McClellan Cemetery, Calhoun Co, FL

McClellan Cemetery,
Frink Community
Calhoun Co, FL

McClellan Cemetery, Frink Community, Calhoun Co FL
Surveyed by: Wayne N Carpenter e-mail
Surveyed: September 7, 1999
Typed by: Betty James Smith
Directions: Leave Clarksville, FL on Hwy 73 south. Go 6.3 miles to Frink Baptist Church Road. Turn left and go .7 mile to McClellan Cemetery Road, turn left and go .4 mile on dirt road. Road ends at cemetery.
There are 7 graves with no information on them.
Surname Given Maiden Born Died Married Relationship Military Notes
BRYANT David D   15 Dec 1890 19-Apr-1974   D/S with Esther N Bryant    
BRYANT Esther N   30-Mar-1902 2-Aug-1984        
DICKEY William T   1922 1925        
DICKEY John A   1892 1948        
DICKEY John A   5-Jul-1928 16-Sep-1985     US Army WW11  
DICKEY Evie L   1899 1959        
DARLEY Irvin S   26-Jun-1904 13-Jan-1982        
DARLEY John Thomas   1869 1919        
DARLEY Logan C   1874 1941        
SHIVER Josie Naomi   5 Dec 1890 3-Nov-1932        
SHIVER Robert Ross   27-Aug-1924 8-Oct-1924        
SHIVER Melvin Ross   16-Mar-1917 16-Mar-1917        
SHIVER Rosa Lee   22 Nov 1873 22-Apr-1915       Her memory is blessed
SHIVER George E   25 Sep 1869 22-Apr-1960   D/S with Rosa Lee Shiver    
SHIRAH William Irving     11-Sep-1914       Baby
PITTS Clio     <no dates>        
PITTS Cari     <no dates>       Baby
PITTS John G   25 Dec 1838 27-May-1919        
PITTS William B   4 Aug 1872 30-Dec-1923        
PITTS Martha E   3 Aug 1873 9-Apr-1938      
MALOY Lovie V   11-Jan-1910 22-Aug-1945        
SEGERS Mack   14-May-1903 17-Mar-1982        
SEGERS Bobby M   26-Sep-1931 9-May-1996 21-Mar-1952 h/o Dill A Segers    
SEGERS Dill A   6-Aug-1926   21-Mar-1952      
SETTLEMIRE Warren Kenneth   8-May-1908 4-Jan-1990   D/S with Elsie Myrtle Settlemire    
SETTLEMIRE Elsie Myrtle McClellan 24-Sep-1912          
WALDEN Daniel Rufus (Jr)   29-Sep-1918 23-Mar-1992 25-Dec-1938 h/o Christell Nichols US Army WW11  
WALDEN Christell NICHOLS 18-Aug-1920          
WALDEN <infant>   1957 1957   d/o Rufus & Christell Walden    
WALDEN <infant>   15-Oct-1952 5-Mar-1952   s/o Rufus & Christell Walden    
WALDEN Jesse   6 Jun 1892 21-Jul-1972       Gone but not forgotten
WALDEN Sadie G   1-Oct-1901 1-Sep-1995       In loving memory
WALDEN Daniel R   18 Mar 1896 17-Jun-1968   D/S with Sadie G Walden    
WALDEN <infant>     24-Sep-1945   s/o Sadie & Dan Walden   Gone to be a angel
WALDEN Annie E   2 Jan 1856 13-Dec-1934       Asleep with Jesus
MCCLELLAN Artice V   1910 1968        
MCCLELLAN Martha Frances   10 Jan 1888 7-May-1972       A loving mother
MCCLELLAN Hilton Hammon   24 May 1881 16-May-1961       A loving father
MCCLELLAN Marion Jarriot   1-Nov-1914 14-Oct-1919        
MCCLELLAN Jack Riley   28-May-1906 20-Sep-1906        
SETTLEMIRE <infant>     2-Jan-1933       Baby
PITTS John G   25 Dec 1838 27-May-1919        
KINARD Mall   16 Feb 1886 12-Sep-1944       In memory of our Dear Son & Brother
TUCKER Mollie   6 Jan 1867 28-Nov-1948       In memory of our Dear Mother
TUCKER Loranza   7 Aug 1871 11-Apr-1945       In memory of our Dear Husband and Father
TUCKER Marion B   31-May-1900 7-Nov-1946     Pvt Med Dept WW1  
KING Sharon Elaine   23-Dec-1943 9-Mar-1998       In loving memory
WALDEN Roy (Little Bud)   25-May-1950 10-Aug-1974       Our beloved son
WALDEN Annie B   1916 1929        
WALDEN Classie N   25 Aug 1885 25-Dec-1969       In memory of our Mother
WALDEN George C   14 Mar 1879 20-Mar-1954       At Rest
PUMPHREY Jessie Carl   29-Aug-1941 23-Mar-1979       Asleep in Jesus
VARLIN Carl G (Jr)   6-Mar-1914 12-Aug-1989 20-Jun-1948 h/o Ruth W Varlin    
VARLIN Ruth W   22-Sep-1919 15-Feb-1987 20-Jun-1948      
MCFARLAND Perry James   26 Mar 1898 9-Oct-1962        
WIMBERLY Viola M   9 Mar 1892 24-Jul-1983        
MCFARLAND Frank   15 May 1862 29-Oct-1946        
MCFARLAND Jane   5 Feb 1869 15-May-1938        
MCFARLAND Gus   12 Dec 1893 21-Jan-1937        
MCFARLAND Delma   11-Jan-1904 21-Sep-1917        
MCCLELLAN Marion B   21 Sep 1834 31-Jan-1918     Co D 10 GA Cav CSA  
MCCLELLAN Nancy MCCRANIE 18 Apr 1839 12-Sep-1912        
BERRY Ammie Catherine   22-Sep-1925 30-Sep-1925        
GRAY Jessie Carnley   13-Feb-1911 22-May-1989        
CARNLEY Marvin   1946 1997        

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