Surveyers:  Stan Peacock, Cindy Gay Sloan, Margie Laramore, Stephanie Sellers McCulloch, Cliff Fiveash, Karessa Roberts, Ann Pickron Dekle,
Kevin Grover, Harold Pickron, Darlene Strength, John Ayers,James Malloy and Frances Goolsby.
If I have omitted the name of anyone who participated in this survey, please accept my apology in advance.
Typed by:  Lottie Gay Parker  Acworth, GA  30101  (E-Mail) [email protected]
Row Grave LAST NAME First, Middle, Maiden Born Died Marriage Notes/Comments/Misc Emblems, Etc Plot
A 1 CROSS Wilbur H. 12-Mar-1911 21-May-1935 10-Mar-1935 h/o Marguerite I. CROSS
A 2 CROSS Marguerite I. 24-Oct-1916 24-Aug-1995 10-Mar-1935 w/o Wilbur H. CROSS
A 3 HANSFORD William M. 03-Sep-1895 23-Oct-1989 h/o Nancy L. NEEL
A 4 HANSFORD Nancy L. 16-Nov-1901 20-Mar-1989 w/o William M. NEEL
A 5 WILSON Daniel 15-Feb-1919 20-Jun-1973 Air Force Vet. (Ret) WWII and Korea NEEL
A 6 KEEL Leslie 1914 1981 Army  WW II NEEL
A 7 HOLLON Baby Boy 1974 1974 HOLLON
A 8 <no last name> A. W. No other information
A 9 HILL Willie Edward 2-Nov-1931 26-Dec-1980 Army   Korea
A 10 STONE Jesse C. "Rooster" 26-Sep-1929 3-Nov-1986 h/o Shirley J. STONE
B 1 HANSFORD Robert Bruce 21-Dec-1911 3-Apr-1975 h/o Alda Mae HANSFORD
B 2 HANSFORD Alda Mae 4-Feb-1926 26-Sep-1993 w/o Robert Bruce HANSFORD
B 3 HANNA Ira Eleazer 27-Dec-1896 24-Apr-1988 h/o Verna Mae HANNA
B 4 HANNA Verna Mae 15-Jan-1905 8-Dec-1989 w/o Ira Eleazer HANNA
B 5 HiLL Harvey 23-Nov-1897 5-Jul-1981 h/o Minnie A.       US Army  WW II
B 6 HILL Minnie A. 10-Nov-1908 10-Jun-1991
B 7 STRICKLAND Remus J. 30-Oct-1922 1-Nov-1992 h/o Chrystelle V. STRICKLAND
B 8 STRICKLAND Chrystelle V. 15-Oct-1924 w/o Remus J. STRICKLAND
B 10 STONE Jesse M. 21-Mar-1907 2-Nov-1981 h/o Bessie J. STONE
B 11 STONE Bessie J. 11-Apr-1904 2-Jun-1993 w/o Jesse M. STONE
C 1 ADKINS Tina M. 2-Dec-1963 11-May-1995 Pete Adkins
C 2 WILLIAMS Luther Stephens  "Smokey" 19-Mar-1949 18-Mar-1995 Chief MST   US Air Force  Vietnam
"You Will Always be our Papa"
There is also an inscription for a "Chief's Creed",
which is a lovely verse,
however limited space would not allow it to be included. 
I apologize for the exclusion. 
"You Will Always be our Papa"
There is also an inscription for a "Chief's Creed",
which is a lovely verse,
however limited space would not allow it to be included.
I apologize for the exclusion.
C 6 WALDORFF Robert D. 24-Oct-1953 9-Oct-1997 h/o Rhonda Anne         "Daddy" WALDORFF
C 7 WALDORFF Rhonda Ann 4-Jun-1950 w/o Robert D.                  "Mother" WALDORFF
C 8 WALDORFF Robert David II 14-Feb-1975 11-Sep-1994 s/o Robert D. and Rhonda Ann          "Son" WALDORFF
D 3 HARRELL Alice Clemmons 30-Sep-1903
D 4 HARRELL Jerry C. 28-Jan-1931
D 5 HARRELL Juanita L. 7-Jan-1933
D 6 Empty Plot MCCORMICK
D 7 VANDERSTEEN Thomas 9-Dec-1904 16-Jul-1977
D 9 WALDROFF Dan 16-Feb-1913 7-Jun-1991 h/o Allie M. D WALDROFF
D 10 WALDROFF Allie 7-Jan-1922 11-Feb-1994 w/o Dan
D 11
D2 1 HANNA Elizabeth Ann Marshall 5-Feb-1839 25-Apr-1903 PIPPEN
E1 1 MCCROAN Troy 21-Apr-1906 28-Jul-1983 4-Jul-1931 h/o Annie L.
E1 2 MCCROAN Annie L. 2-Aug-1908 21-Feb-1984 4-Jul-1931 w/o Troy
E1 3 HANSFORD Thomas Edward 21-Jan-1908 1-Dec-1972 h/o Eva
E1 4 HANSFORD Eva Davis 3-Mar-1916 w/o Thomas Edward
E1 5 STEWART Annie Viola 30-Mar-1904 12-Jan-1998 Mama
E1 6 HARRISON Reuben Wilson Sep-1-1894 26-Dec-1975 h/o Ruby Merle                  "Thy Kingdom Come"
E1 7 HARRISON Ruby Merle 17-Dec-1893 21-Mar-1979 w/o Reuben Wilson          
E1 8 HANNA Daniel E. 1894 1977 h/o  Lula    Pvt US Army  WW I
E1 9 HANNA Lula 7-Aug-1901 8-May-1991 w/o Daniel E.           "Wife and Mother"
E1 10 HANNA Inman Leon 13-Apr-1945 17-Dec-1974 s/o Daniel E. and Lula         EN3 US Navy
E1 11 HANNA Ernest Lee 16-Feb-1925 15-Feb-1970 s/o Dan & Lula  FL Sgt QM Corps  WWII, Korea, Vietnam PH
E1 12 HANSFORD Buddy M. 26-Jan-1932 24-May-1974 s/o Robert & Daisy
E1 13 HANSFORD Robert L. 23-Nov-1909 h/o Daisy
E1 14 HANSFORD Daisy I. 27-Mar-1915 w/o Robert L.
E1 15 GEIGER Jerry B. 23-Jun-1907 6-Feb-1979 "A Beloved Husband, Father & Grandfather
 in our Hearts Forever"
 in our Hearts Forever"
E1 16 GEIGER Cleo 28-Apr-1911 18-Feb-1991 Rest in Peace
E1 17 GLASS James Edmond 1-Jan-1878 4-Aug-1967 May He Rest In Peace
E1 18 GLASS Jeffie 6-Apr-1889 27-Mar-1981
E1 19 TIPTON Lucy E. 1-Jul-1885 17-Mar-1968 w/o Oscar L.
E1 20 TIPTON Oscar L. 10-Aug-1880 4-Mar-1960 h/o Lucy E.
E1 21 PRICE Clifford Earl 11-May-1988 15-Dec-1991 Beloved Children of Verna Ann Price "Forever in our Hearts"
E1 22 PRICE Donald Jefferson 29-Nov-1985 15-Dec-1991 Beloved Children of Verna Ann Price "Forever in our Hearts"
E1 23 PRICE Joseph Manley 14-Oct-1982 15-Dec-1991 Beloved Children of Verna Ann Price "Forever in our Hearts"
E1 24 OVALDSON Renate 24-Jan-1947 23-Feb-1996 DOB and DOD from Social Security Death Index
E2 1 STEWART Jimmy Elois 25-Mar-1935 7-Dec-1973
E2 2 EADY Charles O. 21-Feb-1920 8-Jun-1998 3-Jun-1946 H/O Catherine  TEC 5 Army, WWII  Greatly Loved & Greatly Missed "Our Daddy, Our PawPaw, Our Peacekeeper"
E2 3 EADY Catherine M. 2-Mar-1926 3-Jun-1946 W/O Charles O.  "In the Garden, Our Mama, Our Memaw, Our Caregiver"
E2 4 EADY James Shawn "Jamie" 22-Feb-1974 27-Jul-1999 19-Mar-1998 "In this life I was loved - My Love, My Life, My Husband" "Gator" U. of Florida    U of FL "GATOR"
E2 5 GLASS Vernon S. 25-May-1918 17-Jul-1966 Florida SI    US Navy  WW II
E2 6 JACKSON Fay 29-Aug-1917
E2 7 JACKSON Florence 1-Oct-1917
F 1 YOUNG Baby Girl 29-Nov-1963 "Born Dead Nov 29, 1963"
F 2 HANSFORD Charlie Max 1-Oct-1941 17-May-1969 H/O Velynn Baggett
F 3 HANSFORD Velynn Baggett 12-May-1945 28-Jul-1998 18-May-1969 W/O Charlie Hansford
F 4 EASTERWOOD Lisa Ranae 6-Mar-1968 12-Nov-1970
F 5 BOWLIN Harvey G. 16-Dec-1915 16-Jul-1990 H/O Lula B.    "COWBOY", A Loving Husband and Father BOWLIN
F 6 BOWLIN Lula B 19-May-1934 W/O Harvey BOWLIN
F 7 Slight Indentation BOWLIN
F 8 HOWARD Thelma L. 19-Jul-1909 20-Dec-1920 W/O James B.  (PK) Dau of Wm. Wright Cook & Carrie Lee McCroan
F 9 HOWARD James B. 25-Apr-1907 25-Jun-1972 H/O Thelma L. HOWARD
F 10 ALLEN Dorothy E. 7-Nov-1931 22-Aug-1996 W/O Hugh and Dau of James B. And Thelma L. Howard HOWARD
F 11 ALLEN Hugh 12-Dec-1930 H/O Dorothy HOWARD
F 12 BALDWIN Gus, Jr.  (Buddy) 29-Apr-1919 1-Nov-1940 H/O Davhrice BALDWIN
Large Dbl Stone is shared by 2 couples, West side is Gus & Davhrice, on the ease side is Charles & Velma (Row G)
F 13 BALDWIN Davhrice Tindel 31-Mar-1918 3-Jul-1986 1-Nov-1940 W/O Gus Jr. "The Fairest and Sweetest Rose, in Time, Must Fade but Never be Forgotten" BALDWIN
F 14 ROBERTS Kenneth R. 27-Jan-1924 1-Apr-1996  Deer carved in stone - "Gone But Not Forgotten"
F 15 WIMBERLY Edna B. 15-Apr-1895 5-Apr-1974
F 16 SIMS Lloyd Edison, Sr. 9-Mar-1907 5-Jun-1974 CWO  US Navy
F 17 SIMS Jessie Catherine 17-Sep-1923
F 18 WIMBERLY Ruth Fiveash 29-Jul-1895 15-Mar-1958 W/O Henry   "Gone But Not Forgotten"
F 19 WIMBERLY Henry Frank 24-Aug-1898 1-Apr-1970 H/O Ruth   "Gone But Not Forgotten"
F 20 CLEMMONS Annie Laura 21-Jun-1930 "Precious Memories" CLEMMONS
G 1 BALDWIN Charles Bernard 10-Mar-1912 30-Nov-1971 1-Jun-1947 H/O Velma BALDWIN
G 2 BALDWIN Velma Algee 24-Mar-1908 21-Aug-1980 1-Jun-1947 W/O Charles BALDWIN
G 3 WIMBERLY Olin Terrance 9-Sep-1901 8-Jan-1973 H/O Olga WIMBERLY
G 4 WIMBERLY Olga Peacock 25-Feb-1910 W/O Olin WIMBERLY
G 5 COOK Washington Irving 21-Sep-1906 17-Oct-1972 FL  LCDR  US Coast Guard  WW II  Korea COOK
