLER and mother is Maude Estell NEELEY (Butler) both from the Horseshoe area. Thank-you. Please email: David R. Butler Jr. (11/99)


Does anyone have any information on J.H. DAVIS who was the father of James Henry DAVIS. It is possible that J.H. DAVIS could be Riley DAVIS. J.H. (Riley) DAVIS was married to Mary Ann HALL. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Please Email: Elizabeth Kelley (11/99)


Seeking information on BARRS family. Looking for cemetery grave site of James C. BARRS and Betsy Elizabeth LAND. We have been told that there is a river landing on the Santa Fe or Ichitucknee River named the "BARRS Landing". My Great GrandFather, James C. BARRS, and his family apparently floated down the Withacoochee and Suwannee Rivers and went up the Santa Fe and/or Ichitucknee Rivers in the 1870-80's from the Nankin District of Brooks County, GA. We are searching for the exact location and directions to the BARRS Landing. Any informtion about the landing, BARRS in cemeteries, land transactions, deeds, or existing BARRS who may be descendants of James C. BARRS are asked to contact Al Barrs. (10/99)


I am searching for the family name LEE. My grandmother Bertha Cathrine LEE was born in Eugene, Florida. I can't find it on a map but am told it was in Dixie County. She married Bascum L. STRANGE , born in Ft. White, Florida. I believe they married in Mayo, FL. Her father's name was Franklin LEE. Anyone know them?? Thanks, please email: Gayle Perkins (09/99)


I am trying to find some information on my Grandfather's family. My Grandfather was William Parmar LAMB from Dixie County. He had brothers, 3 that are deceased: Pat, Virgil and Hoyt LAMB, and one living:Oliver LAMB. Any assistance you can give would be appreciated.
Please email:
Debbie St. Clair (8/99)


I am trying to trace my family who, I am told founded Lafayette County (Old Town) in the 1830's. They were from Alabama, and migrated to Old Town, FL. John Wesley McQUEEN was my Great Grandfather, through his daughter Margaret "Maggie" McQUEEN. My father Mcqueen SMITH, went to school in Old Town in about 1910. John Wesley McQUEEN had a brother James McQUEEN, also a settler. Others were Fletcher and Tom McQUEEN. Relations by marriage were CHAIRES, and COTTRELL families all well known i the area. Suggestions appreciated on obtaining history of John Wesley McQUEEN's family vital statistics. etc. If you can help please email: Mcqueen Smith (08/99)


Looking for information on the ELLISON Surname. The ELLISONs were born and raised in Dixie County.........there was, Levi, Willey and Leonard Sr. and Jr. Would appreciate any information. Please email: Dodaday101.aol.com (08/99)


Would appreciate any information on my Great Aunt Laura BRIDGES HARRIS, wife of Sylvester. m January 2, 1936 in Dixie County. She ran a small restaurant katti-cornered from the train station during WWII. Thanks for any help. Please Email: Jo M. Lee (08/99)


I am looking for information concerning the parentage of Logan L. LOCKLER (b. 5/12/1860 d. 9/17/1940). He is buried in Butler Cemetary in Dixie County. I understand he had a sister Lucy who also mrried a LOCKLER named Jack. Logan was married to Mary Jane and had at least two boys; Willie (b. 2/13/1909 d. 6/2/1972) and John Vernon (b. 2/13/1909 d. 3/14/1978). Any information on this family is welcome. Could be spelled LOCKLER/LOCKLIER/LOCKLEAR/LOCKE.
Please email:
Sherri Douglas (08/99)


Joseph DAUGHTERY married Jane Townsend Oct. 31, 1883 in Alachua County. He died in 1904. She applied for Confederate Widows Pension in 1908 that was approved Sept. 23, 1909. Her address was listed as Trenton, FL in Alachua County. Who were her parents? When and where did she die? Believe she was previously married and had 5 children for a SMITH--one child believed to be Henry Calvin SMITH born January 23, 1878. Also need information relating to DAUGHTERY family located in 1860 Census, Lafayette County, FL listed Sarah DAUGHTERY with three children: Joseph and James (both born in GA) and Sarah (born in FL) and no father.Any information would be appreciated. Email: Barbara Jones (7/99)


Looking for any information or descendants of Jessie James DAVIS b. 1888 in Volusia County, FL. He moved from Brevard Co. to that area and was living in Cross City in 1936. His wife's name was Zona and they had three children, names unknown. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
H.A. Carboni (6/99)


Seeking BARRS ancestors or exitsting family members.

