Page Pond Cemetery, Calhoun County, Florida

                     Page Pond Cemetery, Calhoun County, Florida

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                                         Photo's by Wayne N Carpenter, June 2000

Surveyed by:    Wayne N Carpenter e-mail
Surveyed:         18 Oct 1999
Typed by:          Betty James Smith
Directions:        From Clarksville, FL take Hwy 73 North. Go several miles till you see Page Pond Church sign at Murdock Road. Turn on Murdock Road and go .3 mile to cemetery.
Note:                There are 18 unknown graves. Two graves with names but no dates.
Subj: Page Pond Cemetery Survey
Date: 05/23/2000
From: (Marian K Addy)
I noticed discrepancies.
Solomon Peacock and Sarah Jane Elefair (McClellan), (Peacock). (Knight), Kendrick were my great great grandparents. I found their gravesites in the early 90's.
According to my memory and records, Sarah J. Kendrick is buried between husband number 1 on her left, Solomon Peacock, and husband number 3 on her right, E. G. Kendrick. Husband number 2, George Washington Knight is buried in Southport, Florida.
The discrepancies between my records and yours are these: My records show the name "Kindrick" spelled "Kendrick". Also, you have Mr. Kendrick's initials as "E. B". I show them to be "E. G." He was called "Gene". Beside his name you show him as "husband of J. E. Kindrick". He was actually "husband of Sarah J. Kendrick" as I said above.
 "I know the work that goes into doing these surveys, because I've left my footprints in many cemeteries and have been on the typing end of it too."
Kay (Dillard) Addy
P.S. My Grandfather, Solomon Arthur Dillard, maternal grandson of Solomon Peacock is buried in Chipola Cemetery in Altha. My father, George Green Dillard, was the sixth child of Solomon Arthur Dillard and Ransey (Harrell) Dillard. He was born and raised in the Altha vicinity.
J. Troy Peacock (deceased), paternal grandson of Sarah Jane Elefair McClellan, Peacock, Knight, Kendrick who is buried in Page Pond Cemetery said that his Grandmother Elefair married three times, raised three families and gained her second eyesight at age 84.
Sarah Jane Elefair Kendrick is buried between her first and third husbands, Solomon Peacock and E. G. ("Gene") Kendrick. My only information regarding her second husband is that he was a Knight and that he was murdered. Elefair and Mr. Knight had a son, George Washington Knight. He is buried in Southport, Florida. Family members say that Uncle George was an excellent carpenter who built his own casket years before his death. He kept it on the porch in the summer and in the parlor in the winter. My brother, George Dillard, remembers seeing it on the porch.
Kay Dillard Addy, paternal great great granddaughter of Sarah Jane Elefair Kendrick
Surname Given Born Died Relationship Military Notes
SHATTLES Marvin Clint 11 Sep 1921 4 May 1997   PVT US Army  
SEWELL C W 10 Jan 1880 10 Mar 1948     Gone but not forgotten
SEWELL Susie E 4 Dec 1888 25 May 1946     Gone but not forgotten
SEWELL S (Mr) 1925 1991      