W. I. Cook's marker is double, but the second side is blank. No name or date.
G 7 SELLERS Jessie Maud (WIMBERLY) 2-Apr-1894 30-Oct-1966
G 8 WIMBERLY Lonnie Sr. 1-Jul-1896 28-Jul-1955 H/O Beatrice  "He Died As He Lived, A Christian" WIMBERLY
G 9 WIMBERLY Beatrice 7-Dec-1901 29-Oct-1985 W/O Lonnie "She Died As She Lived, A Loving Christion Mother"
G 10 CLEMMONS Hewey R. Sr. 21-Dec-1910 30-Jul-1992 15-Apr-1928 H/O Lois CLEMMONS
G 11 CLEMMONS Lois Jesse 5-Apr-1913 15-Apr-1928 W/O Hewey R. Sr. CLEMMONS
G 12 CLEMMONS Paula Dawn 4-Jan-1963 CLEMMONS
G 13 HODGE Pansy C. 2-Oct-1935 CLEMMONS
H 1 BAGGETT William Edward 28-Aug-1935 26-Feb-1982 BAGGETT
H 2 BAGGETT Clint 4-Feb-1895 10-Mar-1977 H/O Mattie   Pvt. US Army  WWI BAGGETT
H 3 BAGGETT Mattie Lee 18-Aug-1911 20-Sep-1969 W/O Clint BAGGETT
H 4 STONE Charles Lundy 17-Jan-1869 18-Mar-1969 STONE
H 5 STONE Aubrey Lee 13-Jul-1931 12-May-1961 8-Mar-1959 H/O Doris STONE
H 6 STONE Doris J. 28-Feb-1943 8-Mar-1959 W/O Aubrey STONE
H 7 STONE Charles L. 22-Sep-1961 22-Dec-1961 STONE
H 8 STONE Aubrey Dewayne 23-May-1960 8-Sep-1972 "Rest In Peace" STONE
H 9 WIMBERLY William Jacob 8-Jul-1880 9-Nov-1964 27-Dec-1903 h/o Annie WIMBERLY
H 10 WIMBERLY Annie Roceita 18-Feb-1888 28-Feb-1968 27-Dec-1903 W/O William Jacob WIMBERLY
H 11 WIMBERLY Annie Pearl 7-Aug-1906 24-Feb-1995 "Daughter"  Has Funeral Home Marker from Wilson Funeral Homes - Panama City, FL.
"Miss Annie Pearl Wimberly"
"Miss Annie Pearl Wimberly"
H 12 MARKS Robert Lewis 2-Jun-1922 27-Nov-1951 Rejoice Because Your Names are Written in the Lambs Book of Life, Rev. 21-27 MARKS
H 13 MARKS Nancy Baggett 25-Nov-1932 27-Nov-1951 MARKS
H 14 MARKS Richard Lee 2-May-1956 27-Jan-1968 "Our Beloved Son"   Boy Scout Emblem  Troop 136 MARKS
Also has a small Metal Marker from Boy Scouts of America; "In Memoriam, Richard Lee Marks, Altha, Fl. Tenderfoof Troup 136, 2 May 1956
H 15 AYERS William H. 8-Feb-1872 24-Feb-1963 H/O Sallie AYERS
H 16 AYERS Sallie E. 6-Feb-1871 27-Mar-1966 W/O William H. AYERS
H 17 AYERS James H. 9-Oct-1892 9-Jul-1981 10-Feb-1955 H/O Bitha AYERS
H 18 AYERS Bitha G. 26-May-1906 3-Mar-1998 10-Feb-1955 W/O James  Ayers AYERS
H 19 COOK Emory 1-Jan-1909 3-Mar-1998 2-Jun-1937 H/O Myra "He was a Loving and Affectionate Husband and Father", Loved by All
H 20 COOK Myra Lee 6-May-1906 8-Aug-1972 2-Jun-1937 W/O Emory "She was a Loving and Affectionate Wife andMother, Loved by All"
H 21 HUGHES Franklin Malachi (Shank) 12-Sep-1912 9-Feb-1974 "God Gave, He Took, He Will Restore. He Doeth All Things Well".
H 22 CLEMMONS Hewey R. Jr. 7-Sep-1938 30-Sep-1990 18-Jan-1972 H/O Ruth Anne;  (Also includes an  Engraving of a Fiddle)
"To Forget is Vain Endeavor,
Love's Remembrance Lasts Forever"
H 23 CLEMMONS Ruth Anne 27-Apr-1950 18-Jan-1972 W/O Hewey  (Also includes an engraving of 2 horses named "Tebar" and "Dandy"
H 24 WHITE Leonard Leighton 23-May-1920 12-Sep-1995 H/O Marion      EMC  US Navy  WWII WHITE
H 25 WHITE Marion Jeanette 23-Oct-1916 W/O Leonard WHITE
I 1 BAGGETT Memorial Bench with "Baggett" on the side - The following is carved on bench "Buried in Spartanburg, S. C.  " In loving memory of Betsy Ross Hicks 19, April 1941----6 Oct 1989 "Gone but Not Forgotten" BAGGETT
Children of Clint and Mattie Baggett:  Edward, Edgar, James, Wallace, Nancy, Lula, Betsy, Doris, Velynn, Carolyn, Wanda, Dawnie"
The Memorial Bench is in same Baggett plot with WilliamEdgar, Clint and Mattie of Row H
I 2 BAGGETT Noah Edgar 6-Sep-1937 16-Jul-1963 "The Lord is my Refuge, Rest in Peace" BAGGETT
I 3 STONE Aubrey Waymond 19-Jun-1914 23-Feb-1956 FL Sgt. US Army WWII,  Korea  BSM & OLC-PH
I 4 KELLY Jack F. 1936 1982 US Coast Guard    Korea MARKS
I 5 MARKS Mary  (Infant) 6-Dec-1954 MARKS
I 6 RICHTER Alma H. 8-Oct-1909 13-Oct-1988 "Asleep in Jesus" 
I 7 HUGHES Susie M. 23-Jan-1908 "Asleep in Jesus" 
I 8 COOK Pheobia Jane 3-Mar-1935 3-Nov-1993 14-Aug-1950 W/O Hilton
I 9 COOK Hilton 7-Sep-1930 14-Aug-1950 H/O Pheobia Jane
J 1 FOWLER Infant 2-Nov-1919 2-Nov-1919 Infant M/M C. J. Fowler
J 2 MARTIN John W. 1838 1920
J 3 FOWLER Roy 16-May-1917 25-Nov-1920
J 5 SIMS Fannie J. 22-Apr-1876 29-Jan-1923 Dau of S.O. and A. E. Goodlett
J 6 HANSFORD John Frank 1-Mar-1891 16-Jul-1929
J 7 HANSFORD G. L. 22-Dec-1849 18-Nov-1926 "Sleep in Peace, My Darling"
J 8 HANSFORD Georgia A. 7-Oct-1854 7-Jan-1943 W/O George L.     "At Rest"
J 9 BURK John Small Grave
J 10 ETHRIDGE Dempsey 18-May-1896 16-Jan-1925 "Gone But Not Forgotten"
J 11 E H. E. Initial for last name- Headstone for J-11 and J-12 same style
J 12 E J. M. E. "Boss" Initial for last name- Headstone for J-11 and J-12 same style
J 14 WYNN Jim M. 11-Nov-1867 29-Jan-1923 "Dad"  Same Headstone as Ira J.
J 15 WYNN Ira J. 13-Mar-1900 16-Oct-1947 "Son"  Same headstone as Jim M.
