Travelers Rest Cemetery, Calhoun Co, FL
Travlers Rest Cemetery, Calhoun Co, FL

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Photo's by Wayne N Carpenter, June 2000

 Survey by:     Wayne N Carpenter

Surveyed:       13 Sep 1999

Typed by:       Betty James Smith

Directions:      On hwy 73 North from Clarksville, FL (Clarksville is about 9 miles from Blountstown,FL on Hwy 20 West.)

Note:              There are 60 unknown graves. (See bottom of page for information from church records.)

This survey is in two parts: graves with headstones and about 60 graves without markers, which are listed with information taken from church records.  
Graves with headstones:
Surname Given Maiden Born Died Married Relationship Notes
HITCHCOCK Aline   1917 1917   I/o Mansfield and Eva Hitchcock  
WEBB J B   24-Mar-1907 12-Oct-1992 7-Sep-1935 h/o Dovie J Webb  
WEBB Dovie J   1-Oct-1912 15-Mar-1999 7-Sep-1935 w/o J B Webb  
WALDEN George W   29-Jul-1921 8-Feb-1993 8-Nov-1944 h/o Hazel M Walden Don't Grieve, just meet us in Heaven
WALDEN Hazel M   11-Jul-1929     w/o George W Walden  
MELVIN Ellis H   4-Jun-1924 4-Dec-1993   TSgt US Army WW11  
MELVIN Delbert L   11-Sep-1926 23-Jul-1997   Cpl US Army WW11  
HITCHCOCK Herman   14-Nov-1921 <born ? Died?>   D/S with Nora Leota Hitchcock  
HITCHCOCK Nora Leota   1-Sep-1927 <born ? Died?>      
HITCHCOCK Mary Jane KNOWLES 18-Apr-1921 19-Feb-1996     Precious memories
HITCHCOCK Julian C   9-May-1909 28-Mar-1972      
HITCHCOCK James W ( Jimmie)   6-Jun-1906 30-Jan-1999     Gone to be with Jesus
HITCHCOCK Alton W   27-Aug-1913 15-Sep-1978     An inspiration to all who knew him.
HITCHCOCK Mansfield   22 May 1880 8-Sep-1954   D/S with Eva Barber Hitchcock  
HITCHCOCK Eva BARBER 17 Sep 1882 25-Feb-1956      
NEWSOME Gladys Inez   1927 1999      
NEWSOME Bennie   11-Jun-1919 2-Jul-1985     On earth 11 June 1919 In Heaven 2 July 1985
PORTER Hayse   19-Jan-1914 4-Jan-1956   Pfc 93 ARMD FLD Arty BN WW 11  
PORTER Stella Louella   4 Apr 1894 28-Sep-1960      
PIPPIN Shelton C   7-Mar-1994 30-Nov-1982   D/S with Bessie P Pippin  
GATES Hulda   1890 1971      
GATES George L     <no dates>      
GATES Lucy E   1916 1961      
GATES Deborah Ann     1960     Baby
HAGAN Virgil   1917 1968      
HAGAN Calvin   1883 1960      
TAYLOR Ethel Crockett   16-Aug-1908 19-Aug-1974      
SEWELL Caroline   31 May 1885 30-Jul-1945   w/o Harrison Sewell  
BRADLEY Mary Ann   31-Oct-1936 23-Jan-1978      
MESSER Wardell   16-Jun-1905 21-Jul-1958      
MILLER Ulysses   22-Dec-1919   1-Jan-1944 D/S with Millie Miller  
MILLER Millie   4-May-1927 17-Mar-1998 1-Jan-1944   We miss you so much but know you are rejoicing with the Lord
MILLER Betty Jean   1-Nov-1994 6-Jan-1947      
TEW Mary Eunice   25-Aug-1921 19-Aug-1997     Loving mother
HUCKABY Mary Grace SANDERS 2-Jan-1919 25-Jun-1997     She loved God and her family. Who can find a virthous woman? For her price is far above rubies. Proverbs 31:10
ATTAWAY W Wallace   18-Feb-1921 1-Sep-1986   D/S with Evelyn R Attaway  
ATTAWAY Evelyn R     <no dates>      
QUINN Deborah Marie   23-Oct-1956 27-Nov-1956     Cradled in the arms of Jesus
