Ayers Cemetery, Calhooun Co FL

Ayers Cemetery, Calhoun Co FL

Ayers Cemetery, Calhoun Co FL
Surveyed by: Wayne N Carpenter e-mail wnc1933@email.msn.com
Surveyed: 6 Aug 1999
Typed by: Betty James Smith
Directions: Going West from Blounstown, FL on Hwy 20 (several miles) Turn right on C-275 North. Go .7 miles to Ayers Cemetery Rd (dirt) Turn left and go .4 miles to dead end. Cemetery is in the woods.
This cemetery is not maintained, but there is a huge Magnolia Tree in the center of it.  The leaves from this tree and other trees plus the dense shade keeps the underbrush from growing.
Surname Given Maiden Born Died Married Notes
AYERS James W   22 Dec 1871 2-Jan-1934   In Memoriam
AYERS Jessie C   9 Jun 1876 17-Nov-1917   In Memoriam
AYERS Mattie Lea   14 Sep 1898 10-Sep-1902   She was sunshine, Laughter and Joy.
AYERS Jessie C   1876 1917    
AYERS Asa   9 Jan 1846 6-Feb-1906   An honest man, The noblest work of God. To him we trust a place is given among the saints with Christian heaven.
WILLIAMS Queen Ann   21 Mar 1849 15-Nov-1928   Sacred to the memory of, There are no partings in Heaven.
AYERS <infant>   1904 1904   Infant son of Mr & Mrs J T Ayers
AYERS Busby   15 Feb 1893 20 Aug 1893   At Rest
AYERS Gracie   4-Jul-1905 24-Jul-1905   At Rest
AYERS Palma   10-Nov-1910 18-Apr-1911   At Rest
AYERS <infant>   1908 22-Mar-1905   At Rest.
AYERS James T (Rev)   21 Feb 1868 15-Oct-1932   Asleep in Jesus
AYERS Benjamin Franklin (Sr)   9 Jul 1842 18 Dec 1889    
AYERS Thomas         Co H 5th FL Inf CSA
AYERS John (Sr)         FL Captain Indian Wars
STEPHENS James   17 Feb 1870 2 Sep 1870    
RICHARDS T C   16 Nov 1876 10 Apr 1881   Gone to be an Angel
RICHARDS F M   1840 1846   Sacred to the memory of, The Angels called him home.
CAPPS Emily AYERS 8 Sep 1877 21-Oct-1918   Our beloved mother, AT Rest, Gone but not forgotten
CAPPS Roy Joseph   8-Oct-1910 29-Jan-1994    
BAILEY Mary Pricilla   1875 1956    
AYERS John David   1904 1966    
There are three graves with stakes, no information. This survey 8-6-1999 is on every known grave.
There are places where the ground is sunk in which are probably graves, but nothing there to tell for sure.

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