J 16 AYERS Jesse F. 15-Sep-1899 22-Aug-34 "Gone But Not Forgotten"
J 17 AYERS Jesse Doyle 17-Oct-1933 22-Oct-1933 "Our Darling"
J 18 HUGHES Samuel Malachi "Sim" 13-Mar-1871 30-Jul-1930 Mason;  Shared Headstone with Sara E B Hughes
J 19 HUGHES Sarah Elizabeth Bartlett 9-Jun-1874 16-Apr-1962 Shared Headstone with Samuel M Hughes
J 20 WILLIAMS Laura E. 1879 1958
J 21 WATFORD Eula Mae 1898 1955 Mother
J 22 WILLIAMS James Lonnie 27-Feb-1900 20-Mar-1901 Son of Corbin and Laura
J 23 STONE Viola 29-Aug-1903 8-Sep-1912 "Our Daughter"
J 24 STONE Infant Mar-1910 S/O M/M J. H. Stone
J 25 HUGS Jessia G. 13-Sep-1874 29-Apr-1899 S/O MTH & RGH Hugs
J 26 BARTLETT Vander 30-Dec-1908 25-Jun-1910 Infant
J 27 BARTLETT Jennie R. 20-Mar-1868 18-Oct-1918
J 28 BARTLETT James R. 23-Oct-1865 18-Jun-1940
J 29 BEVIS Pearl Bartlett 7-Sep-1905 5-May-1986 "God Bless"
K 1 MARTIN Mary L. 26-Mar-1899 13-Aug-1900
K 1a DENHAM Rebecca 29-May-1930 Infant Dau of J. G. and Emma M. Durham? (Denham)
K 2 MARTIN John D. 27-Sep-1896 Infant Son of J. C. and Ella A. Martin
K 3 MARTIN L. C. 8-Oct-1898 5-Dec-1898
K 4 DONALDSON Ray Arthur Jr. 29-Dec-1972 14-Jan-1998
K 5 HANSFORD J. B. 14-Sep-1929 17-Dec-1929
K 6 HANSFORD-HAGEN Annie Mae 11-Mar-1891 8-Dec-1947 "Mother"
K 7 HAGAN J. F. (Ike) 23-Nov-1907 15-Mar-1991
K 8 NAME UNKNOWN Larah E. Same Style Stone as John Burk in Row J
K 9 LOGAN Roland Lee 21-Sep-1891 8-Dec-1947 Military Insignia
K 10 LOGAN Martha Elizabeth Stone 28-Jan-1897 31-May-1979 Nickname "Mattie"
K 11 LOGAN James Hinton 7-Feb-1921 10-Apr-1923 Son of M/M R. L. Logan
K 12 LOGAN Robert Edward 7-Aug-1915 15-Dec-1916 Son of M/M R. L. Logan
K 13 STONE Paulina P. 22-Jan-1878 3-Jan-1949 "Loving Mother"
K 14 STONE Jesse H. 16-Nov-1867 1-May-1953 "Kind Father"
K 15 HUGHES Zylphia 21-Dec-1843 29-Nov-1922 "Our Mother"
L AYERS Francis 11-Sep-1853 18-Nov-1936
L TRAYLOR Ida Richards 7-Mar-1869 28-Jul-1949
L TRAYLOR Champion T. 19-Apr-1848 24-Feb-1927
L TRAYLOR Louise 25-Mar-1910 12-Nov-1912 Dau of C. T. and Ida Traylor
L TRAYLOR Violet 3-Mar-1908 12-Nov-1912 Dau of C. T. and Ida Traylor
L BEYER Bonnie Ray 17-Jun-1917 20-Jul-1932 Dau of M/M D. E. Ray
L RAY N. B. 23-Mar-1904 25-Mar-1904 Infant Son of D. E. and A. C. Ray
L RAY Joseph C. 23-Jun-1905 12-Nov-1958
L RAY Amanda C. 24-Jul-1885 17aug191956
L RAY David E. 21-May-1883 17-Aug-1956
L GRANTHAM Samuel Henry 25-Dec-1875 16-Aug-1938
L ALDAY Laura 19-Feb-1877 26-Feb-1919
L ALDAY Marshall 6-Oct-1862 9-Feb-1941
L ALDAY Dillian 18-Oct-1850 9-Oct-1950
L PAIANO Terry Michael 10-Oct-1958 Son of Michael E. and Fannie Louise PAIANO
L PAIANO Fannie Louise 28-Jan-1923 30-May-1993 "Mother"
L PAIANO Michael E. 17-Apr-1921 "Father"
L DENHAM Rebecca 29-May-1930 Infant Dau of O. G. and Emma Denham
M 1 ALDAY Neal 21-Sep-1879 8-Jan-1970
M 2 SELLERS Ernest A. 29-Feb1876 28-Aug-1930
M 3 YOUNG Infant 4-Sep-1939 5-Sep-1939 Infant of M/M R. D. Young
M 4 LOGAN N/A 22-Dec-1889 5-Sep-1926
M 5 TRAYLOR Tom 6-Oct-1903 18-Mar-1935
M 6 GATES Alice Traylor 25-Sep-1906 6-Jun-1968
N 1 GOFF Sadie Dates not available
N 2 GROVER Minnie Bell 1895 1987
N 3 MARTIN C. M. (Tuck) 1870 1905
N 4 MARTIN James C. 1841 1876
N 5 KEEL Joshua J. 1996 1997
N 6 BELL W. F. 1-Jan-1870 5-Sep-1874
N 7 BELL Emily E. 4-Jan-1849 2-Nov-1929 Emily E. & John L. Bell share same headstone "Our Mother"
N 8 BELL John L. 19-Feb-1827 2-Jan-1911 Emily E. & John L. Bell share same headstone "Our Father"
N 9 HALL Infant 4-Oct-1889 Son of Rev. J. M. and Alice M. Hall
N 10 HALL Infant 21-Aug-1888 Dau of Rev. J.M. and Alice M. Hall
N 11 COXWELL James R. 1847 1882
N 12 SIMS William M. 10-Jul-1886 30-Jun-1932 "Father"
N 13 SIMS Mattie L. 10-Oct-1892 3-Dec-1971 "Mother"
N 15 DAVIS Ben F. 1-Jan-1874 18-Jul-1941
N 16 COX Infant 28-Dec-1912
N 17 COX Infant 16-Oct-1911
N 18 COX Opal 18-Dec-1902 8-Mar-1916 D/O J. M. & Annie Cox
N 19 COX James Monroe 18_Dec-1854 17-Nov-1917
N 20 DAVIS Annie Cox 15-Apr-1876 26-Aug-1956
O 1 AYERS Mrs. Rebecca J. 1854 1938 "Beloved One, Farewell"
O 2 AYERS Nacy Catherine 9-Jan-1860 1-Jan-1888 "She Believeth and Sleepeth in Jesus"
O 3 AYERS Samuel 10-Jan-1885 18-Jul-1934
O 4 AYERS Winneford 10-Apr-1859 21-May-1885
O 5 AYERS James May-1857 June Illegible Infant Grave
O 6 JOHNSON John Webster 18-Aug-1906 25-Apr-1929
O 7 COE Ruth Lucille Johnson 16-Oct-1908 2-Jun-1935
O 8 JOHNSON Lula B. 20-Aug-1874 8-Feb-1949 W/O James
O 9 JOHNSON James H. 3-Dec-1869 12-Apr-1951 H/O Lula
O 10 JOHNSON Edgar J. 20-Nov-1898 17-Sep-1986
O 11 CASTERLINE Arthur B. 31-May-1857 13-Apr-1916
O 12 CASTERLINE Emily E. 20-Jan-1884 11-Oct-1934 "Beloved Wife of John Rollin Joiner"
O 13 MCCLELLAN Andrew 23-Jun-1880 17-May-1888
O 14 HARPER William 1858 1895 Harper-Richardson
O 15 HARPER William 1900 1900 Son of H. W. & Emma Harper Harper-Richardson
O 16 HARPER Thomas 1901 1902 Son of H. W. & Emma Harper Harper-Richardson
O 17 RICHARDS Andrew Solomon 18-Jan-1890 3-Nov-1920 W. O. W.
O 18 RICHARDS Evelyn Harper 10-Oct-1896 22-Sep-1989 Iron Cross - Love Fidelity Patience Love "Nothing is Impossible
O 19 RICHARDS M. Olivia 1-Oct-1914 9-Aug-1915 D/O A. S. and Eva Richards
O 20 WYNN Eva Harper 1898 1916
O 21 YON Alicia Gail 6-Sep-1970 8-Sep-1991
O 22 YOUNG Jesse James 7-Oct-1908 25-Jan-1991
O 23 YOUNG Louise E. 1919 1999
O 24 CAYSUN Mary E. 1883 1923 "Death is a Dream"
O 25 GUY Roy B. 1911 1999 US Army WW II
O 26 MORRIS Velmor Nov-1917 Feb-1920
O 28 MORRIS C. H. 11-Jan-1910 14-Jul-1921
O 29 MORRIS P. L. 1-Jul-1905 15-Jan-1921
O 30 MORRIS Infant "Darling Baby"
P 1 AYERS Nancy Catherine 11-Nov-1888 28-Jun-1976
P 2 ROOKS Charles Cecil 11-Aug-1920 26-Apr-1921
P 3 ROOKS Dewey 3-Feb-1918 3-Feb-1918
P 4 ROOKS Edward Muriel 25-Aug-1916 11-Jul-1917
P 5 PEACOCK James Kinson 10-Nov-1897 25-May-1898
P 6 PEACOCK Infant
P 7 PEACOCK Harriet E. 9-Jun-1891 22-Oct-1898 "From Mother's Arms to the Arms of Jesus"
P 8 PEACOCK Infant
P 9 PEACOCK Robert Ervin 21-Apr-1900 12-Aug-1900
P 10 COXWELL Thomas Weldon 11-Jul-1922 25-Dec-1994 S Sgt US Air Force  WWII  Medal: Purple Heart COXWELL
P 11 COXWELL Fleming 26-Jul-1883 11-May-1972 COXWELL
P 12 COXWELL Annie E. 1889 1958 W/O Thomas Coxwell COXWELL
P 13 COXWELL Thomas L. 1881 1938 H/O Annie Coxwell COXWELL
P 14 COXWELL Myrtle 10-Nov-1922 14-Dec-1923 COXWELL
P 15 COXWELL Mary Lucindy Newell 25-Feb-1893 23-Dec-1922 COXWELL
P 16 COXWELL Joesphine 10-Oct-1873 30-Jan-1905 COXWELL
P 17 COXWELL Joseph O. 10-Oct-1873 15-Oct-1910 COXWELL
P 18 COXWELL William J. 3-Oct-1858 14-Jan-1889 H/O Mary E. COXWELL
P 19 COXWELL Mary E. 29-Sep-1855 5-Dec-1916 W/O William J. COXWELL
P 20 COXWELL George T. 26-Mar-1830 13-Jun-1890 COXWELL
P 21 COXWELL Sarah Jane 7-Jul-1836 3-Nov-1893 COXWELL
P 22 COXWELL Andrew W. 3-Jun-1872 17-Jul-1909 COXWELL
Q 23 KEEL W. H. 28-Aug-1868 5-Oct-1953
Q 24 KEEL Infant N/A N/A
Q 25 KEEL Idella E. 30-Dec-1885 8-Jan-1922 W/O W. H. KEEL
Q 26 KEEL Infant N/A N/A
Q 27 KEEL Infant N/A N/A
Q 28 KEEL Infant N/A N/A
Q 29 KEEL Mollie B. N/A N/A
Q 30 MORRIS Alvin Earl 3-Feb-1920 13-Mar-1992
Q 31 MORRIS Martha 1892 1982