MILLER Exie S   27 Aug 1896 3-Jul-1983   D/S with A F Miller May she rest in peace
MILLER A F   3 Mar 1868 13-May-1938     Gone but not forgotten
FANT Arthur Franklin   1918 1980   US Armu WW11  
PORTER Alma Louise FANT 23-Apr-1924 2-Sep-1993      
BREHM Irene M   25-May-1927 20-Dec-1998      
SEWELL General F   4-Oct-1907 29-May-1944      
WEATHERS <infant>     30-May-1946   s/o Mr & Mrs C B Weathers  
HAGANS Joseph D   27 Jun 1881 12-Nov-1953   D/S with Willie J Hagans - Father The light of our home is shining in Heaven
HAGANS Willie J   1-Jul-1910 25-Apr-1956   Son  
REAGAN Claudie M     10 Feb 1891     In God we trust
SEWELL Alfred Oliver   31-Oct-1920 10-Mar-1989      
SEWELL Agnes B   1-Jan-1909 25-Feb-1986      
SEWELL John Bryant   16 Jun 1875 26-Dec-1950   D/S with Callie Lissie Sewell  
SEWELL Callie Lissie   12 Apr 1883 14-Jan-1964      
ABBOTT John D   24 Jan 1891 22-Apr-1948   D/S with Artie M Abbott  
ABBOTT Artie M   2 Oct 1892 14-Sep-1991      
ABBOTT Jessie Daniel   16-Feb-1915 31-Mar-1964   FL CBM US Navy WW11  
WHITFIELD Jake A   5-Jun-1905 28-Mar-1964   D/S Carrie L Whitfield  
WHITFIELD Carrie L   12-Feb-1918 7-Jan-1992      
SANGSTER <infant>   15-Apr-1908 17-Apr-1908   s/o Mr & Mrs R A Sangster  
PHILLIPS Susie   1884 1970      
PHILLIPS Brady   24 Apr 1896 5-Apr-1942   FL Pvt US Army WW1  
PHILLIPS Lila Lee   1915 1972      
SEWELL Florence Evelyn   15-Dec-1903 25-Dec-1974     Mother - In loving memory I live on.
SEWELL James Jarome   27-Jan-1936 26-May-1936      
SEWELL Josephine   3-Dec-1925 16-Jul-1935      
SEWELL James Ira   19-Mar-1904 31-Jul-1971      
ROSE Aline S   10-Sep-1930 12-Sep-1988     I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth. III John:4
COXWELL Maggie Mae   3 Mar 1898 11-Oct-1948     Tell the children that I will wait at the gate for them.
COXWELL Benjamin Eugene   25 May 1878 16-May-1954     When the saints go marching in I'll be in that number.
HAND Bessie   18 Sep 1887 19-Feb-1957   D/S with Mollie E Rollins Mother
HAND Mollie E ROLLINS 25 Jul 1871 14-Mar-1960     Aunt
LONG William I   25-Jul-1907 23-Apr-1992 19-Jan-1930 h/o Ola Videll Long  
LONG Ola Videll   17-Jun-1907 21-Aug-1998 19-Jun-1930    
PITTS <infant>     30-Nov-1954   d/o Luvie & Myrtle Jane Pitts Gone but not forgotten
ATTAWAY Bennie R   5 Feb 1886 11-Mar-1954   D/S with Carah H Attaway Father
ATTAWAY Carah H   9 Jan 1889 14 Jul 1878     Mother
TAYLOR Harry Leonard   24-Nov-1958 27-May-1959      
TAYLOR Edwin Derwood   28-Nov-1933 16-Jan-1934      
SEWELL Arthur Terry   11-Mar-1955 28-Jan-1956   I/s/o Mr & Mrs Jesse Sewell  
PELT Daniel W   1907 1961      
PELT John Mace (Bud) (Jr)   1882 1927   D/S with Hattie Bennett Pelt  
PELT Hattie BENNETT 1888 1920      
PELT Alice     <no dates>   I/o Bud & Hattie Pelt  
SHEFFIELD <infant>     1905   d/o E A D Sheffield  
TAYLOR Sarah Frances   17-Jan-1937 28 May 1???     Our beloved mother, Her sleep shall be sweet
ABBOTT Jason Lenley     28-Jul-1975   I/s/o Sonny & Joanna Abbott  
ABBOTT Acey W   27 Jan 1895 5-Feb-1962      
ABBOTT Martha   14-Mar-1904 23-Oct-1998      