Email: Alfonso (Al) Barrs, Jr. (4/99)


Can anyone tell me where I might be able to find my GreatGrandfather's obituary. His name is James Henry DAVIS, He died in Old Town in 1934. Is anyone willing to do lookups? I have strong roots in Dixie Co., but I am having difficulty. Please email: Deborah Davis (04/99)



Looking for info on Preston Brooks CHAVOUS b. 12-1-1859, d. 8-14-1931. Married Harriet Ella LAZAR b. 5-7-1864, d. 6-25-1924. Both are buried at Old Town Memorial Cemetery. Preston and Harriet were born in SC and moved to Dixie County sometime after 1888. Their children are:

Please email : ?????? (3/99)



Am trying to locate a Pam CHEWING.

Email: Jan Bowman (3/99)


Looking for any info on Mary Alice DELANEY who was born 20 Jan. 1867 in what was then Lafayette Co. She was married to David Mitchell GORNTO in 1884, and died 18 Nov. 1953 in Dixie Co. She is buried at Rock Sink Church in Dixie Co. Any info on her parents or siblings would be most appreciated! Reply to: Michelle Langley (03/99)


Does anyone know where Peacock Place is in Old Town? My Grandfather was born there. Reply to: Deborah Davis (03/99)


I am descendant of Henry HERRING and Penicie Jane BOONE. I am from theri son's line, Joseph Daniel HERRING who married Anna Rebecca SHOCKLEY. I would like to correspond with anyone researching the HERRING families. Reply to: Carmelita (03/99)


Looking for information on William TYNDALE, m. Auner YONES (Anna JONES?), living Rock Sink or Hatchbend area, early 1900's. Both deceased around Christmas, probably 1909, leaving 3 small children. Two youngest (William Dexter age 4 and Mildred Pearl age 2) adopted through Jacksonville Children's Home Society. Parents ages at death mid 40's (William) and early-mid 30's (Auner). Would like to know if "Anna TYNDALE, d. Dec. 4, 1909", buried in Rock Sink Baptist Church Cemetery, might be the "Auner YONES" we are seeking. Please rely to: Frank & Margie Clyma (03/99)


Hi... There is a Rock Sink Church located in Dixie Co. and I was wondering if there are any indexed records of the cemetery. I understand that is is a very old and historical church. Thanks!.....Reply to: Michelle Langley (3/99)


Hello, My name is Jean Christian and I am researching the last name of CHEWNING for my son-in-law, Christopher CHEWNING. I have information on Jena CHEWNING, but would like any information about the other family members and where the name originated from. Thank-you in advance for helping me with this project. Reply to: Jean Christian (03/99)


I am searching for any and all information pertainging to David M. Gornto and Thomas J. Gornto. I have some information now but have found conflicting information pertaining to these two brothers. To be more specific, I need to know their wives. I believe each had two. I also need to know their children. I will share any information with anyone. I research WATERS, ODER, HIGH, GORNTO, SANDERS, FAIRCLOTH, OSTEEN, CANNON, TOWNSEND and others. Please email: Thomas A. Waters (02/99)


I am looking for the family of Samuel Calhoun CHAVOUS b. 3-3-1893, d.1965 in FL. He married 1.Clara PINNER b. 3-25-1900, d. 1975 in Bushnell, FL. He married 2. Alpha Gladys ARNOLD on 4-8-1938 in Dixie County, FL. Thanks.
Please Email:
Christi (01/99)