Q 32 SULLIVAN Mary A. 4-Jan-1857 4-Mar-1901 Two Headstones for same person:  Mary A. Sullivan
Q 33 SULLIVAN Mary A. 4-Jan-1857 4-Mar-1901 Two Headstones for same person:  Mary A. Sullivan
Q 34 SULLIVAN W. J. 4-Jun-1854 6-Mar-1936 H/O Mary A. Sullivan
Q 35 YOUNG Reason Y. 7-Jun-1881 23-May-1965 H/O Lossie H. Young
Q 36 YOUNG Lossie H. 24-Mar-1882 18-Aug-1971 W/O Reason Y. Young
Q 37 YOUNG Reason Douglas 25-Jan-1910 21-Nov-1983 H/O Elois Louise Young
Q 38 YOUNG Elois Louise 23-Feb-1919 29-Nov-1982 W/O Reason Douglas Young
P HERRING Pearl Marie 14-Oct-1900 1903 Infant
P HERRING Jim McCroan 1912 1912 Infant
P HERRING Minnie Lee 1917 1918 Infant
P HERRING Nancy 11-Jun-1880 4-Jul-1921
P HERRING John H. 28-Feb-1877 18-Nov-1955
Q 1 Phillips William E. 3-Apr-1919 14-Mar-1993 PFC  US Army    Purple Heart
Q 2 WILLIAMS Hettie Mae 1901 1985 Adams Funeral Home marker
Q 3 PEACOCK Charles K. 8-Nov-1869 24-Oct-1900
Q 4 PEACOCK Martha Jane 18-Oct-1870 20-Apr-1941 W/O C. K. Peacock and Reubin Whitfield (PK - S Peacock)
Q 5 PEACOCK Infant
Q 6 PEACOCK Infant
Q 7 AYERS Infant
Q 8 LAY James E. 27-Jun-1935 3-Dec-1985 15-Nov-1963 TSGT  US Air  Force
Q 9 LAY Josie F. 22-Feb-1939 15-Nov-1963
Q 10 LOGAN Ernest Jefferson 23-Apr-1918 19-Feb-1990 LOGAN  (Lge Plot)
R 12 WALDROFF Martha Ann 29-Feb-1912 4-Nov-1983 2-Aug-1947 Same Headstone as Amaziah WALDROFF
R 13 WALDROFF Amaziah 20-Nov-1910 20-Aug-1990 2-Aug-1947 Same Headstone as Martha Ann
R 14 AYERS Annie E. 5-Nov-1892 22-Apr-1981 AYERS
R 15 AYERS Benjamin F. 18-Aug-1886 18-Mar-1928
R 16 AYERS Nancy Ann 1845 1913 "Gone But Not Forgotten"
R 17 AYERS David 11-Apr-1879 05-Jan-1910
R 18 DUNCAN Avie E. 1-Feb-1876 05-Mar-1936
R 19 GRANTHAM W. J. 19-Mar-1850 11-Jan-1923 (William James Weldon Grantham)
R 20 G M Small Marker grave marked MG is Martha Jane (Ridley) Grantham (she died around 1891or 2).
R 21 LINDSEY Coy S. 11-Apt-1884 21-Jan-1963  Coy S(heperd) Lindsey
R 22 LINDSEY Susie Iris 1888 1973 Susie Iris (Grantham) Lindsey and (right near Susie there is an infant grave, it was my dad's brother, John Henry Lindsey, he was born and died around 1927
R 23 MARKER Old Funeral Marker
R 25 BAGGETT Lula Camille 21-Sep-1871 17-Feb-1954
R 26 BAGGETT Matthew Harrison 1866 10-Jan-1951
R S BAGGETT Connie I. 13-Jan-1908 Oct-1996
R S BAGGETT Joseph 26-Feb-1892 6-Oct-1918
R S MAYO Louise
R S CHAPMAN Jesse Lee 1937
R S KEEL Jessie 15-Aug-1895 9-Aug-1968
R S BAGGETT Bertha 5-Jul-1905 15-Oct-1975
R S BAGGETT Noah 8-Jun-1901 31-Aug-1975
R S BAGGETT Infant S/O Noah Baggett
R S BAGGETT Infant S/O Noah Baggett
R S BAGGETT Infant S/O Noah Baggett
R S BAGGETT Infant  Twin Boy Infant Twin Son of Matthew BAGGETT
R S BAGGETT Infant  Twin Boy Infant Twin Son of Matthew BAGGETT
S 1 AYERS William Ellis 20-Nov-1898 06-May-1917 Seaman 2nd Class - US Navy
S 2 AYERS Henrietta V. 26-Aug-1862 26-Oct-1914
S 3 AYERS Thomas A. 26-Oct-1884 20-May-1905
S 4 AYERS Monroe P. 06-Feb-1881 28-May-1881
S 5 AYERS Ebert L. Sr 20-Aug-1856 20-May-1889
S 6 AYERS Johnny D. 26-Aug-1883 30-July-1886
S 7 MORRIS Martha Jane 10-May-1832 06-Dec-1899
S 8 UNMARKED A part of a broken stone reght next to Martha Morris -
 "Gone But Not Forgotten" is all that is lelft of stone.
S 9 UNMARKED 2 Pieces of Wood with a nail in each sticking out of the ground near Ayers Plot - Lay Plot of Row R
S 10 PHILLIPS Ephrom No Date No Date Co. A, 57 Ga Inf. CSA
S 11 BRANCH Malissie 1880 12-May-1896 In Memory of Malissie Branch Wife of E. L. Branch
Born 1880 and died May 12, 1896
"She Was the Sunshine of My Home,
Just When I Learned to Love Her Most,
God Called Her Back To Heaven"
(Stone is broken and hard to read)
S 12 PEACOCK Francis N/A 15-Aug-1916 "A tender mother and a faithful friend" (See Footnotes)
S 13 PEACOCK Francis N/A 07-Sep-1941 Marble footstone "F.P."
S 14 PEACOCK John J. N/L 17-Feb-1910 Fl, 16 Regt. Pvt. USMC
S 15 PEACOCK Lona 09-Sep-1899 06-Feb-1942
S 16 PEACOCK Mary 03-Aug-1905 07-Sep-1944
S 17 PEACOCK Katherine E. 27-Nov-1903 21-Sep-1991
BROCK No apparent graves Old Brock Plot
BROCK-FULTON No apparent graves Newer Brock-Fulton
S 18 BAGGETT Joseph 26-Feb-1892 06-Oct-1918 Pvt. Co. A., 26 Reg. "Served in the war"
T 1 GOODSON Nancy 13-Aug-1914 No Date
T 2 GOODSON T.C. 05-Oct-1906
T 3 STACY Will Oct-1880 22-Sep-1946
T 4 STACY William E. 03-Feb-1923 04-Aug-1937
T 5 MEREDITH J.A. 20-Sept-1820 24-Mar-1855 Sacred to the Memory of J. A. Meredith
was born Sept 20, 1820 and died March 24, 1855
"Our Father, Ever True and Dear
We Near thy Grave to Weep
Yet We Find Consolation Here to Know That We Again Will Meet"
Built by S. Brooks Sept the 1, 1896     Note:  The dates and inscriptions should be verified against an older survey if possible.
T 6 WISE Abigail Leann 11-Feb-1998 11-Feb-1998 "On the Day You Were Born
An Angel Was Sent From Up Above to Watch Over and Protect Us in the Name of Love"
T 7 BARFIELD Gracy Lee 25-Jul-1917 06-Oct-1914 "BABY"  "Gone But Not Forgotten"
D/O V.B. & B.L. Barfield
T 8 BARFIELD Carabelle 03-Jul-1913 06-Oct-1914 D/O W.J. & Mandy Barfield
"She Was Too Good, Too Gentle and Fair
to Dwell in This Cold World of Care"
T 9 Small pointed marker - no names or dates
T 10 BRANCH Margaret Ann Smith 29-Feb-1850 3-May-1895 W/O James C. Branch
Headstone replaced by Descendents May 6, 1995
T 11 BRANCH Infant 1890 1890 In Memory of an Infant of
James C. & Margaret Ann Branch
born and died 1890
T 12 ALEXANDER Infant 1886 1886 Infant of George W. & Lucy Alexander
T 13 BRANCH Infant 1888 1888 In Memory of an Infant of
James C. & Margaret Ann Branch
born and died 1888
T 14 BRANCH Infant 1886 1886 In Memory of an Infant of
James C. & Margaret Ann Branch
born and died 1886
T 15 UNMARKED Base of Marker with headston missing is located between Branch Infant (1886) and Katherine Peacock in Row S.
T 16 WALDROFF Jesse C. 1900 1929 "Thy Trials Ended, Thy Rest Won"
T 17 WALDROFF Florence 1876 1961 Florence and Amaziah share same headstone
T 18 WALDROFF Amaziah 1876 1926 Florence and Amaziah share same headstone
T 19 PERKINS Jack Earl 1924 1925 "Our Baby"
T 20 PERKINS Effie Lee 23-Oct-1901 03-May-1983
T 21 KEEL Jessie 15-Aug-1895 09-Aug-1968
T 22 BAGGETT Bertha Ora 05-Jul-1905 15-Oct-1975 W/O Noah "Mother"
T 23 BAGGETT Noah 08-Jun-1901 31-Aug-1978 H/O Bertha - "Father"
U 1 HAM Mary E. 2-Aug-1884 24-Sep-1959 Mother
U 2 RICHARDS John G. 29-Jul-1914 15-Oct-1916
U 3 HAGAN Myrtle 20-May-1915 14-Aug-1915 Baby of C.R. & S.S. Hagan
U 4 HAGAN Dan Linton 14-Feb-1920 20-May-1920 S/O C.R. & S.S. Hagan
U 5 STEPHENS G.W. 15-July-1861 05-Mar-1939
U 6 STEPHENS A.L. 8-Apr-1863 01-May-1921
U 7 STEPHENS W.H. 04-Apr-1889 22-Sep-1912 S/O G.W. & A.L. Stephens
U 8 ANDERSON Gus 24-July-1882 25-Mar-1957 Pvt Btry D, 116 Fld Arty - WWI
U 9 ANDERSON Charlie Marshell 5-Nov-1873 14-Dec-1948
U 13 MADDOX George Rufus 26-Jul-1925 01-Jun-1980 TSgt USAF, WWII - Korea
U 14 MADDOX Virginia S. 17-Mar-1883 04-Dec-1946 Mother
U 15 MADDOX Rufus C. 06-Mar-1879 13-Oct-1943 Daddy
U 16 MADDOX Hubert C. 27-Sep-1918 13-Oct-1918 Our Darling
U 17 MADDOX Mary Sue 01-Jan-1963 At foot of Hubert C.
