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Citrus County Epitaphs

Used with permission of the Citrus County Historical Society

The Compiler offers this volume and intended volumes designed to preserve the family records of the people who settled and died in Citrus County, Florida. These epitaphs have been copied from tombstones in 29 known cemeteries in Citrus County by a group of diligent researchers who believes in the preservation of historical records. OAK RIDGE CEMETERY (in Inverness at the end of Osceola, Citrus and Hill Streets) is located in a separate volume. The great amount of time and research with the attendant expense, that has been bestowed in getting together these records, has been a labor of love.

There are two cemeteries in Sumter County, Florida (adjacent to Citrus County) just over the county line where past residents of Citrus County have been laid to rest. For this reason CARLSON'S LANDING (not inventoried) and ALTO CEMETERIES (inventoried) in Rutland, Sumter County, Florida have been additions. There is also one cemetery in Hernando County that at one time was located in Citrus County until the county lines were changed. LAKE LINDSEY CEMETERY is only a few miles from the Citrus County line. This data book may be found in the Lakes Region Library.

It would be a tedious task to indicate the actual number of other possible cemeteries in Citrus County and could be an unending assignment due to the fact that in the South there were often family cemeteries located at the homestead. At this time there are rumors of two more cemeteries, but the locations are unknown. There are no inventories on the following cemeteries:

  • Beverly Hills Memorial Gardens Cemetery (north Of Beverly Hills On Highway 41)

  • Carlson's Landing Cemetery (1890...On Withlacoochee River Between Citrus And Sumter Counties)

  • Chamber's Island Cemetery (mouth Of The Withlacoochee)

  • Fort Cooper Cemetery (name Unknown...On Fort Cooper Road Between Highway 41 And The Old Floral City Road Near The Railroad)

  • Fountains Memorial Park Cemetery (on U.S. Highway 19 At Homosassa Springs)

  • In The Hernando Area; Cemetery (east Of Highway 41 And Almost To Holder)

  • Old Peterson Field Cemetery (1884...On The Hollinswood Ranch At Red Level)

In the Hernando area there is another cemetery referred to as CITRUS COUNTY CEMETERY (between Highway 41 and Highway 200. Only one tombstone remains which reads: James Widemon, born 18 January 1924, died 9 February 1924. In the Citrus County Comprehensive Plan (1985-2000) is stated that the cemetery was "moved from manager's home of phosphate mine company". The Compiler asks what phosphate mine, how were the remains moved, where were they taken and when did this move take place?

There are four cemeteries that have dual names. OAK GROVE CEMETERY (Mannfield Cemetery) and RUSSELL HILLS CEMETERY (Shiloh Cemetery). The inventory has been done under the names of Mannfield and Shiloh Cemeteries. J. C. CLEMENTS CEMETERY (C-39 Cemetery) on State Road 48 From Floral City, Citrus County has been inventoried under the name of J. C. Clements Cemetery. MAGNOLIA CEMETERY (Lecanto Cemetery) are also the same cemetery.

Even with the best of researchers and references, the goal of perfection is difficult to attain. In this case it is even more difficult because the reference material has been gathered over a period of years by various people and myriad sources. An effort has been made to properly assemble, supplement and interpret the material. Despite the research some errors of fact and interpretation may still remain. This material has never been verified.

Three cemeteries need to be mentioned, but there is no primary documentation for the information given: CARLSON'S LANDING is an abandoned cemetery with one tombstone stating Comfort Dilt Westfield . . February 14, 1826 - February 7, 1890; OLD PETERSON FIELD with remains of Elsie M. Johns, John P. Johns and a Baby; and FERO CEMETERY in Beverly Hills.

A referral must be made to Back Home by Hampton Dunn as he mentions several cemeteries in his book. Even though this is a secondary source and not documented two must be stated as possible to research. They are HODGES CEMETERY and SHELL ISLAND CEMETERY.

One item should be mentioned concerning the index. If any stones or markings are in-definitive they will not be found in the index, but could possibly be found in the cemeteries inventoried.

Special appreciation goes to Linda Varone, Historical Resource Clerk, for the many hours spent in organizing and searching records; Sharon Moon, Moon's Software Services; and Virginia Schmidt, a volunteer who has been with this project from the beginning in 1995 to its completion...without her the efforts taken in the past would never have been completed.

Henrie I. Sparkman (Volunteer) 2004

NOTE: Mannfield has sometimes been misspelled as Mannsfield.