RAMSEY Otis E   16 Jun 1899 24-Jan-1946      
LORD Hattie RAMSEY 23-Apr-1902 8-Oct-1973      
FLANDERS Clyde   15-Oct-1910 31-Jan-1987 28-Feb-1938 D/S with Pauline Flanders  
FLANDERS Pauline   19-Apr-1917 26-Sep-1981 28-Feb-1938    
POLLOCK Radford D   20 Jun 1854 31-Oct-1904   D/S with Mary C Pollock Sweet be thy sleep
POLLOCK Mary C   13 Oct 1856 25-Jan-1942      
POLLOCK John   24-Mar-1901 8-Nov-1985      
ALFORD Shelly Shaw   24-Jun-1970 5-May-1995     Forever in our hearts
WEEKS Collis R   21-Nov-1900 18-Nov-1971   Tripple stone with Mae E Weeks & Grace Sasnett  
WEEKS Mae E   29-Jun-1902 12-May-1985   Tripple stone with Collis R Weeks & Grace Sasnett  
WEEKS Grace SASNETT 28 Feb 1880 29-Nov-1970   Tripple stone with Collis R Weeks & Mae E Weks  
SKIPPER Irma Beatrice   15-Jan-1905 23-Apr-1977      
SKIPPER John lloyd   20 Aug 1894 5-Jul-1959   GA Pvt 157 Depot Brigade WW1  
CAPPS Viola PIPPIN 26 Jul 1899 22-Jan-1945   The mother of Clyde, Clifford & Byrd  
SHIVER Vander R   9-Jan-1909 26-May-1990 17-May-1940 D/S with Jewel Lee Shiver  
SHIVER Jewel Lee   30-May-1913 26-Dec-1984 17-May-1940    
SHIVER Gloria L   26-Oct-1936        
SHIVER James Carl   29-Aug-1916 5-May-1980   D/S with Gloria L Shiver  
PITTS L C (Jr)   24-May-1928 17-Jan-1993     None knew thee, but to love thee.
PITTS Mary A   11-Nov-1921        
PITTS Luvie C   19-Aug-1902 18-Nov-1985     Precious memories
PITTS Henry Richmond   9 Jan 1877 5-Aug-1951   D/S with Norah Elizabeth Pitts suset and evening star and one clear call for me
PITTS Norah Elizabeth   7 Oct 1878 9-Nov-1950   Mother God's greatist gift, return to God
PITTS H Evtriss   20-Mar-1900 7-Jul-1958 2-Nov-1919 D/S with Lena B Pitts  
PITTS Lena B   14 Jul 1898 19-Feb-1989 2-Nov-1919    
KOEPKE Michael Anthony (Tony)   19-Oct-1961 3-Aug-1965     A sunbeam from the world has vanished
PITTS O E   15-Mar-1921 13-Jan-1984 29-Jun-1940 D/S with Lucille Pitts A little time on earth He spent till God for him his angel sent - Beloved Husband and Father
PITTS Lucille   16-Oct-1917        
FANT Clarence E   1921 1988   D/S with Kathryn P Fant - PFC US Army WWII  
FANT Kathryn P   1924        
PIPPIN Emma Matilda (Pink)   1895 1933     In Loving memory - Mother
PIPPIN Persie Wade   1915 1916   c/o Emma Matilda Pippin  
PIPPIN Mary June   1919 1926   c/o Emma Matilda Pippin  
PIPPIN Leonodis   1928 1933   c/o Emma Matilda Pippin  
PIPPIN Carthel   1930 1933   c/o Emma Matilda Pippin  
ATTAWAY Zell Gaston   24 Dec 1894 1-Sep-1922   D/S with Mary Lee Smith Attaway  
ATTAWAY Mary Lee SMITH 15 Nov 1894 22-Apr-1991      
ATTAWAY Alma ROGERS 26-Aug-1909 8-Dec-1993      
ATTAWAY Michael Cecil   23-Feb-1914 27-Nov-1990      
ATTAWAY Tercie (Lovie) PIPPIN 21 Oct 1892 6-May-1977      
ATTAWAY George Clifton   5 Nov 1890 2-Nov-1976      
ATTAWAY Mary Lida   16 Aug 1859 2-Sep-1906      
ATTAWAY George W   25 Sep 1853 1-Jun-1906      
ATTAWAY Danny   11-Sep-1916 11-Oct-1918      
PIPPIN Eunicy   9 Nov 1858 18-Jun-1924   Mother  
PIPPIN M C   5 Nov 1854 8-Jul-1929   Father  
ADAMS Nancy   8 Aug 1832 9-Feb-1914     Mother at rest from all her labor while we mourn here below.
