Lost Cemetery

Calhoun County, Florida


Survey: 13 March 2000

Surveyed by:  Ira Dudley and Wayne N Carpenter e-mail wnc1933@email.msn.com


Directions: From the intersection of Hwy 71 and Hwy 20 in Blountstown, FL. Go Hwy 20 West for 6.9 miles. On your left is a road going into the woods. Walk this road for about .5 mile which brings you to corner of a fence line. Turn right and walk this road (about half mile) and it curves around to your left. Keep going for about 300 feet. There is a grove of oak trees. About 50 feet from road in this stand of trees is the cemetery.


Number of people buried here unknown. The story is that in olden days there were some families living in this cemetery area.


Ira and I probably walked three miles trying to find this cemetery. We enjoyed it though as it was warm with a nice breeze. We saw an old windmill near the highway. The blades still turn but it was not connected to the well any longer.

In the pines we found as old dairy barn with the milking parlor. It is rotting down. Near the barn was a crepe myrtle tree. The biggest I have ever seen. Huge at the base. Another place in the pines we saw an old grain grinder or grain blower. It was a big heavy piece of machinery. Another place was an old-old truck in pieces. Guess it was wore out when the dairy operation was in business.

We also found a big clump of bear grass.  (What is bear grass.? bjs)

Wayne N Carpenter


MCDANIEL, A.R., no dates, Gone from our home, but not from our hearts.

MCDANEL, Henry, b. 11 Dec 1874 d. 18 June 1878


RICHARDS, Francis J., b. 25 Feb 1862 d. 14 Aug 1935, He died as he lived a Christian.

RICHARDS, Martha Anne, b. 12 Sep 1865 d. 27 Aug 1903, She was a kind loving wife and affectionate mother.


LEWIS, Louisa, no dates, Father ever true and dear we near --- grave to weep, This headstone was in pieces with some parts missing. We put what parts were there together and got this much information.


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Betty James Smith
18 March 2000