I am looking for DAVIS's from Old Town or around that area. My Grandfathe's name was Roy DAVIS. He lived in Parrish, FL. He had several sibiings from Dixie County. Dick, Bill, R.L., L.A., I.D., Josey, Loran (wife is Beulah), Harry, Lottie, Rosie, Genieva (or Genever), and Ruby. Any one have any info on any of these people or their families?? Any Info would be great. Aloha:
Deborah Lynette Davis (01/99)


I'm looking for information about my Mother's Grandfather. Their last name was THOMPSON. They came from Ireland early 1800's, to live somewhere around Old Town or perhaps Rock Sink. All I know is he was a preacher. Thanks to anybody for your help.
Steve (12/98)


I am the Great-GreatGranddaughter of Exekiel Dossey DUBOSE and Cassandra Ann THOMPSON of Darlington, Darlington Co., SC. In 1860 Ezekiel, Cassandra and family moved from Darlington to N. FL via covered wagon.
An abbreviated Lineage:

What I am wondering is if anyone knows what became of Ezekiel's sisters? Did they also immigrate to Florida? I do know that Mary POLK DUBOSE, Ezekiel's mother, joined him in Florida in 1870. Thanks for any help.
Lisa (12/98)


I am looking for relatives of mine in the Dixie County area of Fla. My Grandmother was Josephine PENDARVIS, my Great-Grandmother was Elizabeth LONG, my Grandfather is Barney REVELS still living in Cross City.
I am trying more to trace my Grandfather's line, back to where there is supposed to be Native American. Any Information would help.
Please Email:
Me (12/98)


Primary thrust at time is the Green STRINGER and Sarah SURY connection. There is confusion as to Sarah's maiden name and maybe there were even two Green STRINGERs in the area at the time. We know they had the following children:

Any help would be appreciated. Send email to: Dwight & Kathie Bass (9/98)


Looking for information about Jane ALLEN that married Abraham HOWARD in the early to mid 1700s. I think she was from NC, but I am not sure. Thanks for any info. send email to: Tim Vance (8/98)


Would like to correspond with anyone having a connection to the SUGGS family from Columbus and Horry Counties, NC. send email to: Vicky Hammond (8/98)


Looking for information about the WHIDDON and CALE families. William Matthew WHIDDON, born Dec. 10, 1851 in Jackson County, Florida. At some point in time the family moved to the Panama City area then part of Washington County. He lived in Washington (now Bay County) up until around 1880 when he moved to the area of Lafayette County. There he married his first wife and had two sons Walter and John Whiddon. Walter later became the Sherriff of Levy County. Florida. William Matthew WHIDDON's first wife died. He married Miss Maggie Cale, born in Cedar Key on March 9, 1872. CALE may possibly be spelled "KAILE". CALE family is said to be if Irish Immigration. Am looking for the parents of Maggie CALE. William and Maggie had seven children as follows: William Bennett WHIDDON b. 1889 d. 1968, Frank WHIDDON, b. 1893 d. 1968, George WHIDDON b. 1901 d. 1981, Charlie WHIDDON b. 1905 d. 1973, Bertha WHIDDON b. 1905, Lula WHIDDON b. 1910 d. 1981, and Alice WHIDDON b. ?. Wiliam Mathew WHIDDON died in 1935 and Maggie CALE/WHIDDON died in Feb. 1943. I would appreciate any information and will share any future information uncovered. Send email to : Benny Raffield (8/98)


Looking for information on Lewis LEE b. Oct. 1869 in Dixie/Lafayette Co. FL, and Jesse LEE b. Feb.21, 1858. We believe that John LEE, a brother of Lewis LEE is the father of Jesse LEE. Lewis had 6 siblings other than John. Allen, Henry, Jack, Jim, Pheba and Rebecca. The following census listing is LEWIS' family. 1900 Census - Lafayette Co., FL - Oldtown Pct 4:

Any information, Leads or Clues would be appreciated.
Please email:
Jim and Debbie Powell. (7/98)


Looking for the family of Ida Louise BAKER b.March 1874, m.Lewis LEE b.October 1869 Dixie/Lafayette Co. FL. We believe the following lists from the 1900 Lafayette Co. FL - Oldtown Pct4 Census,is her family.