WINGATE S P (Jr)   21-Feb-1965 22-Feb-1965      
WARREN Minnie Lee   4-Nov-1908 12-Jan-1909   d/o M S & Annie Warren  
TUCKER Ronald W (Ronnie)   19-Feb-1953 4-Jul-1974   Our beloved son "Ronnie" Stop kind friends as you pass by. As you are now so once was I as I am now, soon you will be. So kind friends remember me.
BELL Carrie Leona   25-Apr-1902 25-Jan-1991     In God's care. She was the sunshine of our home
SHIVER Ace I   1864 1925      
SHIVER Louella W   1869 1936      
WINGATE Perry M   24 Apr 1870 11-Apr-1910     Gone but not forgotten
SMITH George Roger   21-Feb-1948 10-Nov-1979      
SMITH George Dewey   5-Jun-1935 9-Jul-1986   US Navy Ww11  
NEWSOME Ann   2-Feb-1932   2-Apr-1947 w/o David C Newsome  
NEWSOME David C   8-Dec-1921 6-Sep-1993 2-Apr-1947 h/o Ann Newsome Weep not he is at rest
NEWSOME <infant>   12-Oct-1954 12-Oct-1954   I/o Mr & Mrs David C Newsome Asleep in Jesus
NEWSOME Annie   30 Sep 1889 23-Sep-1967     Gone but not forgotten
NEWSOME John C   16 May 1876 25-Jan-1948   D/S with Annie Newsome  
NEWSOME Dallas Eugene   29-Nov-1944 3-Aug-1945      
BLUE Hallie MCDOUGALD 25 Oct 1883 13-Dec-1931     Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal
BOYD George F (Bob) (Jr)   31-Mar-1929 18-Aug-1986     In God's care
BOYD <infant>     13-Nov-1965   I/o Mr & Mrs George Boyd Jr  
KING Mary N   2-Jun-1909 14-Dec-1986      
KING Lee Roy   30-Sep-1907 5-Jul-1975   D/S with Mary N King  
POWELL Clarence C   31 Jan 1897 29-Jan-1978   D/S with Lillian S Powell - Pvt US Army WWII Gone but not forgotten
POWELL Lillian S   20-May-1907 17-Sep-1984      
POWELL Lewis Dean   14-Jun-1935 21-Jun-1935      
POWELL Robert Lloyd   ?? Jul 1936 ?? Jul 1938      
POWELL Oneal   6-Jul-1923 6-Dec-1923      
ADAMS Louis E   25-Jul-1922 27-Feb-1949      
ADAMS Maudie Bell   25 Mar 1899 3-Jan-1975      
GRIFFIN Essie L   1933 1996   Our Mom On Earth 1933 - In Heaven 1996
BARNETT <no Name>     <no dates>     In memory of -Barnett
ADAMS Stivey     Age 12   s/o Mr & Mrs J L Adams  
ADAMS Frankie     Age 20   d/o Mr & Mrs J L Adams  
GOODWIN Evelyn I   1905 1991      
GOODWIN Jerry   1882 1965      
SPARKMAN Russell   29-Mar-1926 6-Jul-1994   S 1 US Navy WW11  
STEPHENS William   1907 1990      
NEWSOME Johnnie   2-Feb-1916 1-Oct-1990      
NEWSOME George W   6-Jan-1903 8-Oct-1968   D/S with Ruth Newsome  
NEWSOME Ruth   11-Oct-1907 6-Dec-1990      
HUTCHINSON John Derek   25-May-1986 4-Jun-1986      
PARHAM David Henry   26 Jun 1891 16-Apr-1973   D/S with Dollie Powell Parham - FL PVT US Army WWI Another linkis broken
PARHAM Dolly POWELL 19 Feb 1899 28-Feb-1987      
NICHOLS James E (Rev)   17-Jun-1900 7-Sep-1991   D/S with Ruth P Nichols  
NICHOLS Ruth P   26-Apr-1908        
POWELL Eunice Evelyn   8-May-1916 19-Nov-1961     Born by angel's hands away, to a home of peace and love.
