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Sale of a Slave Named William

Oliver Ford.....to.....Whitehurst I. Hawkins

Bill of Sale

Bill of Sale

Know all men by these presents, that I, Oliver Ford of Jacksonville, State of Florida, both this day bargined and sold and by these presents do bargin and sell unto Whitehurst Il Hawkins of Gadsen county State aforesaid a certain negro man slave named William, aged about twenty two years in consideration of the sum of nine hundred dollars to me in hand paid, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged.....To have and to hold the said man William - unto the said Hawkins, and to his heirs and assigns....

And I hereby warrant the said negro to be sound in mind, and body, and, against the, claim, or claims of my, or all persons I will warrant and forever defend by these presents....

In presnece of....{        In wittness whereof I have unto set my hand, and seal
N. T.  Stockton....{       this first day of Januayr A. D. 1850
Issac Nathans.....{                                                            
Oliver Ford......seal

            Acknowledged before me and Recorded Jany. 4th 1850
                                                               R. C. Lester Clk. G.C.Ct.


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