Pippen Cemetery, Calhoun Co, FL

Pippen Cemetery,
Calhoun Co, FL

Pippin Cemetery, Clarksville, Calhoun Co Fl
Surveyed by: Wayne N Carpenter e-mail wnc1933@email.msn.com
Surveyed: September 7, 1999
Typed by: Betty James Smith
Directions: Go west on Hwy 20 from Clarksville for 1.2 miles. Turn right on dirt road and go .5 mile. Road dead ends at cemetery.
There are 33 graves with no identification. Most unknown graves are marked with Cypress tree boards like used in olden times. The board at the head of grave is carved round like a head. At the foot the board is carved like a arrowhead only it is about six inches long.
Surname Given Maiden Born Died Married Relationship Military Notes
HOLLAND Hubert Thomas   23-Mar-1948 26-Jun-1994     Pvt US Army Vietnam  
ROLLINGS Earl Gordon   1913 1974        
ROLLINGS James Wade   29-Jul-1906 23-Feb-1962       We love you
MAYO James Larry   12-Dec-1951 29-Jan-1955       Our Darling Son - We love you
ROLLINGS James R   1 Mar 1876 26-Jun-1954        
ROLLINGS Ida E   9 Sep 1886 15-Feb-1970       Precious memories
ROLLINGS William L   28-Feb-1901 31-May-1960       My trust is in God
CALHOUN Mary Emma   10-Nov-1909 19-Nov-1990       My trust is in God
GODWIN <infant>     1991       Baby grave
TODD Daniel Isaac   29-Dec-1973 19-May-1975       I love him - Diana
TODD William Issac   22-Mar-1953 5-Nov-1974       To my loving husband who gave love to all that would accept it - I loved him Dianna
JOHNSON Bobby Sylvester   14-May-1913 15-Jan-1916       A little bud of love
JOHNSON Bertie Eugene   2-Apr-1918 25-Jul-1918       A little bud of love
JOHNSON James Monroe   19 Jun 1884 2-Feb-1946       He was faithful to every duty
JOHNSON Dollie Linton   1 Feb 1888 28-Aug-1957       A devoted wife and mother
CLEMONS James William   12 Mar 1869 18-Dec-1964        
CLEMONS Roxie A   14 Mar 1877 3-Feb-1955       I know that my redeemer liveth
CLEMONS Leon T   25-Jan-1917 22-Apr-1918       Suffer little children to come unto me
CLEMONS Olive C   28-Oct-1912 2-Jul-1992       He leadth us home to everlasting peace
CLEMONS Charlie D   27-May-1913 23-Jan-1955   D/S with Olive C Clemons   In loving memory
CLEMONS Hazel Marolyn   7-Sep-1958 4-Jan-1959        
BRAMBLETT Johnnie Russell   1927 1993       Gone but not forgotten
BROWN Marvin Edward   6-Sep-1972 15-Nov-1994       He believed and sleeps in Jesus
MARSHALL Joseph M   1882 1957   D/S with Martha M Marshall   they have gone to sweet memories of rest
MARSHALL Martha M   1884 1946        
MARSHALL <infant>     1921   s/o Mr 7 Mrs J M Marshall    
MARSHALL Lloyd J   13-Jul-1910 8-Mar-1912        
MARSHALL Susan Caroline   1850 1930        
MARSHALL Homer V   29-Apr-1914 16-Mar-1984     PFC US Army WW11  
MARSHALL Joseph Matthew   1848 1915        
HAND Calvin H   8 May 1890 26-Jun-1955       Gone but not forgotten
HAND C H   24 Oct 1857 30-Jun-1913       Pa Pa we will meet you in Heaven
LINTON Harvey   9 Jul 1892 1909        
LINTON Van Buren   8 Dec 1896 29 Dec 1896       Infant
LINTON Rosetta   20 Jan 1882 2-Feb-1919        
LINTON Adah Susa   24 Oct 1862 ?? Oct 1927        
LINTON Van Buren   4 Feb 1860 25-Jan-1929        
LINTON Richard L   27-Sep-1918 23-Sep-1989     MSgt US Army Air Corps WW11  
LINTON Lona   1887 1928        
BUTLER Mary     <no dates>        
BUTLER John     18 Aug 1899     Co F 6 FL Regt CSA  
TUCKER Maranatha   1853 1886        
PIPPENS Hanna NEWTON 17 Feb 1821 20 Dec 1875       In memory of
PIPPIN Ennis   10 Aug 1810 10 Aug 1892     Pvt Co I 2nd FL Inf CSA  
PIPPEN Margaret A   3 Sep 1840 13-Jul-1910        
LEWIS Sarah Eva (Sallie)   1881 1959        
LEWIS johnson F   24 Nov 1889 22-Jan-1912       The angels called him on a sunny day
LEWIS Amanda   21 Mar 1850 2-Mar-1937        
LEWIS John   4 May 1849 7-Mar-1937        
LEWIS John L   1875 1968        
LEWIS Drucilla     <no dates>        
TODD Lizzie Belle   7-Apr-1925 13-Feb-1989       Dear Sister
TODD Thomas A (Sr)   4 Jun 1892 27-Mar-1980   D/S with Carrie B Todd   Our beloved father
TODD Carrie B   8-Nov-1904 19-May-1969       Our beloved mother
VICKERY James Marion   6-May-1925 11-Nov-1984       (Cowboy Jim)
SEVERANCE Holly Marie   27-Mar-1980 11-Apr-1980        
VICKERY John Thomas   3 Feb 1886 22-Apr-1967 6-Jun-1915 h/o Margaret Belle Pippin    
VICKERY Margaret Belle PIPPIN 23 Feb 1894 26-Mar-1932 6-Jun-1915 w/o J T Vickery    
TODD George Frank (Jr)   1929 1992        
TODD Bessie CARTHELL 29-Dec-1933 18-Jul-1986        
TODD George F   20-Jan-1904 12-Nov-1984   D/S with Becky V Todd    
TODD Becky V   7-Feb-1913 7-Nov-1986        
MIXON Guy   5-Sep-1900 2-Mar-1969        
MIXON Jim   1823 1910        
MIXON Fannie   1821 19096        
TODD J H   1862 24-Mar-1948       In memory of our father - Gone but not forgotten
TODD Mary E DAVIS 2 Aug 1869 22-Jun-1941       In memory of our Dear Mother - Gone but not forgotten
HAYWOOD <no first name>   1901 1978       (buried between two Todd's so name may be Haywood Todd)
TODD Lillie M   1907 1991        
TODD Johnce H   1901 1978   D/S with Lillie M Todd    
TODD Burton   1933 1978        
FOWLER James Slocomb   4-May-1906 2-Jan-1978   D/S with Nellie M Fowler   Gone home
FOWLER Nellie M   15-May-1911          
LINTON Opal   9-Oct-1916          
LINTON Willard   9-Jul-1916 11-Sep-1998   D/S with Opal Linton    
EDWARDS Oliver R   12-Nov-1927 10-Oct-1987     Pvt US Army WW11  
COOPER Kenneth William   9-Mar-1957 1-May-1983       Beloved son of Don & Jean
VICKERS Lawrence   30-Nov-1910 28-Jun-1998   D/S with Susie Leona Vickers    
VICKERS Susie Leona   19-Aug-1908 15-Apr-1983        

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