POWELL John R   5 Sep 1861 3-Sep-1943     Forever honour'd and forever mourn'd
POWELL Ada L (Nannie)   18 Feb 1871 14-Apr-1965     Dear Mother tho' we miss you much, we know you rest with God.
COOK Emmett L   15 Jul 1898 21-Oct-1959   h/o Flora Estelle Cook Our Dear Father
COOK Flora Estelle   5 Dec 1894 10-Dec-1947   w/o Emmett L Cook Our Dear Mother
NEWSOME Alvie   28-Aug-1905 11-Feb-1981   D/S with Velma L Newsome In my Father's house are many mansions
NEWSOME Velma L   30-Apr-1914        
BROOKS Hazie   30 Sep 1872 4-Feb-1927     Gone but not forgotten
STONE Ester   5 Aug 1891 6-Jun-1911     Gone but not forgotten
LEWIS Mary   30 Jul 1896 11-Apr-1927     Gone but not forgotten
BROOKS Porter   3-Jun-1905 21-Jul-1940     Gone but not forgotten
BROOKS Eli   3 May 1866 9-Sep-1950     Gone but not forgotten
GRAY John     6-Feb-1939      
SUGGS Charlie T   12-May-1905 14-Feb-1992   D/S with Mattie Belle Suggs  
SUGGS Mattie Belle   4-Jun-1904 14-Nov-1965      
ADAMS L K (Lem)     ?? May 1929      
ADAMS Jessie C   5 Jul 1892 15-Apr-1980      
ADAMS Emily Leona   11 Aug 1873 10-Jan-1937     She was the sunshine of our home
ADAMS Jasper Louis   19 Feb 1867 1-Oct-1945     He was a good Father and a friend to all.
KIDD Charlie W   19-Mar-1903 24-Jul-1974     Until Death do us part - He loved Life
KIDD Edna A   10-Sep-1909 7-Oct-1980     Pause remember me
GRAY Addie   11 Apr 1894 15-Aug-1970     Mother is only sleeping
GRAY Myrtice   18-Apr-1926 6-Jan-1995   d/o Addie Gray Sleeping with Mother
STRICKLAND <Twins>     1976      
MCCOY Ola Mae   9-Oct-1910 11-Sep-1913     Asleep in Jesus
HOUGH <infant>     11-Mar-1929   I/o Mr & Mrs J Hough  
HOUGH <infant>     25-Jun-1931   I/o Mr & Mrs J Hough  
HOUGH Pearl   22 Jun 1895 ?? Apr 1954      
HOUGH Jerome   18 Nov 1889 23-Dec-1950      
HOUGH William H   18-Jun-1917 1-Feb-1984   P F C Gone but not forgotten
HITCHCOCK James E   27 Apr 1856 18-May-1938     Thy God has claimed thee as his own
PEARSON Addie LARAMORE 19 Oct 1882 21-Mar-1952   Mother She was the sunshine of our home
LARAMORE James I   5 Sep 1882 6-Aug-1942     Death is eternal life why should we weep
LARAMORE James P   25-Apr-1910 16-Nov-1944     To those who knew and loved him, his memory will never grow old.