Any information, leads or clues would be appreciated.
Please email:
Jim and Debbie Powell. (7/98)


Hope you can help me find "our" Andrew MILLS. Many of our family are looking for him!! Here is what we have: Andrew MILLS (born ca. 1790 - 1800 NC married Nancy WAYLAND (born 1793 NC). A brother (we think!), William MILLS (born ca.1802 NC) married Elender (or Eleanor) ???? (born NC), who settled about the same time in Pike Co. AL. They lived close to each other in the came county! I have their children ( & they named several the same! ). Hope you have some info. or hints where we could find info. about these family members! Please email: Connie.(7/98)


Looking for information relating to the family of David Farmer WARD (b. 11815) a Baptist minister in Cross City, Florida. I am a descendant of his daughter, Mary Jane WARD (b. 1851) who married William Riley COLEMAN (b. 1847). William Riley COLEMAN was the son of Jesse COLEMAN (b. 1818). David Farmer WARD and several of his children are buried at Rock Sink Baptist Church. Desire any information especially the burial places of Mary Jane WARD-COLEMAN, William Riley COLEMAN (d. 1908) and Jesse COLEMAN (d. after 1/1908). Please reply to:Gary & Tammy Harris.(6/98)


Hello, I'm looking mainly for information on Niven LEE's family. He was born Oct. 21, 1902. His Father was Daniel LEE and he married Susan PINNER. I have information on the PINNERs, but none on Daniel LEE. Niven, known as "Big Niven", is my Grandpa. He also had a brother named William LEE. If you can help me please email: Sharon McClure.


Need ALLEN info. In NC, GA, FL. Send mail to M Edge.(2/98)


Hello to everyone: I am a One-Name researcher. There are many thousands of us. This means that we document every occurence of a particular surname and every variant of it--world wide. I am particular about the name of GRIERSON, GREERSON, GREARSON, GREIRSON, GRIER, etc. Anyone with information for any of these variants, from any state in the US and from any era may contact me as I change absolutely nothing. I give things in trade as well and will answer all questions, or queries. Send mail toDavid Grierson (9/97)


There are references to a McCRABB's landing, a McCRABB one-room schoolhouse, a McCRABB cemetery and a McCRABB Baptist Church in what is now Dixie County. I am looking for any information on the McCRABBS involved in establishing these locations or institutions.

I have several generations of Pennsylvania McCrabbs. Send mail to Christopher Yurick(7/97)


Many of my ancestors lived in Dixie County. Samuel SIMPSON was born 3 July 1878 at Old Town and died there 20 February 1967. Richard SIMPSON was born 10 February 1853, place unknown. He died at Old Town, 18 February 1922. He was married 22 May 1877 to Patsy OSTEEN who was born 31 December 1860. She died 1 December 1909 in Old Town. Other ancestors in this area were, Henry Leroy WOOD who died 1923 in Chiefland, FL and his wife, Ella Victorian MIKELL, b. 19 March 1899 in Cross City (known as Cross Roads). Send mail to Thomas W. Parker, Jr.(6/97)


I'm working on the following families - Henry L RUCKER from SC who was in the McQueen -Fayetteville about 1860, Mary Jane MOONEY, 4/2/1857 - 12/27/1918 married Benjamin Franklin RUCKER in Levy county on 6/22/1874, William CANNON bn abt 1810 whose son Berry b. abt 1837 married Chaney Bell RUCKER, Joseph Jefferson DRIGGERS (2/26/1875 - 10/24/1918), David L McGOWAN (1/8/1846 - 10/14/1893, All of these families have married into the RUCKER family. Any info would be appreciated Send mail to Myrtice Scabarozi(6/97)


My name is Thomas Lindsay. My Mother's family came to Dixie County area in 1854. My Grandmother's maiden name was Dempsey. Her Mother was a Barber. My Grandmother had 3 brothers: Fred, Staton and Willy. Fred's daughter's husband is Jake Cravey, Pastor at Rock Sink Baptist Church. Her name is Mary Francis. Send mail to Thomas Lindsay.(2/97)