U 18 MADDOX George C. 21-Oct-1843 21-Dec-1923
U 19 MADDOX Lou 23-Dec-1846 04-Oct-1927 W/O George C.Maddox
U 20 MADDOX Johnnie 22-Apr-1914 20-May-1914
V 1 RABON Infant Son 08-Dec-1941 S/O Mr. & Mrs. Henry Rabon
V 2 SIMS James W. 25-Aug-1888 25-Mar-1950 James and Mary's Stone are adjacent but relationship unclear
V 3 PITTS Mary Sims 28-June-1899 01-Mar-1985 "I'm gone but not forgotten" Mother
V 4 SIMS Idell 03-Aug-1921 02-Sep-1922
V 5 BURGESS Robert T. 28-Jun-1900 H/O Minnie
V 6 BURGESS Minnie Bell 08-Jul-1897 04-Nov-1973 W/O Robert
V 7 BURGESS William R. 04-Apr-1866 05-Jun-1941 H/O Sarah
V 8 BURGESS Sarah Frances 22-June-1873 31-Jan-1961 W/O William R.
V 9 MOOPER Elizabeth 1814 1887 "God Bless You Dear Mother"
V 10 A.M.H. Small Footstone "A.M.H." Only
V 11 SULLIVAN Mrs. Lizzie 15-Apr-1865 22-Jun-1917
V 12 SULLIVAN George W. 14-Feb-1861 30-Oct-1944
V 13 HERRING Lonie Age 19 Years
V 14 HOWARD Mary Frances 10-April-1852 07-Jun-1935
V 15 HOWARD William Age 45 Years
V 16 HOWARD Emily Age 15 Years
V 17 HOWARD Mary Alice Peacock 04-Jan-1879 10-Oct-1944 W/O William
V 18 HOWARD William I. 17-April-1876 25-Dec-1962 H/O Mary Alice
V 19 AYERS Harriet Elizabeth 24-Feb-1841 22-Aug-1916 "Mother"
"She Was Too Good, Too Gentle and Fair
to Dwell in this Cold World of Care"
V 20 AYERS Ishmal A 16-Feb-1850 05-Aug-1926
V 21 AYERS Queen Ann "Sister" 10-Mar-1879 08-Jul-1938 Queen Ann and Zachariah share same Headstone
"Her Memory is Blessed"
V 22 AYERS Zachariah "Brother" 06-Jun-1881 03-Jul-1961 Queen Ann and Zachariah share same Headstone
"May He Rest in Peace"
V 23 SULLIVAN M. Helen Markn 24-Aug-1921 02-Aug-1947
V 24 SULLIVAN John S. 23-Nov-1897 18-Sep-1976 John and Amy share same Marker
V 25 SULLIVAN Amy W. 12-June-1898 06-Jan-1984 John and Amy share same Marker
W 1 RABON Mittie 25-Jan-1897 24-Feb-1947 "Having Finished Life's Duty, She Now Sweetly Rests"
W 2 RABON Henry N. 26-Oct-1920 27-Nov-1984 Henry and Allie Mae share same Headstone
W 3 RABON Allie Mae 18-Nov-1923 25-Oct-1939 Henry and Allie Mae share same Headstone
W 4 RABON Kenneth Wayne 22-Dec-1942 01-Jun-1965
W 5 RABON Peggy Ann 07-Mar-1947 24-Dec-1989 01-Jun-1965 "She was a Kind and Affectionate Wife and Mother
and A Friend to All"
W 6 RABON Hazel F. 10-Sep-1940 10-Feb-1941
W 7 WILLIFORD Nancy Rabon 05-Jul-1868 05-May-1914
W 8 RABON Amy M. 11-Oct-18?? 26-Nov-1891 "Death is Eternal, Why Should we Weep?"
Came to her death by a horse runaway
W 9 RABON Sarah E. 24-Nov-1884 26-Nov-1891
W 12 STONE Tom Buck 21-Sep-1906 04-Aug-1952
W 13 PARKS Hugh W. 08-Jul-1914 21-Nov-1988 "At Rest With Jesus"
W 14 PARKS Ore Mae 30-May-1916 31-Jul-1995
W 15 HERRING Robert B. 01-Jun-1904 10-May-1959 "Rest in Jesus"
W 16 HERRING Charles F. 12-Dec-1923 14-Jan-1969
W 17 HERRING Theodore Ben 19-Dec-1871 19-Feb-1945
W 18 HERRING Georgia Ann 2-Feb-1886 01-Apr-1959
W 19 HERRING James Mitchel 07-Nov-1911 12-Jun-1915
W 20 HERRING William Buford 22-Sep-1914 03-Jun-1915
W 21 LEWIS Infant D/O M/M E.C.Lewis
Located: (At foot of William Buford Herring)
W 22 HOWARD William Burdette 03-Jul-1935 16-Mar-1938
W 23 HOWARD Glendal Earl 01-May-1938 03-Jan-1940
W 24 HARRELL Harmon 18-Jan-1900 13-Apr-1985
W 25 HARRELL Louise 26-Jan-1915 12-Mar-1966
W 26 HARRELL Charles Green 21-Nov-1914 12-Jan-1984 Mason - "Beloved Husband and Father"
W 27 HARRELL Clyde McQuagge 18-Aug-1879 27-Aug-1973
W 28 HARRELL William Harvey 20-Sep-1872 05-Jun-1943
W 29 HARRELL Maude Johnson 30-Dec-1895 24-Feb-1921
W 30 ILLEGIBLE Unable to read
W 31 JOHNSON Allethia 19-Jan-1855 11-Dec-1917 W/O J.F. Johnson  Born in Randolph Co. GA.
W 32 JOHNSON J.F. 5-Feb-1884 09-May-1923
W 33 BROCK Thomas C. 10-Dec-1922 07-Jun-1992 Brock
W 34 BROCK Margie S. 24-Jun-1923 Brock
X 1 HANNA Susie 08-Jun-1955 D/O Ira B. and Carrie Ann Hanna HANNA
X 2 HANNA Henry Earl 24-Jul-1949 Infant Twin Son/O Ira B. and Carrie Ann HANNA
X 3 HANNA Odessa 31-May-1923 04-Jun-1923 Infant/D/O Ira B. and Carrie Ann HANNA
X 4 DYKES Stanford 09-Sep-1938 18-Sep-1938 Infant S/O C.E. and Lonie Dykes HANNA
X 5 DYKES Cauthern 12-Dec-1935 21-Dec-1935 Infant S/O C.E. and Lonie Dykes HANNA
X 6 HANNA Ira Burrel 18-Jul-1924 27-Sep-1995 21-Dec-1946 H/O Carrie Ann Hanna HANNA
X 7 HANNA Carrie Ann 01-Nov-1927 23-Sep-1993 HANNA
X 8 OBRYAN C.L. 05-Aug-1886 22-Jul-1908
X 9 OBRYAN Sarah C. 02-Aug-1824 14-Feb-1886
X 10 OBRYAN Sebron NA NA pk [email protected] (Bud Parrish) CSA veteran
X 11 OBRYAN Susan 1855 30-Mar-1930
X 12 SELLERS Charley Green 19-Oct-1871 03-Jan-1946 "In Memory of Charley Green Sellers"
X 13 WIMBERLY Betty Fay 05-Jan-1938 03-Jan-1946 Note:  Large Tree and Broken stones at  base.
X 14 WIMBERLY Annie Laura 09-Jun-1890 02-Jul-1893 D/O J.T. and J.A. Wimberly
X 15 WIMBERLY Sarah 24-Oct-1888 20-Jun1889
X 16 WIMBERLY John Terrance 13-Nov-1866 27-Nov-1924
X 17 WIMBERLY Jessie Alford 15-Mar-1868 09-Dec-1918
X 18 WIMBERLY John Early 08-Jun-1892 14-Aug-1932
X 19 HAGAN Isham NA NA Co. H. 4th Fl Inf.