LARAMORE L E (Pete)   25-Mar-1908 27-Jan-1994   D/S with Geraldine Laramore  
LARAMORE Geraldine (Jewel)   29-Jul-1929        
PRICE Hazel V LARAMORE 12-Dec-1933 28-Dec-1993      
JONES Walter   1880 1964   D/S with Sally Helms Jones  
JONES Sally HELMS   <no dates>   w/o Walter Jones  
ADAMS Marvin Ray   3-Jun-1917 18-Dec-1991   TEL 3 US Coast Guard WW11  
ADAMS Jefferson Fabian   10 Apr 1885 14-Dec-1951   D/S with Ida Mae Adams Asleep in Jesus - Belessed thought
ADAMS Ida Mae   18 Dec 1897 4-Aug-1984     In her Heavenly home with Jesus
ADAMS J Willard   1915 1955      
ADAMS Josie W   17-Jan-1920 25-Sep-1997     Beloved wife and mother
SCARABIN Desten Michael   26-Oct-1983 28-Oct-1983      
MELVIN Doris V   28-Dec-1950 29-May-1951      
MELVIN Leonard Lee   19-Jan-1903 22-Sep-1964   D/S with Lillie Mae Melvin They will always be remember
MELVIN Lillie Mae   4-Feb-1920        
LEWIS Robert E (Bobby) (Capt)   13-Jul-1939 21-Jan-1997   D/S with Linda D Lewis - Capt US Army Vietnam Daddy
LEWIS Linda D   3-Apr-1964       Mama
BLOUNT Malissie   7-May-1907 1-Jun-1972      
MORRIS <infant>     <no dates>   I/o Wade & Cleolar Morris  
MORRIS <infant>     <no dates>   I/o Wade & Cleolar Morris  
MARSHALL Little James   16-Dec-1913 26-Jan-1915      
MARSHALL John     11-Dec-1940      
MARSHALL Elbert W (Jessie)   22-Nov-1916 19-May-1972      
DAWSON Buel   12-Jul-1928 14-Dec-1958      
DAWSON Nease   26-Nov-1900 12-Mar-1964   D/S with Edith Dawson  
DAWSON Edith   8-Oct-1906        
DAWSON George Jackson (Jackie)   12-Mar-1947 13-Jun-1970      
MORRIS Cleolar     <no dates>      
LARAMORE Luther Paul   24-Sep-1939 28-Jul-1961   FL A2C 647 Radar Sq AF  
LARAMORE John William (Sr)   12-Oct-1905 13-Mar-1986 21-Dec-1929 D/S Trixie Fowler Laramore  
LARAMORE Trixie FOWLER 15-Apr-1910        
SUGGS Jackson Lafayette (Fate)   17-Jul-1910 11-Aug-1984   D/S Abbie Edna Suggs Compassionate, Considerate
SUGGS Abbie Edna (Abbie)   1-Aug-1915 19-Jun-1994   w/o J L Suggs Loving wife
DAVIS William Edgar   1-May-1902 4-Jan-1956      
MCLENDON Cathy   21-Mar-1945 26-Jun-1945     Luke 19:16 Suffer little children to come unto me and forbid them not for of such is the kingdom of God
MCLENDON Mollie   1915 31-Dec-1936      
MCLENDON James   18 Mar 1865 5-Oct-1948      
ADKINS Susie Belle MCLENDON 1901 1975      
SUGGS Emanuel G   10-Jan-1908   4-Sep-1932 h/o Verlie I Suggs Whither thou goest I will go
SUGGS Verlie I   28-Nov-1909 26-Feb-1972 4-Sep-1932 w/o E G Suggs  
SMITH George W   15-Nov-1918 27-Mar-1997 15-Aug-1936 Navy Sea Bees  
SMITH <no Name>       15-Aug-1936    
SHIVER James J   18 Oct 1855 4-Jul-1935   D/S with Raqchel E Shiver Uncle Jack
SHIVER Rachel E   24 Nov 1853 2-Jan-1941     Aunt Rachel
SMITH Virgil   8-Nov-1928 13-Jul-1929      
NICHOLS Aline SHIVER 12-Feb-1922 7-Jul-1992   Mama And I give unto her eternal life; and she shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck her out of my hand. The Gospel of John 10:28
SHIVER William M   23 Jan 1878 27-Mar-1955   D/S with Willie A Shiver Uncle Buck
SHIVER Willie A   10 May 1884 23-Apr-1932     Mother
SHIVER William M (Jr)   25-Dec-1918 16-Aug-1925      
MELVIN Minnie Lee   22-Aug-1907 6-Mar-1985      
MELVIN <infant>     10-Sep-1923   s/o Leonard & Minnie Lee Melvin  
MELVIN Nella Mae   7-Jun-1935 28-May-1988      
MELVIN David B   13-Sep-1926 20-Mar-1989   D/S with Doris Jean Melvin  
MELVIN Doris Jean   15-Sep-1931        
PARHAM Marvin     ?? Nov 1850      
PARHAM Lilla Mae   19Jan 1890 28-Jan-1987      
PARHAM John Wesley   26 Feb 1882 26-Sep-1961   D/S with Lilla Mae Parham  