SEWELL Alma, FREEMAN 14 Aug 1917 21 Feb 1950      
SEWELL Hazel Mae 1927 1969      
VICKERY Walter G 5 May 1899 28 Mar 1977 d/s Rena L Vickery   Gone but not forgotten
VICKERY Rena L 7 Sep 1902 8 Mar 1988 d/s Walter G Vickery   Gone but not forgotten
VICKERY Sarah 25 Apr 1892 15 Jun 1976     Gone but not forgotten
SWINFORD Samuel Edward 22 Feb 1935 8 Jun 1995   MSgt US Air Force Korea & Vietnam A devoted husband
MESSER Howell B 14 Dec 1923 15 Apr 1977 d/s with mother Claudie M Messer PVT US Army WWII Son
MESSER Claudie M 1 Nov 1901 20 May 1987 d/s with son H B Messer   Mother
MESSER Eunice M 30 Jul 1932  <one date>     Daughter
CHASON Ronald 9 Apr 1923 14 Oct 1998 d/s Helen A Chason CPL US Army WWII - Purple Heart married 16 may 1942  
CHASON Helen A 12 Nov 1925 2 Dec 1995 d/s Ronald Chason married 16 May 1942    
MESSER Linda Gail 17 Jul 1954 11 Aug 1956     Gone to be an angel - Darling we miss you
MESSER <infant>   8 Oct 1957      
BURKE <infant>   <no dates>     Infant Burke Children died at birth
BURKE General J 27 Apr 1904 13 Apr 1993 d/s Gladys G Burke    
BURKE Gladys G 30 Nov 1920 25 Apr 1957 d/s General J Burke    
CHASON <infant>   27 Oct 1947     Baby boy
CHASON Thomas H 1891 1965      
CHASON T J (Thomas Jefferson)  23 Sep 1917 2 Feb 1983      Brother of Eugene Chason - God living proof of a new man
LESLIE Catlie S 1989 1989      
APPLETON Doris E 3 Feb 1905 23 Jul 1984      
BOGGS James T 1919 1990      
BOGGS James L 1946 1991      
SAUERHOEFER Paul L 15 Jul 1912 2 Feb 1994      
NICHOLS Ronald Jack (Rev) 12 Dec 1946 21 Nov 1985   SP 4 US Army Vietnam  
BRAMBLETT Ross Louis 9 Jul 1943 21 Jul 1994     Beloved son - The tinkerer
BRAMBLETT Clifford M 1907 1979      
BRAMBLETT Myrtle Marie 19 Oct 1958 18 Feb 1970      
BRAMBLETT C G 20 Nov 1904 14 Feb 1935      
BRAMBLETT A G 13 Jan 1842 13 Dec 1920      
BRAMBLETT Hattie Ethel 1882 1960     Gone but not forgotten
COPNELL Lessie James 10 May 1902 15 Nov 1904      
PITTS Annie Lee 30 Apr 1907 27 Oct 1970 d/s Neal M Pitts   Gone but not forgotten
PITTS Neal M 21 Mar 1898 28 Oct 1975 d/s Annie Lee Pitts   Gone but not forgotten
PITTS Broward L 22 Dec 1946 1 Mar 1947      
SUMMER Elzone 18 Apr 1887 17 Mar 1930      
PEACOCK Caroline 10 Aug 1829 26 Nov 1910 w/o John Peacock   No pains, no griefs, no anxious fear can reach our loved one sleeping here.
PEACOCK John 13 Dec 1817 6 Feb 1877     Asleep in Jesus blessed thought
PEACOCK William 6 Feb 1865 19 Dec 1888     He is not dead but sleeping
MARSHALL Nellie 1925 1977      
MARSHALL Albert Jack 1907 1983      
SCHROEDER Alvin Herman 22 Sep 1918 21 Nov 1989 h/o Hoyle Messer Schroeder   Beloved husband - Walking with Jesus - A quite man who enjoyed the simple things in life
PEACOCK D J 5 May 1892 12 Dec 1906     Heaven claimed its own
MESSER James Calvin 3 Jul 1898 11 Dec 1983 h/o Florence W Messer   The angel called him to rest - God gave, He took, He will restore, He doeth all things well.
MESSER Jimmie Carroll 17 Mar 1937 9 Aug 1955 s/o Calvin & Florence Messer   Son we miss you - Dying is but going home. - Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal.