X 20 HAGAN I.H. 29-Mar-1837 15-Mar-1923
X 21 HAGAN Mayo 14-Jun-1846 19-Feb-1940
X 22 HAGAN Charles H. 01-Feb-1881 06-Jun-1893
X 23 HAGAN S.S. 25-Aug-1885 31-Mar-1925
X 24 HAGAN Andra Mae 26-Jun-1925 25-Aug-1928
X 25 WILLIFORD Joseph B. 01-Feb-1888 22-Mar-1953
X 26 WILLIFORD Ottis E. 09-Jul-1911 04-Sep-1914 S/O J.B. and J. Williford
X 27 WILLIFORD Josephine 09-Nov-1888 06-Feb-1931
X 28 HARRELL Josephine 18-Mar-1842 22-Jun-1925
X 29 HARRELL Clarence Melvin 14-Mar-1924 31-Dec-1924 S/O Harmon and Alice Harrell
X 30 HARRELL Mary Wayne 20-Jul-1947 17-Oct-1951
X 31 CLEMMONS Bessie Lee 13-Mar-1929 NA Infant D/O Dewey L. and Ruby L. Clemmons
X 32 CLEMMONS Louie Lee 11-Nov-1951 03-Dec-1951
Y 1 WEEKS E. Hugh 19-Aug-1903 05-May-1983 H/O A. Jane
Y 2 WEEKS A. Jane 09-Sep-1907 16-Sep-1997
Y 3 WEEKS Jackie Lee 1953 1972 Bailey Funeral Home Marker
Y 4 WEEKS Houston Junior 1935 1951
Y 5 WEEKS Mary Alice NA NA
Y 7 O'BRYAN Ruth Adeline Grant 21-Jul-1906 30-Nov-1994
Y 8 O'BRYAN John H. 03-Dec-1898 06-Feb-1953
Y 9 O'BRYAN Henrietta Elli Fair 1858 W/O Francis Marion Pickron
Y 10 PICKRON Francis Marion 1846 H/O Henrietta O'Bryan Pickron
Y 11 PICKRON Annie 1876
Y 12 PICKRON Jim NA NA Infant
Y 13 OLIVER G.W. 02-Aug-1875 05-May-1907
Y 14 JOHNSON Mary Kate 1940 1940
Y 15 JOHNSON Sarah Edna 28-May-1873 02-Feb-1936 W/O Wilburn Henry
Y 16 JOHNSON Wilburn Henry 20-Jul-1862 22-Jul-1932 H/O Sarah Edna
Y 17 JOHNSON Sarah Wimberly 05-May-1865
Y 18 WIMBERLY Terrence 25-Jun-1838 27-Dec-1928 Florida Calvary Reg 2 WIMBERLY
Y 19 WIMBERLY Caroline Folsom 15-Jun-1842 27-Jul-1932 WIMBERLY
Y 20 WIMBERLY Nancy Alice 18-Aug-1872 22-Nov-1953
Y 21 WIMBERLY Infant Baby of M/M W.J. Wimberly
Y 22 HAGAN William M. 25-May-1900 23-Sep-1948
Y 23 HANSFORD Annie 14-Aug-1873 06-Aug-1953
Y 24 HAGAN I.H. 01-Apr-1883 08-Sep-1954
Y 25 WILLIFORD Olivia Beatrice 28-Jan-1915 08-Mar-1915 Infant of M/M J.M. Williford
Y 26 WILLIFORD Infant S/O M/M J.M. Williford
Y 27 WILLIFORD Infant D/O M/M J.M. Williford
Y 28 WILLIFORD Infant S/O M/M J.M. Williford
Y 29 UNMARKED Unmarked Grave
Z 1 CHAMBERS Arthur D. 23-Nov-1900 11-Nov-1977
Z 2 CHAMBERS Lola W. 31-Oct-1898 04-Nov-1993
Z 3 WIMBERLY Charles Robert 30-Oct-1895 20-Jan-1952 WIMBERLY
Z 4 WIMBERLY George C. 29-Jul-1891 21-Feb-1926 WIMBERLY
Z 5 WIMBERLY Carrie 1889 1892 D/O C.S. and Annie Wimberly WIMBERLY
Z 6 WIMBERLY Charles S. 03-May-1862 30-Mar-1947 Father WIMBERLY
Z 7 WIMBERLY Annie A. 09-May-1866 150Oct-1902 Mother WIMBERLY
Z 8 WIMBERLY Bessie L. 18-Sep-1893 18-Aug-1973 Foster mother of five children WIMBERLY
Z 9 BAGGETT J.A. 1873 Jul-1884 "Thy Brother Shall Rise Again"
Z 10 BAGGETT L.N. 18-Jan-1847 18-May-1926
Z 11 BAGGETT Nancy 12-May-1839 07-Feb-1937 W/O L.N. Baggett
Z 12 WILLIFORD Katherine Keel NA 1892 WILLIFORD
Z 13 NO NAME Marker - No Name WILLIFORD
Z 14 WILLIFORD Marie 17-Nov-1904 17-Jul-1909 D/O A.J. and Mary Williford WILLIFORD
Z 15 WILLIFORD Drue Edward 09-Sep-1910 08-May-1911 S/O A.J. and Mary Williford WILLIFORD
Z 16 WILLIFORD B.M. 02-Jan-1901 01-Jan-1969 WILLIFORD
Z 17 WILLIFORD NA 05-May-1942 06-May-1942 Infant D/O Lavon and Mary WILLIFORD
Z 18 WILLIFORD Alvin Henry 16-Nov-1913 12-Jun-1976 Born - Alvin Henry,  Died - Hasty WILLIFORD
Z 19 WILLIFORD Esther Marie 30-Sep-1915 WILLIFORD
Z 20 CLEMONS J.E. 06-Apr-1881 06-May-1950 W.O.W.  "Gone But Not Forgotton"
Z 21 CLEMONS Vincie Owens 1885 1946 W/O J.E. Clemmons
"She Was A Kind and Affectionat Wife,
A Fond Mother and a Friend to All"
Z 22 CLEMONS Willis Hill (Sile) "Brother"
"Gone to be With the Lord and Moma & Papa"
AA 1 UNKNOWN Grave & Cement Block - No Names or Dates
AA 2 UNKNOWN Granite 6"x2"x12" - No Names or Dates
AA 3 WIMBERLY Clinton Boswell 10-Dec-1918 12-Jan-1921 S/O Exa and C.M. Wimberly WIMBERLY
AA 4 WIMBERLY Clearence 02-May-1911 20-May-1915 S/O C.M. and Exa Wimberly WIMBERLY
AA 5 WIMBERLY Exa O. Dowling 30-Dec-1886 21-Aug-1959 WIMBERLY
AA 6 WIMBERLY Clinton Monroe 17-May-1876 11-Nov-1961 Masons, W.O.W. WIMBERLY
AA 7 TRIPLETT Exa A. 02-Nov-1908 05-Nov-1997 WIMBERLY
AA 8 WIMBERLY Alba Leon 27-Oct-1921 05-Nov-1927 S/O M/M R.L. Wimberly WIMBERLY
AA 9 ILLEGIBLE Very old Coffin, (mummy shaped) and cracked slab, broken headstone (Corner Granite Blocks"G"
AA 10 COE Lona F. 15-Aug-1900 14-Apr-1985 "At Rest"
AA 12 SIMS Lucy Jul-1896 Jul-1941
AA 13 SIMS Abe May-1896 Jul-1922
AA 14 WILLIFORD Joseph A. 1856 1940
AA 15 KITTRELL Burl Claude 17-Feb-1904 15-Nov-1988 H/O Lillie Belle Kittrell
AA 16 KITTRELL Lillie Belle 07-May-1904 09-Jul-1985 W/O Burl Claude Kittrell
AA 17 HENDERSON Annie Belle 11-May-1908 22-Oct-1910
AA 18 MOBLEY Lillian M. 12-Nov-1878 03-Mar-1955
AA 19 MOBLEY Homer B. 18-Feb-1848 14-Apr-1913
AA 20 MOBLEY Sarah Elizabeth 05-Oct-1845 14-Dec-1911
AA 21 O'BRIEN William L. 26-Jul-1876 13-Jun-1923 "Father"
AA 22 O'BRIEN Mary L. 30-Jan-1877 03-Dec-1956 "Grandmother"
AA 23 O'BRIEN C.L. 03-Jan-1917 15-Feb-1972
BB 1 LINDSEY B.E. 01-Jan-1855 30-Jan-1938
BB 2 LINDSEY B.E. (Mrs.) 25-Sep-1854 14-Jun-1934
BB 3 DENBY Ella M. 15-Jun-1881 13-May-1898 W/O T.R. Denby
"The Fairest Flower We Fondly Love,
How Soon it Fades and Dies"
BB 4 BARTLETT Ramonia Jewel 14-Jun-1901 19-Oct-1942 W/O R. O. Bartlett BARTLETT
"She Was aKind and Affectionate Wife, A Fond Mother
And a Friend to All"
BB 5 BARTLETT Roy Ovray 18-May-1899 15-Sep-1977 BARTLETT
BB 6 BARTLETT Joseph Benjamin 06-Jul-1876 11-Apr-1944 BARTLETT
BB 7 BARTLETT Angeline V. Hughes 24-Feb-1879 06-Mar-1956 BARTLETT
BB 8 STRICKLAND Virgil Vernon 15=Oct-1918 12-Nov-1989 (Also in AA)
BB 9 STRICKLAND Nina Wimberly 20-Jun-1924 (Also in AA)
BB 10 NEEL Lois W. 21-Aug-1908 05-Jan-1987 "Loved By All"
BB 11 NEEL William J. 08-Feb-1906 05-Jun-1984 "Loved By All"
BB 12 ALDAY J.H. 18-Jan-1823 01-Jul-1886 "Kind Father of Love, Thou Art Gone to Thy Rest,
Forever to Bask in the Joys of the Blessed"
BB 13 ALDAY Lucinda 07-Feb-1836 30-Mar-1918 "She was a Kind and Affectionate Wife, A Fond Mother and
A Friend to All"
BB 14 GABLE William Ervin Sr. 15-Jul-1910 06-Dec-1987
BB 15 GABLE Faye Hutchinson 12-Aug-1927
BB 16 BEAUCHAMP William Chester 06-May-1893 18-Sep-1919 W.O.W.