GRANTHAM <infant>     23-Oct-1946   s/o Mr & Mrs C F Grantham  
GRANTHAM Charlie F   12-Apr-1916 12-Jul-1993   D/S with Ella F Grantham - Pvt US Army WWII Waiting on the glorioius resurrection
GRANTHAM Ella L   10-Sep-1910        
SMITH John Dewey   12 May 1898 28-Apr-1960   D/S with Hettie R Smith At Rest
SMITH Hettie R   16-Aug-1904 9-Jan-1966      
SMITH J B   8-Dec-1932 18-Aug-1991   Cpl US Army Korea  
MORRELL John W   30 Aug 1867 15-Sep-1944     Gone but not forgotton
COOK I O (Rev)   15-Jun-1907 15-Sep-1965   D/S with Ora Lee Cook He was faithful to every trust
COOK Ora Lee   6-Oct-1904 15-Jan-1958     Devoted wife and mother
TEW Crystene   9-Dec-1932 3-Feb-1933      
STEVENS William Lewis   4-Sep-1921 22-Apr-1932      
STEVENS M L   11 Jun 1896 2-Mar-1923     Thou are gone but not forgotten
TEW Corbit F   30-Apr-1906 12-Aug-1969   D/S with Lillie Mae Tew Our Father which art in Heaven
TEW Lillie Mae   17 Dec 1899 26-Jul-1994      
COOK Arthur D   29-May-1915 24-Jan-1983      
COOK Willie W     1-Nov-1918   FL 5 M C Batt N 2 Div  
HORNBACK Avie E COOK 6-Sep-1912 15-Sep-1998      
COOK Sallie   1886 1944   Tripple headstone with Rev Arthur W Cook and Nancy E Cook  
COOK Arthur W (Rev)   1874 1956   Tripple headstone with Sallie Cook and Nancy E Cook  
COOK Nancy E   1875 1925   Tripple headstone with Rev Arthur W Cook and Sallie Cook  
COOK Chester L   2 Oct 1897 6-May-1970   D/S with Florence S Cook  
COOK Florence S   12 Nov 1895 20-Feb-1968      
COOK Ernest E   15-Jan-1909 28-Oct-1925      
SMITH Horace D   7-Jan-1917 2-Jan-1997   D/S with Jewel Cook Smith - TSgt US Air Force  
SMITH Jewel COOK   <no dates>      
BIRDSHAW Hattie L   16-Oct-1905 7-Sep-1925     Farewell
PARHAM Mary E   17 Nov 1859 ?? Aug 1930     Our Dear Mother is gone but not forgotten.
 Unknown graves from church records:  
There are about 60 unknown graves. The following are buried in some of the unknown graves. Names were obtained from a list of church records.
Surname Given Maiden Born Died Married Relationship Notes
COOK <infant>         I/o I O & Ora Lee Cook  
COOK <infant>         I/o I O & Ora Lee Cook  
SIMMONS Ella STEVENS          
SMITH Virlie I            
MCLENDON <infant>         grandson of Alex McLendon  
MORRIS Wade            
GRAY <infant>         I/o Buddy Gray  
MARSHALL Oscar            
MARSHALL John            
MARSHALL Mary            
SUGGS <infant>         I/o C T & Mattie Bell Suggs  
SUGGS <infant>         I/o C T & Mattie Bell Suggs  
BROOKS <infant>         I/o Hazie Brooks  
ADAMS Jessie C            
TODD <infant>         I/o Joance Todd  
TODD <infant>         I/o Joance Todd  
HENSLEY W P (William)            
BARNETT Elder William            
ADAMS <infant>         I/o nancy Adams  
ADAMS <infant>         I/o nancy Adams  
PIPPIN <infant>         I/o M C & Eunicy Pippin  
WINGATE Lovie            
ATTAWAY <infant>         I/o George & Mabel Attaway  
PITTS Myrtle Jane            
PHILLIPS Jim            
PHILLIPS <infant>         I/o Jim & Susie Phillips  
PIPPIN <infant>         s/o Gator Pippin  
HAGANS Dave            
HAGANS Dave (Mrs)         w/o Dave Hagans  
HAGAN Claude M            
HAGAN Egar            
PARKER Pearl            
PORTER <infant>         I/o Wilson Porter  
PORTER Wilson            
VICKERY Dave            
NEWSOME Bessie            
HITCHCOCK Andrew         I/s/o ____ Hitchcock  
PIERCE Murdock E            
JONES <infant>         I/o Van Jones  
JONES <infant>         I/o Van Jones  
WEBB J B            
WALDEN George (Boy Blue)         George (Boy Blue) Walden and Hazel  
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