TATUM M Dock 8 Jan 1890 17 Nov 1959      
TATUM Pearl, CHASON 30 Apr 1900 14 Mar 1989      
TATUM James E 8 Nov 1926 3 Mar 1988 d/s Ester L Tatum    
TATUM Ester L 5 Aug 1931   d/s James E Tatum    
TATUM Jodie Eugene (Jr)   21 Nov 1982 Infant s/o Jodie E & Melanie Tatum    
TATUM Eunice M 7 Feb 1933 21 Nov 1992      
TATUM Joe Roland   28 Jul 1956 Infant s/o Jodie T & Eunice Tatum    
TATUM Lottie 9 Dec 1933 18 Dec 1933     At Rest
CHASON Sally 1 Oct 1879 20 Dec 1950     Gone but not forgotten
CHASON Lucy A 20 Mar 1851 28 May 1929 d/s John T Chason   Dear Parents - Tho we miss you so much we know you rest with God
CHASON John T 19 Feb 1855 10 Apr 1920 d/s Lucy A Chason    
CHASON Emily 7 Nov 1882 6 Dec 1970      
PEACOCK Solomon 1828 20 Nov 1860 h/o S J Kindrick    
KINDRICK Sarah J 20 Nov 1831 9 Dec 1915      
KINDRICK E B 8 Jun 1839 15 Oct 1890 h/o J E Kindrick   In memory of
TUCKER Lovie S 2 Apr 1872 8 Dec 1910 w/o M Tucker   She was kind and affectionate. A fond mother and friend to all
TUCKER Margie E 22 Nov 1907 22 Jun 1992 d/o Macajah & Lovie Tucker    
TUCKER Macajah 27 Apr 1855 10 Jan 1922     Asleep in Jesus
CARR Woodrow (Sr) 1919 1978      
CHASON Charlott   <no dates>      
CHASON Martha Ann   <no dates>      
BRANNING Frances E 1886 1962      
BOGGS Harett J 8 Apr 1853 9 Apr 1905      
BOGGS Perry E 11 Apr 1890 7 Mar 1906     May he rest in peace
BOGGS Lucy M 16 Nov 1870 22 Apr 1934     Beloved one farewell
HICKS Ollie G 4 Oct 1903 30 Sep 1908 d/o Walter & Rutha Hicks    
TAYLOR Rosa 18 Jun 1909 15 Dec 1963      
FREEMAN W F 1845 1922      
BRANNING James F 14 Dec 1955 5 Oct 1989      
BRANNING James T 1909 1957      
BRANNING Haron 10 Apr 1913 1 Dec 1959   FL Sgt Co C G 321 INF WWII BSM  
CHASON Howard 10 Mar 1909 3 May 1922     Gone but not forgotten
CHASON Clyde 31 Oct 1903 9 Nov 1904     Weep not he is at rest
PELT Alton L 16 Dec 1900 28 Jan 1944     Gone but not forgotten
PELT Bertha 31 Jul 1886 4 Nov 1969      
WATFORD Corey Wayne 9 Oct 1976 28 May 1989     The Lord is my Shepherd - I have a place in Heaven. Please don't sing sad songs for me, Forget your griefs and fears, for I am in a perfect place, away from pain and tears, I'm far away from hunger and hurt and want and pride. I have a place in Heaven with the Master at my side, my life on earth was very good as earthly lives can go, but paradise is so much more than anyone can know. My heart is filled with happiness and sweet rejoicing too. To walk with God is perfect peace, a joy forever new.
WATFORD Norris Josh 24 Apr 1923 27 Sep 1987 d/s Lucille Watford   The Lord is my shepard - He fought a good fight, he finished his course, he kept the faith, there is laid up for him a crown of righteousness which the Lord shall give him that day. II Timothy 4:7-8
WATFORD Lucille 7 May 19??   d/s Norris Josh Watfoed    
ELLIOTT Bryan DeWayne 15 Apr 1981 1 Mar 1998     Forever in our hearts - Bryan, Many times we need you, a million times we cried, if loved could have saved you, you never would have died. It broke our hearts to lose you, but you did not go alone. For a part of us went with you the day God called you home. He saw you getting tired when a cure was not to be. He closed his arms around you and whispered come to me. For all you went through, he saw your need to rest. God's garden must be beautiful , He only picks the best. - Loving you and missing you so much, Mama, Daddy, and Summer
SUMMERLIN Joe S 14 Nov 1894 31 Jan 1960   FL PFC HQ Co 49 INF WWI PH A man of high integrity he loved his family, friends and nature
SUMMERLIN Martha W 27 May 1899 9 Sep 1988     Precious memories of a loving mother. Jesus never fails, Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. Hebrews 13:8

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