"Not My Will, But Time Be Done"
BB 17 BEAUCHAMP Vernon Keefe 09-Jan-1897 15-Jan-1897
BB 18 MCNEILL Lizzie Louise 08-Nov-1906 27-Jul-1907 D/O N.A. and Susie McNeill
BB 19 MCNEILL Willie Homey 11-Dec-1907 21-Nov-1908 S/O N.A. and Susie McNeill
BB 20 MCNEILL Edgar Alvin 25-Apr-1909 24-Nov-1913 "How Much of Light, How Much of Joy
is Buried with a Darling Boy"
BB 21 MCNEILL James Willard 05-May-1915 04-Mar-1916 "Gone to a Better Land"
BB 22 MCNEILL Neal A. 28-Aug-1879 25-May-1935 "One Worthy of Remembrance"
BB 23 MCNEILL Ernest 02-Dec-1911 20-May-1940 "He has Gone to the Mansions of Rest"
BB 24 MCNEILL Susie I. 02-Jun-1886 26-Jan-1974 "May She Find Joy,
Sheltered and Safe from Sorrow"
BB 25 O'BRYAN Robert Aubrey 02-Sep-1911 22-Mar-1988 Erected by MOTHER
"Gone But Not Forgotten"
BB 26 O'BRYAN William Lafayette (Jr.) 10-Apr-1901 11-Oct-1953
BB 27 CLARK Walter C. 14-Sep-1903 10-Sep-1996 Mason - Walter-Father
BB 28 CLARK Mary L. 26-Sep-1899 19-Jan-1988 Eastern Star - Lawson
CC 1 BADGER Michael Scott 04-Aug-1994 05-Aug-1994 Infant S/O Ricky and Cinamon
Bartlett, Romania Jewell, Roy Ovray, Joseph Benjamin, and Angeline V. Hughes Rows CC 2-5 were duplicated by Surveyers; SEE BB 4-7
CC 6 BARTLETT Howard Eugene 31-Mar-1928 27-Feb-1949 F2 U.S. Navy, World War II BARTLETT
CC 7 BARTLETT Richard L. 15-Apr-1931 28-Oct-1932 BARTLETT
CC 8 BARTLETT Jewel E. 18-Oct-1925 20-Oct-1925 BARTLETT
CC 9 PEACOCK John Kingry Jr. (Kinny) 08-Jul-1948 19-Dec-1998 14-Sep-1968
CC 10 PEACOCK Harriett Rackley 21-Oct-1948
CC 11 HAGAN John M. 11-Nov-1910 06-Oct-1934
CC 12 HAGAN Henry Clay 15-Mar-1870 16-Dec-1947
CC 13 HAGAN Lula G. 23-Jan-1885 09-Feb-1960
CC 14 STEWART Edna Irene Hagan 1920 1961
CC 15 WALKER Thomas F. 07-Oct-1823 06-Mar-1907
CC 16 WALKER Mrs. M.A. 09-Mar-1855 25-Jul-1939
CC 17 HAMILTON Malvin C. 09-Dec-1913 20-Oct-1970 ST. U.S. Coast Guard Res - World War II
CC 18 KIMBEL Clifford (Roberts) Chambers Kimbel 1897 1980 Daughters of: Clifford (Roberts) Chambers Kimbrel
Zelma Powell
Leatrice Finn
Louise Green
NOTE:  I don't know if this is multiple graves or just what the significance of the "daughters of" means.
CC 19 ROBERTS Harriet 1884 1891
CC 20 ROBERTS Ida 1894 1897
CC 21 ROBERTS Burter 1888 1895
CC 22 ROBERTS John A. 22-Jun-1837 28-Nov-1898
CC 23 ROBERTS Avy A. 10-Jan-1838 06-May-1934
CC 24 ROBERTS Rhoda 17-Feb-1891 31-Aug-1957
CC 25 WALTERS Eula 1903 1923
CC 26 BOYETT Cora L. 01-May-1880 29-Nov-1927
CC 27 FUSSELL Marie 04-Sep-1911 23-Nov-1947 "Mother"
CC 28 ROBERTS William H. 16-Jan-1886 06-Sep-1965 "Loving Father"
DD 1 FLOWERS Samuel Henry 25-Jun-1865 01-Oct01926
DD 2 FLOWERS Sarah Elizabeth 31-Jul-1881 03-Oct-1962
DD 3 TEW Sarah Jane 09-Sep-1902 11-Nov-1983
DD 4 EUBANKS Joseph Orman (Joe) 13-Oct-1895 07-Aug01945 Footstone (Joseph O. Eubanks Husband)
DD 5 EUBANKS Glady S. Opal Kingry (Bohn) 15-Mar-1904 18-Oct-1994
DD 6 CAVER Ethel Lee 16-Apr-1897 26-Oct-1978
DD 7 CAVER Thomas Oscar 31-Jan-1886 29-Aug-1973
DD 8 GABLE Arthur R. 05-Mar-1903 24-Sep-1951
DD 9 ROBERTS Sol L. 12-Mar-1882 18-Nov-1960 "At Rest"
DD 10 ROBERTS Mary E. 21-Sep-1891 20-Jul-1965
DD 11 ROBERTS Milton 09-Mar-1917 28-May-1917 "At Rest"  (Infant)
DD 12 ROBERTS Infant 07-Oct-1903 07-Oct-1903 "At Rest" Infant S/O Joe and Millie
DD 13 ROBERTS John W. 07-Feb-1910 13-Jul-1930 "At Rest"
DD 14 DAVIS Chas. Monroe 21-Nov-1891 22-Mar-1930
DD 15 DAVIS Infant 20-Sep-1929 20-Sep-1929 Infant S/O C.M. and Flossie Davis
"Asleep in Jesus"
DD 16 DAVIS Infant 16-Aug-1926 16-Aug-1926 Infant S/O C.M. and Flossie Davis
"Asleep in Jesus"
DD 17 GABLE James R. 20-Mar-1905 02-Apr-1905 GABLE
DD 18 GABLE Jennie C. Hutchinson 01-May-1872 22-Dec-1955 GABLE
DD 19 GABLE Henry J. 15-May-1859 22-May-1928 GABLE
DD 20 WILLIS J.A. 1866 1928 Father
DD 21 EVANS Daniel Bagley 18-Sep-1878 05-Mar-1951
DD 22 EVANS Mary Francis 01-Aug-1842 24-May-1924 A Tender Mother and a Faithful Friend
DD 23 EVANS Julius 01-Dec-1881 15-Sep-1970
DD 24 EVANS Reddick Person 1850 1941
EE 1 LOWERY J.A. 12-Sep-1845 27-Mar-1912
EE 2 RAFFIELD E.G. 05-Jun-1871 12-Nov-1898 W/O J.M. Raffield
EE 3 RAFFIELD A.F. 21-Apr-1879 29-Mar-1901 (Broken Headstone)
EE 4 SAPP Infant N/A N/A
EE 5 UNKNOWN Small Marker Unknown
EE 6 HARRELL Theodore N/A N/A
EE 7 MAR (?) C.J. N/A N/A Infant (Sunken)
EE 8 HARR (?) Ellie N/A N/A Adult (Sunken)
EE 9 L  (????) J.A. N/A N/A
EE 12 GABLE Dannie J. 29-Nov-1911 09-Oct-1947 "In God's Care"
EE 13 KINGRY Ninver K. 28-Sep-1897 17-Nov-1990
EE 14 KINGRY Charles Bowdon (Dr) 03-Jul-1892 05-Feb-1996
EE 15 KINGRY John W. 25-Mar-1856 01-Apr-1929
EE 16 KINGRY Mary B. 27-Jul-1878 26-Jul-1921
EE 17 KINGRY Charles B. 21-Oct-1894 12-Dec-1911 S/O John W. and Mary B. Kingry KINGRY
EE 18 EDLING Albert C. 16-May-1908 12-Oct-1964 "Forever With The Lord" KINGRY
EE 19 EDLING Ann L. 12-Dec-1910 14-Feb-1962 KINGRY
EE 20 KINGRY Ibera A. 1891 1926 KINGRY
EE 21 RICHARDS Florida H. 11-Sep-1866 04-Mar-1933 W/O Joseph W. Richards
EE 22 RICHARDS Joseph W. 26-Apr-1858 30-Apr-1937
EE 23 RICHARDS Elizabeth D. 20-Mar-1857 30-Jul-1892
EE 24 GABLE James 25-May-1832 06-Apr-1916 Serg/ Co. 6 Regt. Inf. C.S.A
EE 25 GABLE Mary 14-Nov-1839 10-Nov-1917
EE 26 GABLE G.R. 1875 1944
EE 27 UNKNOWN Marker
EE 28 ROBERTS Joel 05-Dec-1875 30-Oct-1939 "With Christ in Heaven"
EE 29 HANSFORD Lula Belle (Roborts) 14-Oct-1892 28-May-1964
EE 31 HERRING John C. 08-Sep-1906 27-Jan-1989 Father "Gone But Not Forgotten"
EE 32 HERRING Jewel S. 27-Sep-1918 Mother
EE 33 LORD John Leven 14-Mar-1867 26-Nov-1937 Father - W.O.W. LORD
"An Honest Man's Noblest Work of God"
EE 34 LORD Julia Estelle 22-Jul-1873 10-Dec-1957 Mother LORD
EE 35 LORD Coy 25-Aug-1910 27-Feb-1978 W.O.W., Mason - Husband LORD
EE 36 LORD Lizzie H. 07-Mar-1909 03-Mar-1999 Wife LORD
FF 1 UNKNOWN Small rectangular granit marker -No names or dates
FF 2 UNKNOWN Small rectangular granit marker - No names or dates
FF 3 OBRYAN Sally Adonnia 12-Jun-1880 26-Aug-1980 Joint Stone
FF 4 OBRYAN John Alexander 14-Feb-1882 21-Jun-1930 Joint Stone
FF 5 DURHAM Linnie 1878 Jul-1907 "Asleep in Jesus, Peaceful Rest"
FF 6 ROBBIRDS James E. 30-Aug-1908 10-May-1988 Pvt. U.S. Army WWII
FF 7 ROBBIRDS Mae G. 06-May-1910 29-Dec-1968
FF 8 GABLE Andrew J. 22-Feb-1869 11-Jan-1963 "Gone But Not Forgotten"
FF 9 GABLE Sarah R. 04-Feb-1875 03-Feb-1951
FF 10 UNREADABLE 26-Aug-19?? "Gone But Not Forgotten"
FF 11 GABLE Annie L. 22-Feb-1902 26-Oct-1902 "With the Angels"
FF 12 McCROAN Clyde L. 14-Jun-1903 21-Dec-1986 MCCROAN
FF 13 McCROAN Boykin 19-Nov-1903 20-Apr-1957 MCCROAN
FF 14 McCROAN Daniel 08-Apr-1871 30-Apr-1944 MCCROAN
FF 15 McCROAN Sallie 31-Jan-1878 06-Oct-1945 MCCROAN
FF 16 McCROAN Elzie 04-Aug-1888 14-Jan-1948 MCCROAN
FF 17 McCROAN Elizabeth 06-Oct-1892 09-Oct-1955 MCCROAN
FF 18 McCROAN Ernest E. 15-Mar-1913 04-May-1992 MCCROAN
FF 19 McCROAN Evia D. 13-May-1914 MCCROAN
FF 20 UNKNOWN Small stone squares about 6 feet apart - No other markings
FF 21 MEARS George M. 21-Feb-1868 13-Mar-1962 Shared Stone w/Ellie F. MEARS
FF 22 MEARS Ellie F. 26-Aug-1867 05-Aug-1947 Shared Stone W/ George M. MEARS
FF 23 ROBERTS Bryant W. 08-Mar-1878 13-Apr-1944 ROBERTS
FF 24 ROBERTS Sallie D. 06-Feb-1884 12-Dec-1972 ROBERTS
FF 25 JOHNSON Lilla Mae 20-Jul-1897 03-Oct-1943 Mother JOHNSON
FF 26 JOHNSON James H. "Buddy" 24-Dec-1895 10-Oct-1974 Father JOHNSON
FF 27 LORD Infant S/O Mr. and Mrs. Pete Lord
FF 28 PARISH Robert Erastus 28-Mar-1932 10-Jul-1933 S/O Mr. and Mrs. Geo W. Parish
"At Rest"
FF 29 BEAUCHAMP A.L. Jr. 06-Mar-1934 16-Oct-1934 S/O Mr. and Mrs. A.L. Beauchamp
"At Rest"
FF 30 MAHAN Wanda Saron 20-Jul-1949 23-Feb-1950 D/O Mr. and Mrs. G.D. Mahan
"At Rest"
NO NAME Large Plot with no apparent graves WILLIAMS
GG 1 PICKRON George W. II 07-Nov-1912 31-Oct-1935 S/O George W. and Palestine Pickron
GG 2 PICKRON Francis M. II 16-Jul-1916 30-Sep-1944 W/O George W. Pickron II
GG 3 PICKRON George W. 24-Dec-1878 07-May-1951 29-Mar-1908 H/O Palestine
GG 4 PICKRON Palestine 18-Apr-1884 19-Jul-1956 W/O George W. Pickron I
GG 5 UNMARKED ROW GG 5-6 could possibly be footstones of FF
GG 6 UNMARKED ROW GG 5-6 could possibly be footstones of FF
GG 7 PHILLIPS Harold Oscar 19-Nov-1934 24-Jun-1952
GG 8 PHILLIPS Dovard O'bryan 19-Sep-1913 01-Apr-1935
GG 9 O'BRYAN Robert Lee 09-May-1905 01-Apr-1935
GG 10 BAGGETT William Jeffroe 11-Apr-1874 01-Apr-1947
GG 11 BAGGETT Emmer 13-Feb-1867 12-Feb-1936 W/O W.J. Baggett
GG 13 BAGGETT N/A 13-Jul-1894 13-Jul-1894 Infant of W.J. and Emmer Baggett
GG 14 BAGGETT Rolan Franklin 12-Nov-1899 11-Nov-1901 "At Rest"
GG 15 McCROAN James Robert 01-Aug-1901 17-Oct-1915 "His Memory is Blessed" MCCROAN
GG 16 McCROAN Henry Edgar 20-Mar-1889 29-Sep-1905 MCCROAN
GG 17 McCROAN N/A 1898 1898 Infant D/O Mr. and Mrs. Daniel McCroan MCCROAN
GG 18 N/A Unmarked Infant grave MCCROAN
GG 19 N/A Unmarked Infant grave MCCROAN
GG 20 N/A Sunken grave no markers
GG 21 SIMS Mary A. 21-May-1861 14-Apr-1938 W/O Joseph Sims
"A Tongue is Stilled,
A Heart of Love
Has Gone to Live With God Above"
GG 22 SIMS Joseph N/A N/A
GG 23 YON Mary Eugenia 22-Dec-1893 07-Dec-1910 D/O B.L. and Mary E. Yon
GG 24 YON Mary Emily 07-Dec-1865 01-Sep-1910 W/O B.L. Yon
GG 25 LAWRENCE Mrs. Wannie L. 25-Jan-1875 28-Mar-1918
GG 26 LAWRENCE Charles A. 25-Mar-1868 01-Jul-1942
GG 27 LAWRENCE Jessie Jackson 15-Dec-1889 27-May-1969 "She Was a Wonderful Mother and Friend,
Her Loving Smile and the Works of Her Hands
Showed the Glory of Her Love"
GG 28 LAWRENCE Mary Ruth 18-Oct-1926 27-Nov-1926
GG 29 JACKSON James Andrew 21-Dec-1894 28-Oct-1980
HH 1 GREEN Ira Levi 28-Oct-1924 10-Nov-1987 01-Feb-1975 H/O Grace
WWII - 7th Army - 114 Inf. 2nd Btn. 44th Div.,
Korean War - AF  34 15th MTR VEH. SA
Viet Nam - 43rd FMS SAC
HH 2 GREEN Grace G. 23-Oct-1943 01-Feb-1975 W/O Ira Levi
HH 3 SIBLEY Thomas 1928 1997 No headstone - Bailey Funeral Home Marker
HH 4 BAGGETT L.O. 08-Oct-1880 26-Jan-1941
HH 5 BAGGETT W.K. 12-Apr-1845 31-Dec-1918 William King Baggett P.K. Darlene Strength
HH 6 BAGGETT M.M. 30-Mar-1857 16-Feb-1906
HH 7 BAGGETT Ruffus Allen 19-Sep-1875 05-Sep-1903 S/O W.K. and M.M. Baggett
HH 8 BAGGETT E.W. 24-Aug-1894 27-Feb-1914
HH 9 MAY Charlie Henry 04-May-1884 29-Jan-1920
HH 10 MAY Jake 07-Mar-1907 10-Apr-1910
HH 11 MAY Bessie 13-Aug-1903 24-Sep-1903
HH 12 MAY Jessie 13-Aug-1903 Aug-1903
HH 13 MAY David N/A Jun-1900
HH 14 MAY John Franklin 07-May-1898 26-May-1900
HH 15 BUGGES Harrett L. 01-Nov01827 01-Apr-1898 "Our Mother Dust Lies Under Ground
A Life The (sp) Dearest Friend ever Found Through the Lord's Unbounded Love,
Will Meet Again in Heaven Above."
HH 16 MAY Amanda S. 1889 1965
HH 17 MAY William J. 1888 1969
HH 19 HANSFORD Alvin Felton 10-Feb-1917 05-Nov-1918 "A Fairer Bud of Promise Never Bloomed"
HH 23 HANSFORD Ruth Mae 07-Oct-1889 10-Nov-1918
HH 24 BEAUCHAMP Greele 12-Dec-1916 30-Nov-1918 Infant Grave
HH 25 KIRKNER Lula Joe 07-Sep-1911 22-Nov-1983 "We Trust Our Loss Will Be Her Gain,
and that with Christ She's Gone to Reign"
HH 26 JACKSON George Washington 26-Mar-1892 01-Jan-1965
HH 27 JACKSON Alice Maydell Nix 27-Sep-1907 01-Apr-1998
17 BEAUCHAMP Sarah Amanda 23-Apr-1884 14-Jan-1960 Located Between Row's HH & II
"Asleep in Jesus"
PK Stephanie Sellers McCulloch:  D/O Simeon and Martha Beauchamp
"Asleep in Jesus"
PK Stephanie Sellers McCulloch:  D/O Simeon and Martha Beauchamp
18 BEAUCHAMP Mrs. Martha 1836 31-Mar-1924 Located Between Row's HH & II
"How Desolate Our Home Bereft of Thee"
PK of Stephanie Sellers McCulloch:  D/O James and Nancy Cook
19 BEAUCHAMP Simeon A. 19-Jan-1823 09-Jul-1897 Located Between Row's HH & II
Pvt Co H, Fla Inf. C.S.A.
PK of Stephanie Sellers McCulloch:  Simeon Augustus Beauchamp S/O Laban Beauchamp Permelia Curry Beachamp
Simeon is not actually buried at Mt Olive.  According to WPA records, he is buried at Cook & Beacham Cemetery, but that cemetery cannot be located.
Descendents ordered the Bronze plaque but could not find the Cook & Beachamp cemetery,
so they placed the marker next to his wife here at Mt. Olive.
Civil War notes for Simeon:  He was captured by Sheridans Raiders
and imprisoned at Point Lookout for 2 months - from "Soldiers of Florida"  
Pvt Co H, Fla Inf. C.S.A.
PK of Stephanie Sellers McCulloch:  Simeon Augustus Beauchamp S/O Laban Beauchamp Permelia Curry Beachamp
Simeon is not actually buried at Mt Olive.  According to WPA records, he is buried at Cook & Beacham Cemetery, but that cemetery cannot be located.
Descendents ordered the Bronze plaque but could not find the Cook & Beachamp cemetery,
so they placed the marker next to his wife here at Mt. Olive.
Civil War notes for Simeon:  He was captured by Sheridans Raiders
and imprisoned at Point Lookout for 2 months - from "Soldiers of Florida" 
II 1 BLACKMAN Andrew Lee 28-Jun-1939 23-Oct-1995 H/O Shirley F.
II 2 BLACKMAN Shirley F. 18-Apr-1936 W/O Andrew Lee
II 3 McCROAN Leonard 04-Jul-1911 02-Jan-1990 H/O Georgia Belle
II 4 McCROAN Georgia Belle 03-Jun-1910 W/O Leonard
II 5 HALL James W. 05-Dec-1918 H/O Virginia H.
II 6 HALL Virginia H. 04-Nov-1925 W/O James W.
II 7 HALEY JESSEN Elizabeth 18-Jun-1892 10-Jul-1983
II 8 HAGAN 27-Aug-1927 Infant baby of Mr. & Mrs. W.F. Hagan
II 9 MAY W. H. 29-Nov-1862 22-Mar-1935 "Asleep in Jesus
II 10 BROOKS Jennie May 16-Oct-1866 04-May-1960 "Asleep in Jesus
II 11 SIMS John 31-Jan-1895 10-Dec-1918 "Farewell, Until we Meet Again
His Memory is Blessed"
II 12 WRIGHT Eva 15-Jul-1899 08-Oct-1946 "Farewell, Until we Meet Again
His Memory is Blessed"
II 13 SIMS William P 1917 1945 "PFC"
"He Gave His Life in the Service of His Country in the Pacific Area"
II 14 ANDERSON George Robert 01-Dec-1958 10-Oct-1996 "Quietly He Touched Our Lives and Made a Difference"
II 15 ANDERSON Bradie Millian 19-Oct-1898 13-Oct-1947 Located Between Rows HH and II
II 16 ANDERSON Leola Mears 17-Aug-1901 24-May-1980 Located Between Rows HH and II